Serena Williams Plastic Surgery, Lip Fillers, And Death Hoax.

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There are a lot of rumors going around about Serena Williams plastic surgery and her sudden death. She is very well alive and doing good. Apart from her death hoax, she has been accused of various cosmetic surgeries from lip fillers to botox.

Serena Williams has gained much recognition worldwide as one of the most successful global tennis players for many years. Moreover, she is among the most admired personality because of her dedication to fitness. As a celebrity, she’s constantly under close public scrutiny, and intriguing questions about the American star undergoing plastic surgery are continuously raised.

In this article, we will look into Serena Williams’ plastic surgery, trying to uncover the facts and speculations. Let’s discuss whether she has undergone plastic surgery, rumors about her lip fillers, and her statement addressing ongoing speculations.

Serena Williams Plastic Surgery. Did She Undergo Any Plastic Surgery?

Serena Williams retired from her professional tennis career in September 2022. But she continues to be in the spotlight and captivate audiences with her appearances at major red-carpet events. Now that fans no longer see Serena dominating on the court, they have shifted their attention to her looks, raising speculations about her cosmetic enhancements. 

Rumors about Serena’s plastic surgery started in the late 2000s and 2010s, from speculations about her nose job and breast and but implants to skin whitening treatment and lip fillers. 

However, there is no definitive evidence or confirmation from Serena Williams that she has undergone plastic surgery. 

Serena Williams Plastic Surgery

Did She Get A Nose Job?

Back in 2010, Serena Williams appeared on the cover of Hamptons Magazine. While she looked prettier than before, some people noticed the changed shape of her nose. Some even said that her nose appeared slimmer than before, which ignited rumors of her getting the nose job done.

Although Serena chose not to address these claims, some reports defended her, saying she might have used makeup rather than going under the knife for a slimmer nose. 

Reports Of Her Receiving Breast And Butt Implants?

Besides the rumors of Serena Williams getting a nose job, there were speculations about her receiving breast and butt implants. These rumors began spreading around 2015 when her breasts started looking thicker and perkier than ever. 

Breast implants are a popular procedure that many athletes think of receiving to help with their sports careers. However, some people believed that she had received breast implants to make her more attractive for photo shoots to have a successful career. Another group believed that she got her breasts done for personal reasons, not professional ones. 

Serena Williams’ breasts have changed dramatically over the last three decades. In the late 1990s, she used to have smaller, more natural-looking breasts, which might be because of her weight loss after giving birth. And in the 2000s, she began showing up with what seems to be larger implants, and it’s still the case now. 

Around the same time in 2015, Serena’s butt began to look fuller and more defined, accelerating more rumors.  

Serena Williams’ Lip Fillers

Serena Williams attended the “Creed III” premiere in Los Angeles on February 27, 2023. She looked like a goddess on the red carpet in her one-sleeved pink wrap dress with dangle earrings and hair slicked back into a bun. 

The tennis star posted a short video of her look on Instagram, giving her fans a close look at her wide eyes, glossed cheeks, plump lips, and sculpted nose. 

While many fans appreciated Serena for her glammed-up look, a few suggested that her lips appear plumper than usual. There were comments like, “Bee stung lips, no no,” and “Too much lip fillers and Botox so sad.”

Serena has constantly dealt with criticism about her physical appearance and speculations about going under the knife. In May 2021, fans speculated that she had undergone a skin-whitening procedure after seeing a now-deleted post showing her in a black sweatshirt and red heels. 

She responded by posting another photo on Instagram that showed her bronzed chocolate skin. Many assumed that the post was her way of firing back at critics who claimed she underwent skin bleaching procedure. 

Has She Openly Talked About Plastic Surgery?

Despite persistent rumors about Serena Williams undergoing cosmetic enhancements, Serena hasn’t paid attention to the claims of her getting plastic surgery procedures to improve her looks. She doesn’t feel the need to address the ongoing speculations and, thus, neither publicly denied nor confirmed any plastic surgery procedures. 

Even though Serena hasn’t addressed the plastic surgery rumors directly, she actively shares posts about her skincare and fitness routine on social media. She openly discusses her skincare routine and beauty tips, such as hydration being the secret to her radiant and glowing skin.

Serena is a big fan of untraditional skincare methods, like using eye cream as a moisturizer to hydrate her skin and get rid of dryness, especially when traveling. Moreover, she is a passenger on the coconut oil train and slathers it all over her face, even though she deems it insane. 

Did She Die? Serena Williams’s Death Rumors

News of American tennis star player Serena Williams’s death spread like wildfire earlier this week, making fans concerned worldwide. However, the report has now been confirmed to be completely untrue. By God’s grace, the 41-year-old tennis player is alive and healthy. 

Rumors about Serena Williams’s alleged demise gained traction on July 31, 2023, after approximately one million likes on the ‘R.I.P Serena Williams’ Facebook post. After seeing the post, hundreds of fans immediately started posting condolence messages on the Facebook page. And Twittersphere also frenzied over the tennis player death hoax. 

While many fans believed the post, others were skeptical of the report and pointed out that no major American network covered the news, indicating it was a fake post. 

On Tuesday (August 01, 2023), the representatives of Serena Williams officially confirmed that she is alive. They said, “Serena joins the long list of celebrities who have been victims of this death hoax. She’s still alive and well; stop believing what you see on the Internet.”

Some even expressed their anger by saying the fake report was reckless, distressing, and hurtful to the fans of the much-loved tennis player. 


Ultimately, Serena Williams’s story reminds us that rumors and speculation are prone to circulate with any public figure. We must respect Serena’s privacy and pay no heed to rumors and speculations without any concrete evidence or official statements. Instead, we should celebrate her achievements on and off the tennis court and treat her with sensitivity and respect

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