Mariah Carey Weight Loss Diet, Exercise, And Surgery Details With Before After Pics.


Know the full details about Mariah Carey weight loss. The American singer lost 30 pounds over 3 months after she underwent Gastric Sleeve surgery. 54 years old has opted for healthy habits from eliminating sugar intake to regular exercise for weight loss. It has been speculated that Recently Mariah lost more weight due to her upcoming marriage to a long-time boyfriend.

With celebrity tags attached to their name, more and more actresses, singers, models, etc. are facing the brunt of the pressure to keep their bodies fit and toned. Many celebrities have come forward in recent times opening up about how they have opted for surgical treatment to battle weight gain.

One such celebrity is Mariah Carey whose recent body transformation has taken everybody by surprise. 

Mariah Carey weight loss

Mariah Carey is an American singer and actress who has several accolades to her name. The “All I Want For Christmas Is You” singer is popularly known for her five-octave vocal range and for merging hip-hop with pop music. Despite having one of the most successful music careers in the industry, she was often a subject of body-shaming.

Mariah had often struggled with weight management, especially after her pregnancy. In 2011, following her pregnancy, Mariah lost over 70 pounds. She claimed that about half of it was due to water weight from pregnancy and that she had excess fluid retention in the body causing edema and weight gain.

Mariah Carey Weight Loss
Source: Instagram / Mariah Carey

She had managed to lose a tremendous amount of weight through a strict diet (Jenny diet plan) and exercise. She once said in an interview how her diet includes mostly only Norwegian Salmon and Capers

In 2018, she again hit the tabloids for her weight loss, and this time, she has supposedly opted for surgical treatment to achieve weight loss and managed to lose a whopping 30 pounds!

Mariah Carey Weight Loss Surgery- Gastric Sleeve

Gastric sleeve surgery is a type of bariatric surgical procedure involving removing a part of the stomach and leaving behind a sleeve. This leads to a reduction in appetite and hunger, thereby restricting calorie intake. This is possible as this surgery not only makes one feel full after having a small meal but also causes a reduction in hunger hormone which in turn contributes to reducing calorie intake. 

This surgery is usually performed in people who battle severe obesity and remains one of the most commonly performed bariatric surgeries in the United States. Mariah Carey is one of the many well-known celebrities who opted for gastric sleeve surgery to manage her weight, following which she managed to lose over 30 pounds in 3 months. 

According to the Cleveland Clinic, the risks of living with obesity far outweigh the risks that come with this surgery. Complication rates are lower with this surgery, perhaps due to the fact that it’s a minimally invasive technique, which ensures faster recovery time as well. 

Why Do People Go For Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

Although there are various diet plans and exercise options available for weight loss, why do people consider radical options such as bariatric surgery? One main reason could be that while there exist many alternatives, they are all temporary fixes.

Diet and exercise may work wonders for a few, but we tend to put on weight once we stop being strict about our practices. Hence, bariatric surgery seems like a better and permanent fix to this problem, which might have motivated Mariah Carey to consider this option.

Other Changes That Helped Mariah Carey In Weight Loss 

While surgery is a permanent fix, many other factors help to maintain desired weight without much fluctuation. Following her pregnancy, Mariah revealed that she had employed a full-time dietician to help her lose weight and to ensure she remains healthy.

Certain changes in the diet have immensely benefited her, and a few of them are discussed below;

  • Going sugar-free: Mariah Carey eliminated sugar from her diet. Reducing sugar or completely cutting it out of your diet has immense health benefits. When we consume loads of added sugars, they cause a sudden spike in insulin levels. These elevated insulin levels in turn cause the deposition or storage of fats. Reducing sugar consumption can also decrease your overall calorie intake, aiding in weight loss. 
  • Lean protein: Mariah has emphasized in several interviews how her diet includes mainly protein, specifically lean protein. Protein consumption keeps you satiated and improves your metabolism. In addition, it also helps in building muscle and ensures healthy weight loss
  • Including fruits and vegetables in meals: Mariah includes loads of fruits and vegetables in her meals, which provide the necessary vitamins, minerals, and fiber to the body. These sources offer a great variety and immensely benefit people who are looking to lose weight without compromising their health. 
  • Keeping a check on calories: Mariah supposedly consumes only 1500 calories through multiple small meals in a day, instead of 3 high-calorie meals. Although this might not work for everyone, this pattern of eating is known to help in preventing insulin spikes and improve the metabolism of the body. It also helps to keep your hunger in check and ensures better absorption of nutrients. 
  • Exercise: Mariah’s exercise routine includes 3 workouts per week and loads of water aerobics. She loves swimming and often burns calories in the pool while relaxing her body. Aerobic exercises play an important role in relieving pressure from the body and are known to show great health benefits in older individuals as well. 

Mariah Carey Lost 50 Pounds In 2023

Mariah Carey lost 50 pounds of weight ahead of her marriage with long-time boyfriend Bryan Tanaka. According to some sources, Mariah Carey might get married soon to her boyfriend. The couple has been in a relationship since 2016.

Mariah Carey Before After
Source: Instagram / Mariah Carey

Before her yet-to-be-official announcement of marriage, Mariah Carey has lost around 50 pounds. Some of her insider people revealed to that Mariah looks like she has lost 10 years after her recent transformation.

Mariah Carey Weight Loss Surgery (Video)


While being a celebrity has its perks, it also has its shortcomings such as being subjected to public scrutiny. Mariah Carey faced similar issues when people started body shaming her online for her weight gain. She had often struggled with her body image and had taken different measures to control her weight, including gastric sleeve surgery.

Although bariatric surgery decreases appetite and craving, it yields better results when coupled with a healthy diet and exercise routines. 

Mariah Carey had lost a tremendous amount of weight in the past and looked absolutely stunning as always. This surgery has minimal risks as opposed to various other invasive surgeries, but one should only opt for it for the right reasons.

Now more than ever, body positivity is significant to understand, and one should respect and love their body in all its shapes. 


Q: Did Mariah Carey Undergo Any Weight Loss Surgery?

A: Yes, Mariah Carey Underwent Gastric Sleeve Surgery For Weight Loss.

Q: What is Mariah Carey’s weight loss diet?

A: Mariah Carey’s weight loss diet includes mainly lean protein foods like salmon, she doesn’t eat sugary foods and only limits her calorie intake to 1500 calories.

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