CPACC Drug Human Trials And Availability. Magnesium Magic For Weight Loss.


CPACC Drug Human Trials And Availability. The researchers have found a way to lose weight even though eating a high-fat and high-sugar diet. CPACC will take a lot of time before it reaches the public domain for general public use.

Losing weight is always one of the greatest desires but for most people hardest to achieve. But Why? Because it is so difficult to stop eating your favorite but unhealthy foods and maintain a healthy diet and work out regularly to lose weight. But what if we say that this is about to change? And you can lose weight without heavy workouts and even being on a sugar and fatty diet. This is not just a dream anymore and about to be real.

CPACC is a wonder drug that is currently patent pending and might be able to help people in losing weight even after eating a high-fat diet. But there are lots of questions about the wonder drug about its human trials and availability. Here in this article, we will talk about all the details related to this CPACC weight loss drug.

What Is CPACC Drug?

CPACC is a weight loss drug that is currently undertrial. A team of scientists from UT Health San Antonia is currently testing a novel drug that has shown positive results while testing on Mice.1Trusted Source✅ | UT Health San Antonio | Highly Respected And Trusted Data From The University Of Texas (Educational Website) Go to Source The weight loss medicine has helped mice in slimming down even after being fed sugar and a fatty diet.

Researchers team from the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio in collaboration with the University of Pennsylvania and Cornell University led by professor of medicine Madesh Muniswamy has developed a small molecule drug that prevents weight gain and adverse liver damage in mice fed a high-sugar and high-fat diet throughout their life.

Madesh Muniswamy said, “When we give this drug to the mice for a short time, they start losing weight. They all become slim.” The study was published on 27th February 2023 in the medical and physical science journal Cell Reports 

How CPACC Helps In Weight Loss?

The team discovered the drug by observing the effect of Magnesium on weight loss by exploring how Magnesium impacts the metabolism of mice. Metabolism is using and producing energy in cells which results in the energy our body uses to perform various tasks. This energy is produced in Mitochondria known as the body’s cellular power plants.

The research team discovered that too much magnesium in Mitochondria can slow down energy production in Mitochondria. The team tried deleting MRS2 Gene which promotes Magnesium transport into the mitochondria.2Trusted Source✅ | PubMed | Highly Respected And Trusted Data From The National Library Of Medicine (Government Website) Go to Source This process resulted in a better metabolism of sugar and fat in the Mitochondria. And the results were slim and healthy mice.

On top of that, there was no evidence of fatty liver disease in the liver which usually happens because of Type-2 Diabetes, poor diet, and obesity. CPACC is considered the rival of the currently trending diabetes medicine Ozempic which has been helping in weight loss, too.

Graphical Chart Of CPACC Drug Working
Graphical Chart Of CPACC Drug Working Source:

CPACC Availability

This seems a long shot. Researchers have filed for the patent. Human trials have not started yet as the team has to develop the medicine as per the human physical structure. As per the FDA website, any medicine development takes 5 stages to clear.3Trusted Source✅ | U.S.Food And Drug Administration | Highly Respected And Trusted Data From The FDA (Government Website) Go to SourceEvery drug has to clear 5 stages before entering into the market for sale.

  1. Discovery And Development: Research for a new medicine in the laboratory
  2. Preclinical Research: Lab testing on animals for safety and effectiveness.
  3. Clinical Research: Drug tested on humans
  4. FDA Review: FDA reviews all the data submitted by the researchers and takes the decision of whether to approve or not.
  5. FDA Post-Market Safety Monitoring: After the medicine is available for sale, FDA measures all the safety and side effects.

CPACC has passed the first 2 phases and the 3rd step of this process which is a human trial has 4 different phases. Completing all phases can take up to years before getting the final license for selling. So, we can say that CPACC is not going to be available for sale in the near future.

But until then try to focus more on eating healthy foods and regular workouts. And also you can take help from some methods that can be useful for easy weight loss and have been helping thousands of people around the globe. You can try this Mediterranean Ritual For weight loss which has been showing great results for people. You can click below to watch the video about how to use this Ancient Mediterranean recipe for weight loss.

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CPACC Drug Human Trials

IN CPACC’s clinical trials, researchers put Rodents on a long-term high-calorie fat, and sugar diet that is directly obesity and Type-2 diabetes. After 20 weeks of continuously feeding the high-fat Western diet, Rodents were injected with either a placebo or CPACC every three days for 6 weeks. This trial resulted in Rodents remaining slim even after being fed the high-calorie sugar and high-fat diet.

CPACC Drug Human Trials

But here is the hurdle for CPACC for humans. While in clinical trials on Rodents, Scientists were able to delete the MRS2 Gene which is responsible for transporting Magnesium to the Mitochondria but this process wouldn’t be possible in humans. So, the team will have to make a lot of changes in the drug to make it compatible with humans. Until then no human trials can be expected.

Clinical trials on Mice had no immediate side effects on their health but the team is still observing and will continue to observe mice for any future health complications. Now, the team’s next step is to develop CPACC suitable for humans and enter human clinical trials.


CPACC’s lab test results are amazing and quite promising. But it has a long road to go and it will take years before CPACC finally reach the public. CPACC is very different from other weight loss supplements. We can say that CPACC is targeting Magnesium magic for weight loss.


Is CPACC’s Human Trials Started?

No, CPACC’s Human Trials Have Not Started At The Writing Of This In April 2023.

How Much Time Will It Take In CPACC Availability?

There Is No Fixed Time Before CPACC Becomes Available For Purchase. It Has Yet To Pass Many Trials.

How Does CPACC Help In Weight Loss?

CPACC Limits The Magnesium Transportation Into The Mitochondria. More Than Enough Limit Of Magnesium Slows Down Metabolism And By Limiting Magnesium CPACC helps In The Metabolism Of A Fat Diet Which Results In Preventing Weight Gain.

Note: Hey, Friend. Understand this article is just for informational purposes and must not be considered professional medical advice. Please, read the full disclaimer at the bottom of this page before making any purchasing decision.

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