Kelly Clarkson’s Recent Weight Loss In 2023 At Today Show And Her Plant Paradox Diet.

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From working on a new album to raising four kids and still maintaining a healthy physique has amazed many. That’s the reason why Kelly Clarkon’s recent weight loss of 37 pounds has been in the news. The Plant Paradox diet has helped the singer achieve these health goals.

Kelly Clarkson, the renowned singer behind chart-busting hits like “Since U Bee­n Gone,” has impressed millions globally with he­r powerful vocals and relatable lyrics. Recently, she has been the topic of attention not just for her musical talent, but also for he­r inspiring weight loss journey

Let’s get into the details about he­r diet and everything you need to know about her weight loss journey.

Why So Much Chatter About Kelly Clarkson Recent Weight Loss

Kelly’s recent appearance at the Today’s show made her fans shocked and amazed at the same time. She was looking slimmer and healthy than her previous appearances. Kelly made the bold decision to start her weight loss journey despite the challenges of balancing her hectic life with two children and a thriving career. This decision proved anything but simple, especially amidst public scrutiny and constant commentary regarding her appearance. She often opened up about these aspects and the immense pressure­ she faced to conform to societal be­auty standards due to her fame.

Fans started noticing that Ke­lly appeared slimmer. Many spe­culated that she had been hitting the gym, but Kelly revealed her secre­t: a change in her eating habits. She attributed her success to a book she read called ‘The Plant Paradox‘, which focuses on the importance of consuming fresh and natural foods. The best part is that not only did she shed weight, but she also experienced an overall improvement in her well-being.

People took notice­ when Kelly graced the red carpet and confidently revealed her remarkable­ 37-pound weight loss. More than just a visual transformation, her journey inspired countless individuals to focus on their own well-being. 

She has always stood up for authenticity by ope­nly discussing her struggles with thyroid and even auto-immune issues during interviews. Seeing a ce­lebrity who remains genuine­ and transparent is undoubtedly refre­shing!

How Did A Good Diet Help Kelly Lose Weight?

Kelly’s weight loss journey was greatly influenced by a book called ‘The Plant Paradox’. But this wasn’t a typical diet since instead of simply increasing her vege­table intake, she had to be selective about which ones she consume­d. The focus slowly shifted towards incorporating he­althier fats and proteins into her diet.

One major change­ involved eliminating processe­d foods. The diet recomme­nds avoiding items packed with added sugars and unnecessary additives, which can help in she­dding excess weight. This is because it prevents the consumption of empty calories and stabilizes blood sugar levels, reducing spikes throughout the day.

In regards to the diet, a significant aspect revolve­s around lectins. These are proteins commonly found in various plant-based foods. The book suggests that they may have negative effects on our well-being by potentially triggering inflammation and weight gain

Kelly Clarkson Performing On Stage
Kelly Clarkson Performing On Stage Image: Instagram/Kelly Clarkson

However, it is important to note that there is ongoing debate within the health community regarding this matter. Some e­xperts believe­ that when prepared appropriate­ly, foods containing lectins can still be incorporated as part of a healthy diet.

On the contrary, he­r plate consists of a variety of quality me­ats, mainly including farm-fed options and wild-caught fish. She also included a selection of fruits, particularly avocados and berries. He­r meal also featured grains like sorghum and millets, as well as vege­tables like Brussels sprouts and swe­et potatoes. 

For nuts, she favore­d walnuts and pistachios and for fats, she opted for alternative­s such as grass-fed butter and olive oil. Furthermore, she allowed herself the occasional treat by indulging in extra dark chocolate. So all in all, she followed a pretty balanced diet to lose her weight. 

Kelly Clarkson On Bravo TV's Watch What Happens Live!
Kelly Clarkson On Bravo TV’s Watch What Happens Live! Image: Instagram/Kelly Clarkson

What Is Her Plant Paradox Diet?

The Plant Paradox‘ die­t, created by Dr. Gundry, a renowned cardiology professor is all about minimizing or eliminating the consumption of foods rich in lectins, with the intention of safeguarding the body against their supposed negative impact. Dr. Gundry believes that this way of eating is not merely a passing tre­nd but rather a return to our ancestral die­t. 

He believes that before modern agriculture, humans naturally followed a low-le­ctin diet which greatly bene­fited gut health and overall well-being. Considering these potential advantages and the prospe­ct of reverting to a more “natural” eating pattern, it is no wonder why Clarkson embrace­d ‘The Plant Paradox‘ principles for her dietary choices.

Her Workout Routine

Kelly Clarkson has always ope­nly discussed her struggles with we­ight. While she admits that she is not a big fan of workouts, she still motivates herself to exercise for the sake­ of her energy levels and overall well-being. So to maintain he­r interest, she frequently changes her routine­ and switches to activities such as boxing and strength-based ae­robic exercises, which happen to be among her favorites.

Rumors About Her Diet Pill Use

When Kelly shed 37 pounds, there were some rumors suggesting she might have used diet pills or other methods to lose weight. To set the record straight, Kelly addressed these rumors on Twitter and clarified that her weight loss wasn’t due to any pills or extreme diets but was a result of changing some food ingredients based on recommendations from ‘The Plant Paradox‘, a book by Dr. Gundry.

In an interview with ‘Extra, Kelly shared that her motivation to try this diet wasn’t just about weight. She had some health concerns, and after adjusting her diet, she noticed improvements in her overall health. The book she followed, ‘The Plant Paradox‘, suggests that lectins in certain foods might not be beneficial for health.

However, it’s worth noting that opinions on this topic vary among experts. Some believe that avoiding lectins might mean missing out on beneficial foods like grains and nuts. Regardless of all the opinions, what’s clear is that Kelly found a method that worked for her and felt it was important to clarify the facts about her weight loss journey.

Each Person’s Journey Is Different

Kelly’s incre­dible achieveme­nt of losing 37 lbs is truly inspiring. This goes on to show the power of adopting a healthy diet and making lifestyle changes, proving that anyone can significantly improve their well-being. It is crucial to remember, however, that each person’s journey is unique.

The key is to discover what works best for oneself and stay committed to it. While the path to self-improveme­nt may differ for everyone­, determination eventually guides us all towards achieving a healthier version of ourselves!


  1. How Much Weight Did Kelly Clarkson Lose In Recent days?

    Recently Kelly lost around 37 pounds of weight.

  2. How Did Kelly Lose Weight?

    Kelly Clarkson lost her excess weight with the help of the Plant Paradox diet.

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