Kelly Clarkson Weight Loss 2023. Her Plant Paradox Diet And Ozempic Rumors Decoded.

Key Takeaways

Kelly Clarkson weight loss is one of the trending topics in recent days. American singer’s amazing weight loss transformation has shocked everyone. Losing 40 Kgs suddenly has raised many questions from speculations of the use of Ozempic for weight loss to taking the help of surgery Kelly has come under a speculation radar.

The winner of the inaugural season of American Idol in 2002, a soulful singer, and an amazing songwriter, Kelly Clarkson is toping the headings again. However, her recent popularity is not because of her singing talent. Since the beginning of her career, Kelly has been struggling with several health issues. An autoimmune disease and thyroid issue have been a threat to her health since 2006. 

Then why is her name trending again? It is because of her exquisite weight loss transformation over the years. Despite all the struggle, she has been persistent with her efforts that gave her the desired results. We’ll discuss Kelly Clarkson’s weight loss transformation in detail. 

The Jaw-Dropping Kelly Clarkson Weight Loss Transformation

We often hear celebrities making a complete physique transformation, but Weight Loss by Kelly is special in its way. The moment the 41-year-old singer dropped a photo of herself from the Prudential Center in New Jersey, her fans were spellbound by the weight loss transformation. She looked stunning during her walk on the orange carpet at the “We Can Survive” Concert.

The comment section of her Instagram post was full of people asking about such a phenomenal transformation. With the new series of her daytime talk show The Kelly Clarkson Show, fans expect an update about weight loss. 

Kelly always embarked on losing some pounds as she believes being overweight makes her daily routine a hornet’s nest. Thus, she was motivated and determined which led to a 40 Kg weight loss transformation. Losing 40 Kg of fat is not everyone’s cup of tea, as the process is sluggish. 

Slim and fit Kelly Clarkson

Reasons Behind The Weight Loss

Stress might be a prominent reason behind sudden weight loss. A split with her husband after being married for seven years must have erupted some negative thoughts in Kelly’s head. Although it is unclear, stress could be one of the reasons for her weight loss. 

The following reason is the base of any physical transformation- workouts. A well-customized workout plan is nothing less than a magic potion. Once the workout plan is sorted, you just have to execute the plan and get results. But to everyone’s surprise, Kelly was not much into working out. 

Then what was the crucial part of Kelly Clarkson’s transformation that helped her shed 40 kg? 

The Plant Paradox Effect

The biggest contribution in the transformation of Kelly was her diet and lifestyle. Since she was suffering from an autoimmune disease along with a thyroid issue, food choices were crucial to lose weight and lead a healthy life.

Kelly Clarkson performing live

The food choices became better due to a book by Dr. Steven R. Gundry- The Plant Paradox. She rates this book very highly as the impact on her life of impeccable. She wrote the book because of health issues and it gave her a different approach to cooking food, making smarter food choices, and avoiding GMO products and pesticides. Her primary focus was on organic food items. The diet not only helped her to shed weight, but it also maintained her thyroid levels. Hence, she is not on any medications due to this lifestyle change. 

In an interview with Hoda Kotb, Kelly shared her unique cooking style. She expressed that the ingredients she uses are different but the food items are the same. For instance, Kelly uses Cassava flour, tapioca, and almond flour, and includes non-hormone chicken in the chicken recipes. The drawback of this approach is that it gets a little expensive. 

The diet she follows has no lectins, which is a type of protein that shields plants from bugs and insects. However, the protein type can cause stomach ache, itching, or other reactions in some individuals. The idea of the Plant Paradox states that lectins are the root of several health issues. Lectins can cause weight gain and other severe health conditions. Thus, Kelly avoids foods that are rich in lectins like green vegetables and helps in weight loss

Use Of Ozempic or Surgery- Fact or Myth?

Although Kelly has always been transparent about her weight loss and eating habits, there are still several speculations hovering around the transformation. People on online platforms often question her transformation and believe that she has either done some thinning surgery or is taking weight loss pills. 

However, the amount of dedication she puts into her cooking has given her good results. Thus, the chances of Kelly using any unnatural way to lose weight are very slim. On top of that, she never talked about taking any pills or opting for any weight loss procedure. 

Hence the conclusion is that Kelly has never undergone any weight loss surgery or used any fat loss products. 

Final Words

The transformation of Kelly Clarkson is truly inspirational and even her fans are happy to see her live a healthier life.

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