All Eyeballs on Lauralee Bell as Plastic Surgery Speculations Spur Up.

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Being fit and gorgeous even at the age of 54 have made people speculate a lot about about Lauralee Bell plastic surgery. But all these cometic enhancement rumors are baseless and Lauralee’s beuty and fit physique is just because of her healthy lifetyle.

As the cosmetic enhancement industry is booming, more and more celebs are eager to get the desired look. This sudden uprise in demand for plastic surgery has set the beauty bar a lot higher than before. Hence, speculations and rumors are flying everywhere around. 

One such cosmetic surgery speculation went trending about the beautiful “The Young and The Restless” fame actress- Lauralee Bell. Recently, when her character of Christine completed 40 years on screen, an online tussle about alleged plastic surgery went viral. The truth will be unraveled in today’s article as we look deeper into the rumors and find out 

The Backstory Of Lauralee Bell

The Emmy Award winner Lauralee Bell is a popular actor. Her character in The Young and The Restless got her endless fame in the daytime industry. The show was rated the number one daytime soap as the viewers loved it. 

She also created three web series and got the daytime Emmy for one of them. She got this ability from her family as her father also created his own project and won an Emmy. Later she also acted in a number of movies as a lead. 

Young Lauralee Bell

Apart from her exceptional acting skills, she had a knack for writing, directing, and producing that helped her create a Webby Honoree web series, Family Dinner. She came up with another masterful web series in the year 2011- Just Off Rodeo, that bagged the Telly Award. 

Lauralee Bell took forward the tradition of achievements and awards in her family. Her father, the Late William Bell wrote Days of Our Lives and later created the famous daytime soap The Young and The Restless. Her mom hosted the Lee Philip Show which won 15 Emmy awards. Thus, her family has created some exceptional artists who gave us some classic masterpieces. 

Lauralee Bell Plastic Surgery – Truth Unveiled

With the gleam of all the fame and recognition, comes the ugly part- rumors and speculations. Every star has to undergo such a phase where fans create their own stories. Cosmetic surgery speculation of Lauralee is another such instance. Below is the list of speculated procedures that she might have opted for: 


One of the trending cosmetic procedures is a way to make you look toned and in shape. Liposuction is a process that scops out the fat from the different parts of the body using a vacuum. Fans believe that Lauralee looks fit and in good shape, which might be the result of the liposuction procedure. 

Lauralee Bell In Motor Racing In Her Young Days

Nose Lift

People are often unhappy with facial features, especially the nose. A nose lift is the perfect option to make it look more defined and sharp. Fans are certain about the fact that Bell had a rather bumpy nose, but in recent pictures, it looks sharp and attractive. 

Chin Augmentation

A sharp and well-shaped jawline is a crucial asset to enhance the look. However, apart from a low body fat percentage, better chin shape is a must to get that chiseled look. The chin augmentation procedure does exactly the same. It either manipulates the chin bone or inserts a new bone implant. 

Lauralee Bell Falunting Her Beauty

Filler and Botox

People in their 40s or 50s have encountered early signs of fine lines and wrinkles. The fading away of youth and beauty pushes them to opt for fillers and Botox. Fillers are used to slow down or in some cases reverse the aging process. The skin looks smooth and tight with no signs of aging. It is one of the most popular ways to enhance the facial appeal of an individual. 

The Truth

Although people are certain that Lauralee has been under the knife, the truth is far from their baseless speculations. On a closer inspection of Lauralee’s picture, you can clearly see some signs of aging with fine lines. She looks completely natural for her age. The secret of her beauty must be in her lifestyle and healthy habits. If you’re working out regularly and eating healthy, nutritional food then the aging process might come to a halt

Thus, the conclusion is that she has not officially accepted anything about cosmetic surgery, thus there are no proofs or evidence of to prove it. 

40 Years of Christine Blair 

Amidst all these rumors, the cast and crew of The Young and The Restless celebrated 40 years of the iconic Christine Blair (aka Cricket) character played by Lauralee Bell. To celebrate this feat, a special episode will be aired on CBS daytime this Thursday (2nd November). Fans can also enjoy the appearance of their favorite- Michael Damian (Danny Romalotti) and Tricia Cast (Nina Webster).

The episode will send you on a nostalgic trip as it includes clips from the classic show. Lauralee was a part of this show from 1983 to 2006. After a little break, she returned in 2010 and since then has made appearances on the show.


  1. Has Lauralee Bell ever opted for plastic surgery?

    It doesn’t seem that she has ever opted for any cometic surgery. Her beautifula facial appearance and healythy physique might just be the result of healthy lifestyle.

  2. Who are Lauralee Bell parents?

    Lauralee Bell is daughter of soap opera creators William and Lee Bell.

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