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The Hero Instinct is the ultimate thing that can help any woman in her relationship. Triggering your man’s Hero Instinct and learning more about the secret 12-word text can improve your relationship a lot with your man.

Feeling like your partner is having cold feet about commitment? Or perhaps you want to ignite more passion in your relationship? If you’re worried about any other issues warranting decreased interest from your man, don’t worry, you’re at the right place.

In this article, we’ll discuss a unique biological drive that is present in every man’s subconscious mind that can potentially change the way he sees you and your relationship. This magic tool that too few women know and apply in their life is called ‘The Hero Instinct.’ And for you hero instinct 12 word text revealed here.

What Is The Hero Instinct In Men? 

The concept of The Hero Instinct is a relationship psychology built by James Bauer which claims that men have a unique biological need to be useful and care for their partner. He speaks extensively about this innate instinct in men in his book ‘His Secret Obsession’. However, this blog post will serve as a short summary of the key points of this concept and how you can apply them in your life to level up your relationship game. 

In simple language, Hero Instinct is a deep inner and hidden feeling of a man. A feeling just like any other feeling like hunger, thirst, etc. But a man can not feel that unless it is triggered. When a man’s Hero Instinct is triggered he feels like a hero of his lady’s life.

The man with activated hero instinct wants to care for her partner, wants to provide for his loved ones, and wants to get respected by her lady. And for that, he always tries to woo his lady.

Note: If you want to know more about how to trigger hero instinct in your man in detail then you should watch the below video. The man who introduced the concept to the world, James Bauer has explained how you can make your man devoted to you in this video. Watch the video below.

Hero Instinct In A Man

How Do Women Benefit From This?

At the core of every man is a desire to be loved and valued. It is biologically wired in men to be able to provide and care for their partners like no other. Hence, when this primal instinct of the man is triggered by various factors, be it when his partner wants his assistance in fixing her laptop or when she calls him to share about her bad day at work, he begins to feel more useful and of value in the relationship.

Although many women do it unknowingly, they reap the same benefits as the women who intentionally employ this technique on their men. 

When women acknowledge the role of a man in the relationship and help him feel like he significantly contributes to her life, a man’s hero instinct is triggered. This idea is more beneficial to the women in the current generation than ever before, mainly because the women of today are built differently. They are brought up to be more independent, self-reliant, and competent enough to take on the world.

For many, depending on a guy to do something seems like a sign of weakness. In the wake of such major changes in society about the way women live, the present-day relationship dynamics were bound to get affected. 

Your man might appreciate having a strong and independent woman as his partner most days, but he also secretly misses feeling like your nurturer. Most men’s love language is being able to provide for their partner, in any way they can. When that power is taken away from them for no ill-intended reasons, they begin to lose one of their main contributing factors in the relationship. 

Triggering The Hero Instinct is all about reviving this special biological gift men have, and using it to enhance your relationship. We have put together a few ways you can use the hero instinct in your favor. 

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How To Trigger The Hero Instinct In Your Man?

It is the biggest question, how to trigger the hero instinct in your guy? Here are the 10 most important ways to trigger Hero Instinct in your man.

1)- Seek Help From Him

 Although modern women are built to fix their problems by themselves, seeking help when necessary can benefit them in more ways than one. Not only does it make one’s task easier, but it will also make your partner feel like he can contribute something to your life in small ways.

Nothing gives a feeling of fulfillment to a man more than when he can prove to himself that he is skilled and capable. Hence, letting your man take care of you every once in a while will give him a chance to feel more involved in your relationship. 

2)- Let Him Know How Much You Appreciate His Help

When we begin to get closer to someone, more often than not, we tend to take things for granted. In more intimate relationships, certain things are expected of both partners, hence when they meet their requirements, it only feels like they are only doing their job. This is when partners might tend to feel undervalued, although they might never acknowledge it themselves.

Hence, occasionally thanking your partner for being in your life can significantly improve their behavior toward you. It will only take a small text to thank them for the flowers they ordered for you, and it will motivate them to cherish you further. 

3)- Talk To Him About Your Feelings

Discussing your feelings is very important in any relationship. Although it might seem counterintuitive at first, open and honest conversations help the relationship in the long run. While you’re at it, don’t limit these conversations to things that only apply to your relationships.

Talk to your partner about your day at work, about the friend you’re upset with, about the trouble you might be having with your bank account. Let them understand that you trust them enough to come to them for help and advice. You might not seek help from them here, but you’ll definitely make them feel important in your life. 

4)- Let Him Protect You

Men tend to derive satisfaction or pleasure when they are able to protect their partners. This is a primal instinct of a man and one of the main triggers of the hero instinct.

This also helps a man fulfill his desire of being of use to their partner and when you let him protect you, you are indirectly sending a message to him that you rely on him and trust him with your well-being. Such commitment only reinforces your man’s efforts to be more invested in the relationship. 

5)- Talk To Him About Your Needs

Men are natural givers. Majority of the men take pleasure in tending to their partner’s needs. When women share what they need in their life, the majority of men would jump at the opportunity to satisfy them.

Being open about your expectations from the relationship and enlightening him about the various ways he can help improve your love life will fetch great results for both partners in the long run. 

Talking to your man is very important. But sometimes many women unknowingly say such words that pull away their man. Such words should not be used in a relationship by any woman. If you want to learn more about what should be avoided and why man pulls away then you can watch the below video. Watching the below video is recommended.

Men Pull Away

6)- Confide In Him The Way You Do With Friends

Relationships are built on trust and trust is also what keeps them healthy and strong. Sharing your personal secrets or allowing yourself to be vulnerable around your man will not scare him, but in contrast, it will help him understand that you truly trust him with the information. In a way, it also makes them feel very special in your life.

