Laura Loomer Plastic Surgery. Nose Job, Lip, And Chick Fillers Rumors Decoded

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Know more details about Laura Loomer plastic surgery. She has been accused of undergoing nose jobs, lip fillers, and other cosmetic enhancement surgeries.

Laura Elizabeth Loomer, an American far-right and anti-Muslim political activist, has always been in the limelight for her controversial statements and bizarre public protests and stunts. In 2022 she lost her nomination in the Republican primary for Florida’s 11th congressional district to Daniel Webster. It’s when many people noticed how different she looked and speculated whether she had recently undergone any plastic surgery to look like that.

In this article, we will look into Laura Loomer’s plastic surgery, her confirmation on a nose job and lip fillers, and ongoing speculations about cheek fillers and chin reshaping surgery. 

Laura Loomer Plastic Surgery

An American Jewish far-right, white nationalist, anti-Muslim activist, and conspiracy theorist, Laura Loomer is an internet personality who always finds a way to gain public attention, whether through her controversial statements or bizarre protests against social media platforms. Recently, she is again the talk of the town due to her plastic surgeries. 

She came into the world’s eye when the Republican party nominated her to represent Florida’s 21st congressional district in the 2020 U.S. House of Representatives elections, only to lose to Democrat Lois Frankel. She further hit the headlines due to her ban on Instagram, Facebook, Uber, Twitter, Uber Eats, GoFundme, Venmo, Lyft, and PayPal for her hate speech and tweets against Muslims. 

After two years, in 2022, she again participated in the Republican primary for Florida’s congressional district but lost to Daniel Webster. When Laura lost her nomination, her looks gained people’s attention. Many people said she looked quite different, leaving them wondering what cosmetic enhancements she had undergone to change her appearance drastically. 

Laura Loomer Plastic Surgery

In 2021, a journalist, Talia Lavin, tweeted, “I think Laura Loomer got mildly addicted to plastic surgery” by resharing Loomer’s photo in which she looked strange because of her weird skin complexion. This tweet made many of her followers think she is addicted to plastic surgeries.

Laura has always been open about her plastic surgeries. She shared with her fans on Instagram that she has done a nose job and lip fillers. But according to reports, she has also undergone a series of other cosmetic enhancements to improve her appearance, including cheek fillers, chin reshaping, and other procedures.

Her Nose Job and Lip Fillers: Has She Opened About Her Plastic Surgeries?

In 2017, Laura herself confirmed on Instagram that she had gone under the knife several times to change the shape of her nose. She always desired to fix a few things on her body, especially her protruding nose with a big bump. So, she chose to undergo rhinoplasty treatment to improve her nose’s shape.

Loomer shared a post on her Instagram sharing her excitement about having the nose she always dreamt of. She said, “I am a very open person, and I am pro-cosmetic surgery. Thus, I wanted to share it with all of you and be totally transparent because self-improvement and investing in yourself are some of the best things you can do. I have no desire to hide the fact that I am going to get plastic surgery.

In addition to a nose job, Luara told her followers she had lip fillers. She posted a video of herself sitting in the doctor’s chair and getting her lips injected. Even she updated her fans on how her new nose looked by sharing before and after photos on her Instagram page. Also, she mentioned how she was in love with her new nose and thanked her surgeon, Dr Joseph Pober, for enhancing her nose. 

Speculations of Her Chin Reshaping Surgery and Cheek Fillers

In addition to a nose job and cheek fillers, Laura Loomer has reportedly undergone chin reshaping surgery and cheek fillers. Many people say that the difference is evident in her before and after photos. They claimed that Laura didn’t have a sharp jawline and chin in the past. Now that the world knows about her nose job and lip fillers, her followers speculate that she might have opted for chip reshaping surgery for such a sharp jawline and strong chin.

Not only her jawline and chin but also her cheeks look much different than before. Her fans said that she never had so plumped cheeks. So, they speculate her of having injected fillers into her cheeks to plump them up. 

However, Laura never confirmed the rumors of her undergoing chin reshaping surgery and cheek fillers, just like she did with her nose job and lip fillers. So, we can’t say what’s true until she addresses the swirling rumors about her further cosmetic enhancements.

Donald Trump Hiring Laura Loomer for Campaign Role?

Former U.S. President Donald Trump is looking forward to the 2024 presidential elections, and in this context, he asked his aides to hire Laura Loomer for a campaign role. According to Reports, Laura visited Trump a few months back in April 2023 at his Mar-a-Lago resort home in Palm Beach, Florida. 

However, many of Trump’s advisers did not favor employing her because of her history of outbursts and support of the Republican Party’s fringes. Therefore, his outspoken conservative supporters ended the swirling speculations about Trump and Laura’s collaboration by stating that she would not be hired. 

In response, Loomer told a media portal that she doesn’t want to comment on a private conversation with President Trump. And that president very well knows how loyal she is towards him. She wants to help him win the 2024 presidential election, but it’s a shame his advisers went to the publication to cut her ties with the president.


In the light of speculations and confirmations, all we can say is that Laura Loomer is a bold personality, and she has been transparent about her nose job and lip fillers. She would have addressed the same if she had undergone chin reshaping surgery and cheek fillers.

Even if the ongoing rumors about her cosmetic enhancements are true, it’s her personal choice to do whatever she wants with her body. We shouldn’t pry into her private life and wish her the best in her political career. 

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