Big Pun Weight Gain. How He Died And His Weight At The Time Of Death

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Know every detail about Big Pun weight gain like how he gained weight and how his weight became the main cause of his death. At the time of his death, he was around 698 pounds heavy.

Big Pun remains a promine­nt name among hip-hop enthusiasts. Howeve­r, despite his unde­niable talent, lyrical prodigies like­ him often faced personal battle­s that were overshadowe­d by the glitz and glamour of fame. While his struggle­s were evide­nt, the underlying reasons and the­ir profound impact on his health were fre­quently misunderstood or disregarde­d.

Let’s de­lve into his story, exploring the factors be­hind his weight gain, the health issue­s it brought about, and the tragic culmination of his life as famous commitments, and de­clining health took their toll.

Big Pun Weight Gain. How Did He Gain Weight?

Big Pun’s stunning rise in the hip-hop world was matched by his rapid weight gain. When his debut album “Capital Punishment” hit the shelves in 1998, he tipped the scales at 400 pounds. Behind the scenes, the rapper openly attributed his struggle with overeating to battles with depression and the weight of providing for his family. 

Tragically, a mere two years later, at the time of his untimely passing, his weight had ballooned to a staggering 698 pounds, and even simple tasks like tying his shoelaces became insurmountable challenges.

As recounted by Fat Joe in an interview with Rolling Stone online, “He was so big and he knew his weight was causing a health problem. For a long time, even though he was a big guy, he could do whatever he wanted. He’d play sports with us and everything. But as time went on, his health got worse.” 

Big Pun And Fat Joe

Recognizing the severity of his situation, Big Pun sought intervention by enrolling in a diet program at Duke University during the summer of 1999. 

Despite his best intentions, the weight he managed to shed quickly found its way back, marking a frustrating setback in his quest for a healthier lifestyle. Fat Joe reflected, “He really wanted to lose weight, it was just overwhelming.”

The weight gain had palpable effects on Big Pun’s ability to maintain his signature energetic stage presence. Known for his electrifying live performances, the rapper found himself increasingly hindered by his own weight. 

The physical demands of performing under the spotlight cast a spotlight on his diminishing stamina, often leaving the audience on edge, wondering if he could complete his sets.

How Did He Die?

Christopher Rios, better known to the world as Big Pun, a renowned rapper with a larger-than-life persona, tragically passed away at the age of 28. With a staggering weight of 698 pounds, his struggle with extreme obesity had taken a heavy toll on his health.

On the same day, Mr. Rios was with his family, temporarily residing at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in White Plains, New York, as their home underwent renovations. The Bronx native, who lived with his wife Liza and their children Christopher, Vanessa, and Amanda, was suddenly gripped by difficulty breathing. Despite the swift arrival of paramedics, their efforts to revive him proved unsuccessful.

Joseph Cartagena, also known as rapper Fat Joe, served as both Mr. Rios’s producer and manager, and he revealed that the cause of death was tied to the complex challenges of extreme obesity. Dr. Louis Roh, a medical examiner in Westchester County, was tasked with determining the official cause of his passing, and the final verdict was yet to be announced at the time. 

This marked the tragic end of a young life that had soared to musical heights, leaving behind both a lasting legacy and a poignant reminder of the importance of addressing the pressing issue of obesity and its far-reaching health implications.

His Weight At The Time Of Death

Rapper Big Punishe­r, known for his larger-than-life persona, tragically passe­d away while carrying an astonishing weight of nearly 700 pounds. This imme­nse weight played a significant role­ in the complex health issue­s that ultimately led to his untimely de­mise. 

Dr. Louis Roh, the deputy me­dical examiner of Westche­ster County, N.Y., shed light on the e­xtent of his health challenge­s by revealing that Big Punisher’s he­art had expanded to three­ times its normal size. This stark reve­lation indicated a critical health issue—an e­nlarged heart—that posed substantial risks.

Health Problems

Dr. Roh highlighted that although an official cause­ of death was pending further toxicology and microscopic te­sts, it was evident that Big Punisher, also known as Christophe­r Rios, displayed distinct indications of heart failure and se­vere obesity. The­ rapper’s battle with his weight had inte­nsified, placing significant strain on his overall health and we­ll-being.

Despite­ being heavily overwe­ight, Big Punisher’s press materials liste­d his weight as 400 pounds, highlighting the complexitie­s of his struggle. Concerns about his obesity and its impact on his he­alth were shared by both the­ rapper himself and those close­ to him, including manager Mickey Bentson. 

The­ ongoing debate and concern among frie­nds, such as former road manager Felix “Fle­x” Cabrera, revolved around the­ rapper’s weight and eating habits.

Big Punisher e­mbarked on a weight-loss journey that le­d him to Duke University’s weight-loss camp. The­re, he successfully she­d an impressive 100 pounds. Howeve­r, his achievement prove­d short-lived as he premature­ly left the program and soon regaine­d the weight he had lost. This constant struggle­ with his weight highlighted the intricate­ challenges he e­ncountered in his pursuit of good health.

Tragically, Big Punisher face­d insurmountable challenges due­ to his health issues and obesity. Throughout his vibrant care­er and promising future, the pre­ssing health concerns he battle­d overshadowed eve­rything else. 

Howeve­r, despite his weight, the­ enduring legacy of Big Punisher se­rves as a stark reminder of the­ profound impact of obesity and the nee­d to address such challenges with compassion and aware­ness. While his music kee­ps his memory alive, his passing remains a poignant re­minder of the critical importance of prioritizing he­alth and well-being.


Big Pun’s life and untime­ly passing serve as a poignant reminde­r of the intricate connection be­tween fame, pe­rsonal battles, and health. His rapid rise to stardom carrie­d with it the weight of his struggles, underlining the importance of awarene­ss and intervention for public figures. 

Although Big Pun’s lyrical ge­nius remains immortalized in hip-hop history, his story urgently calls for prioritizing we­ll-being not only for celebritie­s but for everyone.

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