Marie Osmond Plastic Surgery. Facelift, Nosejob, & Nutrisystem Commercial.

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Marie Osmond Plastic Surgery. People have been speculating if Marie Osmond has undergone facelift and nose job surgery. Previously Marie openly accepted of undergoing breast reduction surgery.

Marie Osmond is an iconic American television personality who gained widespread recognition as a country singer, musician, and actor. Born in 1959 in Ogden, Utah, Marie hails from a showbiz family that had their own singing group. Marie grew up with her eight siblings and often appeared on TV shows alongside her brothers, though she was not a part of their official family band then.

Later, in the 1970s, she and her brother Donny formed a singing duo and launched their own TV show named, “The Donny and Marie Show“, which brought them major popularity.

With time, Marie earned extraordinary fame as a pop and country singer and instant popularity as the cohost of TV variety shows. But she is best known for being part of the hit brother-sister duo “Donny and Marie”. Throughout her five iconic decades in the entertainment industry in America, she has gifted her fans and followers with innumerable hit soundtracks, after debuting with her single “Paper Roses” in 1973.

Her most famous numbers include “Meet Me in Montana”, “Like a Hurricane”, “There’s No Stopping Your Heart”, “I Only Wanted You”, “Until I Fall in Love Again” and “You’re Still New To Me”, among others.

Apart from her stellar music career, Marie Osmond also starred in many movies and TV shows, starting from “The Osmonds“, “The King’s Daughter“, and “The Love Boat” to “Dancing With The Stars“. She is also a notable author of the book “Behind the Smile: My Journey Out of Postpartum Depression“. Marie is a noted philanthropist and a part of several charitable organizations. 

Rumors About Her Nose Job And Facelift

Over the years, Marie Osmond’s private life has frequently come under the public spotlight and scrutiny. Marie was also bombarded with plastic surgery rumors at various times. This time again, the pop and country singer has come under public scrutiny for suspected cosmetic surgery on her nose and face.

Interestingly, unlike many celebrities, Marie Osmond has openly talked about going under the knife. Despite her candidness, her close followers cannot seem to stop commenting about her changed facial features. This happened when recently, she appeared in a cameo on Fox channel’s “Fantasy Island” show, and viewers spotted a noticeable difference in the shape of her nose.

While some people suspected it was her makeup, others seemed to be pretty sure that she had opted for a nose job to get a more chiseled, sharper nose – her before and after images are proof, they commented. However, the 63-year-old singer-actor has not commented anything about her alleged rhinoplasty or nose job. 

Marie Osmond Transformation

But in one of her earlier interviews, Marie did talk about going for a facelift and Botox injections as fillers. She said that she has undergone multiple cosmetic procedures over the years to look and feel the best way about her appearance and feel confident about how she looks. But she also added how important it is to always look after and care for ourselves, eat wholesome food, work out regularly, and maintain a healthy lifestyle

In a photo, where Marie was sporting her long brunette hair with forehead-covering curtain bangs, some people commented that she is beginning to look like Kim Kardashian! Someone else commented she is looking like Michael Jackson! Her Botoxed face looked pretty unnatural, making her transformation far from subtle, and the comments section was rife with speculations.

Marie Osmond Plastic Surgery. Did She Really Undergo Any Surgery?

Over the years, her followers have observed the transformations of Marie Osmond, circulating endless rumors about her bodily changes. She was accused of getting lip fillers, Botox injections, rhinoplasty or nose job, liposuction, and too many facelifts. One user commented that they had never imagined that Marie Osmond, with her beautiful voice, would consider messing up her once beautiful face.

Interestingly enough, Marie has talked about her plastic surgery in a few interviews. She confirmed that she opted for cosmetic upgrades to feel more confident about herself. However, she only acknowledged getting plastic surgery for breast reduction. She has never talked about any facelift, nose job, lip filler, or liposuction.

Marie Osmond Facelift

In a 2013 interview, she said that she underwent breast reduction surgery and that too since it was hurting her back. “I had very large breasts,” the country-pop star said. “I had a breast reduction. I was my mother’s daughter. I was like, twenty-something [years old]. When I did Sound of Music, all they did was talk about the hills were alive! That’s all they saw were my boobs. I was like an E cup.”

Her Nutrisystem Commercial

Apart from being a star singer and actor, Marie is also known for being a long-time ambassador of Nutrisystem, the leading health and wellness solutions provider. With increasing age, the metabolism, activity levels, and other physiological conditions make it challenging to lose weight. Nutrisystem’s “Complete 55” plan was designed in partnership with Marie Osmond, addressing the unique physical requirements of women above 55 years and helping them lose weight.

In the Nutrisystem commercial, Marie Osmond says, “It’s no secret that as women our bodies change as we get older, especially as we go through menopause, and it’s not as easy to lose weight. What worked before might not work anymore. That’s why I teamed up with the experts at Nutrisystem to create their newest plan, Complete 55.” She added, “Nutrisystem worked for me and helped me lose 50 pounds sixteen years ago. But it’s not just about weight loss. It’s about weight management and learning proper nutrition for a lifetime of health and wellness. Nutrisystem Complete 55 helps teach women how to do that.”  

She posted a video on Instagram in December 2022, talking about the benefits of Nutrisystem. The way she looked in that video also sparked rumors of her plastic surgery, despite the “Paper Roses” singer talking candidly about the only cosmetic surgery she underwent.


Despite acknowledging her breast reduction surgery as the only cosmetic procedure she has ever opted for, speculations surrounding her physical transformations have hardly ceased. But we cannot deny that however achieved, the singer with her golden voice, has surely been aging like fine wine!

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