Kim Kardashian Weight Loss 2023. Diet, Workout, Ozempic, And Before-After Pics.

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Kim Kardashian weight loss is always a matter of interest for people. The Kardashians are a very well-known name in the entertainment industry. Kim Kardashian’s well-maintained figure has always attracted many praises and many rumors, too.

The renowned reality TV star, entrepreneur, and social media celebrity Kim Kardashian is known for her ever-evolving style. Throughout the years she has been in the public eye, people have noticed that she has undergone a remarkable weight loss journey.

This article will dive into her remarkable weight loss journey and explore the various aspects that have contributed to her transformation. 

Kim Kardashian Weight Loss Journey

Kim Kardashian has undergone a significant transformation over the years, especially since her reality show, Keeping Up With the Kardashians, started in 2007. Throughout these years, she has experienced fluctuating weight but has always been open about her journey with the media and people.

In a June 2022 interview on the TODAY show, the founder of SKIMS discussed her significant weight loss leading up to the 2022 Met Gala. She rebuilt that she had shed almost 16 pounds in just 3 weeks so that she could easily fit into the timeless iconic dress worn by Marilyn Monroe. Kim attended the gala with her then-boyfriend Pete Davidson, who opted for a simple black tuxedo.

Following the event, Kim shared that she has maintained her slimmed-down figure and has continued to lose even more weight. For this, she shared that it was because of switching to a Healthy lifestyle and making some big changes to her diet.

Kim mentioned cutting out sugar, junk food, and fried foods, which she had previously consumed without realizing their impact. These changes not only helped her shed pounds but also gave her increased energy. Kim emphasized that her transformation taught her valuable lessons about her lifestyle and mental health.

Kim Kardashian Before After

Her Diet And Workout

As mentioned before, Kim switched to a healthier and balanced diet for weight loss, and for this, she decided to follow a strict diet called Atkins. This diet plan, specifically Atkins 40, was something she had tried before with her father when she was in high school.

Kim also shared that she had a memorable photoshoot coming up for a magazine cover, which motivated her, even more, to get in shape.

During an interview, Kim revealed that eating right was a crucial part of her weight loss journey. She understood the importance of not only working out but also paying attention to what she ate. To stay focused and on track, she had to cut out all the sweets, even though she admitted to having a sweet tooth.

She shared some of the foods she enjoyed during her weight loss phase. For breakfast, she would have two egg whites with feta cheese and spinach. As a snack, she opted for green yogurt with blueberries and slivered almonds. Her lunch usually consisted of a salad with a creamy dressing. Another snack she liked was vegetables with hummus. For dinner, she preferred chicken breast, broccoli, and salad.

With this meal plan, Kim aimed to nourish her body with healthy and balanced foods while avoiding sugary treats. Along with her dedicated workout routine, these choices played a significant role in her weight loss journey.

Her Workout Details

Kim Kardashian’s weight loss workout routine revolves around regular and consistent exercise. She often works out in her gym which usually comes up to 6 times a week while the routine usually starts early in the morning at around 5:30 a.m. Although this means she sometimes gets only five hours of sleep, she prioritizes her workout schedule.

The workout sessions usually last up to 1 hour and include a combination of strength training and weight exercises. Kim emphasizes the importance of strength training, which involves using heavy weights to challenge her muscles. She prefers this over excessive cardio workouts, believing that consistent strength training yields better results in the long run.

While the exact details of Kim’s routine are not confirmed, her dedication to strength training and consistent workouts showcases her commitment to achieving her fitness goals. By focusing on weight training and maintaining a regular exercise regimen, Kim exemplifies how dedication and targeted workouts can contribute to weight loss and overall fitness success.

Kim Kardashian’s Tips On Weight Loss

In addition to her dedication to a rigorous workout routine, Kim Kardashian has shared valuable tips that have contributed to her successful weight loss journey. Let’s explore some of the key tips she follows to maintain her fitness and shed those extra pounds. 

  • Say No to Sugar and Starch: Start by cutting back on sugary and starchy foods like sweets, pasta, bread, and processed snacks. 
  • Healthy Fats: According to Kim, one should not be afraid of all fats and must include more nutritious options in their diet including fish, peanut butter, nuts, seeds, olive oil, and avocados. These can help in lowering inflammation in the body which helps in weight loss.
  • Protein is Important: Make sure to have protein with every meal. For this, you can include foods like eggs, tofu, mushrooms, lentils, beans, fish, chicken, turkey, milk, and nuts in your diet. Protein keeps you full for longer, aids in shedding fat, and helps build lean muscle.
Kim Kardashian Transformation

Did She Use Ozempic?

Weight loss journeys often attract speculation and rumors, especially when it involves celebrities. One such controversy revolved around Kim Kardashian and the popular weight loss drug Ozempic. 

Reports emerged after celebrity cosmetic dermatologist Simon Ourian, known for his association with the Kardashian family, mentioned cases where patients experienced skin sagging and a reduction in buttock volume following rapid weight loss with Ozempic

However, it is important to note that none of the Kardashian family members have publicly confirmed the use of Ozempic. Thus, there is no solid evidence to suggest that Kim Kardashian or any other member of the Kardashian family specifically used Ozempic for weight loss.


Kim Kardashian’s weight loss journey has been a remarkable transformation that has captivated the world. With her commitment to a healthy lifestyle, dedication to fitness, and dietary changes, Kim has achieved significant weight loss and experienced newfound energy.

Her story highlights the power of determination and making sustainable lifestyle changes toward a healthier and happier future.

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