Kirk Herbstreit Plastic Surgery 2023, Illness, And Weight Loss Details.

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A lot has been talked about ESPN’s sports commentator Kirk Herbstreit plastic surgery. There was a lot of buzz about his illness and weight loss, too. Nothing has been said from his side but his face looks a little slimmer recently.

A winner of five Sports Emmy Awards, Kirk Herbstreit is a renowned ESPN personality who has become synonymous with ESPN’s college football shows. Kirk’s association with ESPN’s “College GameDay” previews goes back many years, and since then, he has become a mainstay for the channel’s college football segment. He has gained recognition as one of the best brains of his generation behind college football and is also the producer and writer of College GameDay and College Football on ESPN and Triangle Park (2023). 

He joined ESPN back in 1996 as a sideline analyst but gained huge popularity rapidly among college football fanatics for his in-game analyses, insightful commentary, and expert opinion, not to mention his highly engaging onscreen presence and persona.

Soon, this Ohio-born sports analyst became the voice and face of college football and the most prominent sportscaster with a highly accomplished career. Today, Kirk Herbstreit’s name features among the highest-paid sportscasters in the USA.

Kirk used to be a sports analyst for ESPN’s thrice Sports Emmy Award-winning show “College GameDay” for remote college football created by The Home Depot, where he was joined by Chris Fowler and Lee Corso, who were co-host and co-analyst, respectively.

Being a part of this project, Kirk earned seven recommendations and two Sports Emmys in the Best Studio Analyst category in 2010 and 2011. He is now an indispensable part of ESPN’s “College GameDay”, as well as, ABC’s “Saturday Night Football“.

Kirk Herbstreit Plastic Surgery Rumors. Has He Undergone Plastic Surgery?

It is rare to come across a celebrity or very well-known TV personality who has not generated any curiosity around their private lives. Famous and popular personalities are always closely followed by their fans and now the Netizens, and anything that strikes as unusual or slightly off, immediately sparks speculations and scrutiny. And one of the most common rumors about celebrities is allegations of them going under the knife.

Kirk Herbstreit has also been no exception to the public suspecting him of getting plastic surgery! He appeared on a show that was being aired on Sportscenter, and something about his appearance seemed off, say viewers. His face appeared thinner, and his double chin was gone! Immediately it set the rumor mills rolling, and people started bombarding him with accusations of going for plastic surgery to alter his appearance. 

Now it is not uncommon for famous personalities to opt for cosmetic surgery, but these rumors concerning Kirk Herbstreit are unfounded. There is no talk, comment, or the slightest hint of evidence to confirm that the ace ESPN sports presenter has actually undergone plastic surgery. Kirk Herbstreit has not undergone any plastic surgery. The change in his appearance might be just an aging sign or a makeup effect.

Kirk Herbstreit Plastic Surgery

Is He Ill? His Health Update

Apart from plastic surgery speculations, some rumors about his ill health have also surfaced recently. Naturally, sports viewers are concerned and curious to know if anything happened to Kirk Herbstreit’s health – whether he is ill or not. 

Last year, during August, Kirk had a health scare during the offseason; he felt a sudden pain in the left of his chest, followed by shortness of breath. After consulting with his cardiologist in Ohio and a round of investigations, the doctors detected clots in his lungs. He was immediately put on blood thinners and recovered in a few days. As of today, there are no more reports about Kirk; he already got a clean chit for his health and is currently doing perfectly fine, not suffering any known health condition as of 2023. 

However, there are reports about his son Zak, who was fallen ill a couple of months ago. While Kirk was on the “Pat McAfee Show” he shared with viewers that his son Zak, an American football player on the Ohio State team, had suffered a health “setback“. Doctors had detected fluid in Zak’s lungs, which led to the diagnosis of pneumonia at first. But then, after a round of ECG, they said there were “some issues” with his heart. 

Kirk did not reveal further what those issues were but said that son Zak will need a recovery period of at least 3 to 4 months after he is discharged from the hospital. Zak was admitted to The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center but was released after investigations and is presently at his parents’ place in Centerville, Ohio. Kirk said that his son is in good spirits, and they expect his recovery to be a long haul, to observe how he responds to the prescribed medications.

Speculations About Kirk Herbstreit Weight Loss

Over the last few years, Kirk Herbstreit has noticeably shed a lot of weight, triggering the curiosity of viewers and fans. Viewers have observed that Kirk looks much “smaller in the face“, which made them believe that he has slightly lost weight. There is not much transformation overall, but his face appears much thinner than before. Earlier his face was kind of chubby, and he had a double chin too, but lately, that has noticeably changed. 

Earlier, Kirk’s name would come up every time there was a discussion on celebrities who have gained weight. But this time the tables have turned; people seem as much interested in his weight loss as they are in Kirk’s enthusiastic football commentary and analysis. While some assume he has had plastic surgery to reduce his once-puffy face, others speculate that he might have been on some medication, like steroids, which made his face look puffy. And now he has stopped taking those medicines, which have restored the original version of his face.

Well, despite all these intriguing rumors doing their rounds, the ESPN star sportscaster has not mentioned anything about his weight loss. 


Though social media has gone rife with speculations about Kirk Herbstreit possibly undergoing plastic surgery to appear thinner, Kirk himself has not addressed any comments as yet. So most certainly, these are all just conjectures with no truth to back them at all. Moreover, only his face has slimmed down, there is no change to his overall physique. So it is also possible that the camera angle or lighting in the studio makes his face look thinner.

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