7)- Respect Him

Lovers and quarrels are quite common in relationships. But the strongest relationships are those that stand the test of time and emerge through various hurdles life throws at you. While disagreements are bound to show up in relationships every now and then, there is little we can do to prevent them.

However, what we can do instead is respect our partner even when we are not on the same page. In the heat of the moment, harsh words and unintentional exchanges can permanently damage the relationship you’ve built with your man for years.

Hence, showing him that you respect his opinion but just cannot agree with him will help him realize that he can get vulnerable and open with you without having the fear of being judged. This will also help in assuring your partner that your feelings for him don’t just stem from love but also respect. 

8)- Understand His Love Language

According to Dr. Gary Chapman, there exist 5 love languages: Words of affirmation, Acts of service, Receiving gifts, Quality time, and Physical touch. Every man is different, and hence their way of expressing love. Understanding your partner’s love language will help you cater to one’s needs in an efficient way and maintain harmony in the relationship.

Doing things for your partner will ultimately make them feel more special and want him to reciprocate the efforts for you. 

9)- Prioritise Quality Over Quantity Of Time

With busy lives and hectic schedules, we forget to spend enough time with our partners. Most women complain about how they cannot push back certain things in life although they would like to prioritize men, often leaving men feeling undervalued and unappreciated.

However, ensuring you give your man good quality time often makes up for it. This can be achieved by giving him your undivided attention when you’re with him. It helps build a better connection with them and also helps you understand their expectations and limitations. 

You can use the below Hero Instinct text message examples phrases to trigger the Hero Instinct of your man: (HERO INSTINCT 12 WORD TEXT REVEALED EXAMPLES)

  • ‘I appreciate your being in my life.’
  • ‘I need your help with my home project.’
  • ‘I wouldn’t know what I would do without you.’
  • ‘It was so sweet of you to bring me dessert yesterday. I appreciate it so much.’
  • ‘You look amazing in that shirt, you should wear it more often.’ 
  • ‘Would you mind accompanying me home? I feel safe with you.’
  • Anything short, concise yet laced with genuine emotion is enough stimuli for a man’s hero instincts. 

Make Efforts To Understand Their Needs:

Although men are not verbal about their needs, they highly appreciate it when they are catered to by their partners. It makes them feel like you care about them just the way they do about you, only motivating them to give their best in the relationship.

This includes talking to them about what they like and what they expect from you. Simple inclusions like this tend to go a long way. 

Who Introduced The Concept Of The Hero Instinct? 

The concept of the hero instinct was popularised by James Bauer in his book called ‘his secret obsession’ after years of expertise as a relationship coach. The book first hit the market in 2019, and ever since then has seen a significant rise in popularity of the said concept.

The author claims that men have a subconscious primal need to feel useful and heroic in their romantic pursuits that drive their actions. When this is nurtured, men tend to become better partners and begin to put in more effort in their relationships. This can help the couple develop a deeper connection that will in turn strengthen their relationship. 

As the word spread, more and more women started resonating with this idea. Many have come forward to appreciate this concept as it has helped them better understand their partners and significantly contributed to building their relationships. The author also provides several ways one can trigger the hero instinct in their man and offers a unique 12-word text to apply in practice. 

What Is The 12-word Text? 

The 12-word text concept is an efficient and practical way to trigger the hero instinct in a man. James Bauer has written in his book His Secret Obsession about this easy approach to acting on men’s biological instincts in a way that uses merely a few words to convey the right message. 

It is a very interesting story of how James used these 12-word text messages first time in his profession as a relationship coach. Rachael one of James’ clients came to visit James with a very sad story about her love life. Rachael tried a few relationships in the past but none of them worked. At last, Rachael found a loving man and she thought this is the one. But in the end, the same thing happened with her as happened with her previously. Her man left her without saying anything.

She came to James for advice and help. But James didn’t tell her the cliche advice like try another relationship or he was not good for you, instead, James gave her a 12-word text message to send to her ex-boyfriend. Rachael sent him the message over text and guess what it worked. The man came back to her saying he didn’t know that Rachael loved him that much.

If you want to learn more about how a simple 12-word text message can help you in your relationship then you should watch the below video. Get to know what is the secret 12-Word phrase that helped Rachael in her relationship. Watch the video below.



The hero instinct is a widely appreciated psychological strategy that helps women in enhancing their relationships. It focuses on targeting a man’s biological need to satisfy their partner by being a heroic figure in their relationship.

Hero instincts can be triggered by women by asking their partners for help, respecting them, accepting their acts of service, telling them how much they are appreciated, complimenting them, acknowledging their efforts, and understanding their own needs as well. All these actions help men in realizing the woman’s trust, reliability, and faith in them, which motivates them to be better partners. 

Author James Bauer offers a simple 12-word text formula in his book ‘His secret obsession’ that acts as a texting strategy to trigger the hero instincts in men. Many women worldwide have applied the ideas from the book and claimed to have seen amazing results in their personal relationships. 


  1. What Is Hero Instinct 12 Word Text Revealed?

    Hero Instinct 12 word text revealed are two different concepts introduced by the same man James Bauer in his book His Secret Obsession. These two concepts help women in their relationships by teaching them various psychological ways to trigger their man’s hero instinct.

  2. What Are The Signs That You Have Triggered His Hero Instinct?

    A change in behavior is the biggest sign of his triggered hero instinct. Now, he likes to indulge himself more in the relationship. His priorities have changed. Now, he tries more to impress you to make you feel safe and happy. These are some common signs of triggered hero instinct.

  3. Does Hero Instinct Really Work?

    The short answer is Yes, it does work. It has worked for numerous women in the past and has been working for many and helping many women change the dynamics of their relationships and how their men treat them.

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