Vanessa Bryant Weight Loss In 2023 And Reddit Users’ Rant About Her Facial Transformation.

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On Reddit Vanessa Bryant weight loss is trending. The change in her looks has made people speculate a lot of things about her from ozempic use to her undergoing plastic surgery but none of these are true. Vanessa recently shed some pounds but with some healthy eating plans.

Vanessa Bryant is one of the most well-known American philanthropists who is also reckoned for being the widow of the late basketball star Kobe Bryant. Vanessa and Kobe Bryant founded the VIVO Foundation which was later renamed to Kobe and Vanessa Bryant Foundation back in 2007, which is known to offer scholarships to youth and minority students attending college all over the world. Apart from this, Vanessa Bryant is also in a leadership position with the Mamba and Mambacita Sports Foundation, which is dedicated to offering support to underprivileged child athletes. She is also the president and CEO of Granity Studios and is a member of the Bodyarmor SuperDrink’s board of directors.

Along with her identity as a philanthropist, Vanessa is also known for being a businessman and model who was born in May 1982 in Los Angeles, California. Her life has been filled with extreme tragedy, when in 2020, she lost her husband Kobe, and daughter Gigi in a helicopter crash. 

Vanessa Bryant Weight Loss. The Inspirational Journey

All those who have seen her earlier pictures will agree that even during her days of modeling, Vanessa Bryant was never really reed thin. But she had a very attractive and stunning demeanor with a curvy physique, and the way she carried herself made her look outstanding. And then after her marriage to Kobe Bryant and her pregnancies, she started gaining a lot of weight, which was easily noticeable. 

But in recent images, Vanessa Bryant looks significantly slimmed down, and this has made the public highly surprised. Weight gain during pregnancy and post-partum is a very common occurrence and often unavoidable. But the way she has lost weight in recent times is well worth the curiosity and a secret that we all want to be a part of!

Vanessa Braynt In Golden Gown Showing Her Slimmer Body
Vanessa Bryant In Golden Gown Showing Her Slimmer Body Image: Instagram / Vanessa Bryant

In some interviews, Vanessa talked about how she struggled with weight issues all the time, especially after her four-time pregnancy. She said that she gained weight due to her pregnancy, and it was extremely difficult for her to accept herself the way she was, at times. Controlling her diet had not proven to be effective in her weight loss journey either. But she finally succeeded in shedding those extra pounds by consuming a well-balanced, healthy diet, complemented by daily workouts.

Diet Routine That Helped Her In Achieving Fitness Goals

Vanessa has openly talked about her weight loss issues and how restricting her diet did not help her achieve her weight loss goals earlier. However, some sources say that she worked on losing weight and adopted certain steps to help her manage her weight loss goals efficiently.

One of the main changes that Vanessa brought into her lifestyle and diet was incorporating healthy food items and nutritious snacks at regular intervals. Instead of eating larger portions of food two or three times a day, like we usually do, she started consuming smaller portions of meals at regular and frequent intervals. This practice is said to boost our metabolism and also help control weight gain. Besides, it is equally important to drink plenty of water and fluids and keep our body hydrated.

Vanessa Braynt
Vanessa Bryant Image: Instagram / Vanessa Bryant

Along with modifications to her diet, Vanessa ensured that she got ample sleep and rest. Needless to say, simply altering your diet is no good without integrating a daily exercise regimen to aid weight loss. It helps our body to retain its equilibrium and boosts the toning of our muscles to keep us strong.

According to some sources, Vanessa also made sure to totally avoid processed and sugary food items, at any cost. But, it is crucial to remember that aiming for the perfect restrictive diet for weight loss, can often backfire and cause demotivation. So it is important to chart out a diet and exercise plan that balances all aspects properly.

What People On Reddit Are Saying About Her Transformation

People on Reddit seem to have lost it after seeing Vanessa Bryant’s latest photos. Not to mention their surprise at her drastic weight loss transformation, but they seem pretty suspicious that it cannot be all diet control and working out that brought her down by all those pounds! They have alleged that Vanessa’s face looks altered and “new“, implying the possibility of plastic surgery.

Some have commented that she has certainly got some “work” done, and it is “very good work“, which makes her look like herself but like a 2023 edition. The public seems to be quite confident that she has resorted to cosmetic surgery many times before, with a nose job, facelift, and fillers too.

Vanessa Braynt With Her Daughters
Vanessa Bryant With Her Daughters Image: Instagram / Vanessa Bryant

Many Asking If She Used Ozempic

There is especially a topic trending on TikTok about Vanessa Bryant’s ozempic use. But people who are sharing their views about her speculative Ozempic use have no proper evidence to support their claims. Vanessa lost a lot of weight recently and has motivated many with her transformational and fit looks but all that she has achieved by following a proper and well-balanced healthy diet. Vanessa’s amazing weight loss has nothing to do with Ozempic use.

She Still Looks Gorgeous

Despite these rumors doing the rounds, some people have also logically pointed out that losing a lot of weight can have a transformative effect on how we look, and it also affects our face. Though we cannot comment on whether Vanessa Bryant actually underwent plastic surgery, we can certainly not deny that she still looks as smashing gorgeous as ever.


  1. Are rumors about Vanessa Brayant’s Ozempic use for weight loss true?

    No, these rumors have no truth in them and just are baseless speculations of a few people and nothing more.

  2. How did Vanessa Bryant lose weight?

    With the help of a well-balanced diet, Vanessa lost weight.

  3. Has Vanessa Bryant undergone any cosmetic surgery to alter her look?

    These are just speculations as nothing has been said by her yet. And there can be numerous reasons for a change in a person’s looks. Even losing some pounds can affect your looks. And as Vanessa recently lost some weight, her face is looking a little bit different and nothing else.

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