Harris Faulkner Weight Loss. Is She Really Leaving Outnumbered Due To Illness Or Cancer?

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Recently one of the most talked about topics is Harris Faulkner weight loss. Yes, that’s true the popular TV host looks amazing and fit more than ever. But rumors about her leaving FOX due to some illness or cancer are just false and baseless.

The popular newscaster at Fox News- Harris Faulkner, found herself at the center of trending topics after a visible difference in her physical appearance. People are eager to know about her weight loss journey. 

She’s a charismatic yet orthodox news presenter with plenty of experience. This is the reason behind endless speculations about her health and well-being. In this article, we’ll unravel everything about Harris Faulkner weight loss transformation and health update. 


Harris was always enthralled with writing newsletters and articles. After earning her B.A. (in Mass Communication and Business Economics) degree she started working as a freelancer for L.A Weekly. However, she landed her first anchor role at WNCT TV and since then she has been a popular face on the news channels. 

During the late 90s and early 2000s, she worked with several news houses as a journalist, anchor, and newscaster. She gained more popularity after starting a career at Fox News in 2017. She got the mid-day show Outnumbered and became an integral part of the Fox News team.  She has also won several awards including Emmy Award for the Best Anchor. 

Harris Faulkner Weight Loss Transformation

Celebrities losing weight nowadays has become a new normal, but fans are always interested in the process behind it. Harris Faulkner caught everyone’s attention with her lean and toned physique. The recent glow-up is undoubtedly because of the weight loss transformation, as losing weight makes you feel more energetic, and younger. 

Back in 2015 when she was spotted on the red carpet, the fat around her waist and arms was visible, but now the extra flabby fat is gone. She was flaunting her toned physique in her enchanting dresses. The weight drop is getting her plenty of attention and praise online. 

What was the secret behind the weight loss? Her Instagram posts give it all away. She is indulged in several sports and physical activities which are good for her health. She posted about horseriding, and although you don’t have to move much in that, it still burns calories as controlling a horse is no joke. Horse riding could turn into an intense cardio session if done correctly. 

Harris Faulkner Weight Loss

However, there’s more to her fitness regime than horse riding. During an interview with Bustle, she unravels her love for Yoga. There is no doubt about the efficacy of Yoga as a weight loss regime. Apart from weight loss, yoga makes you flexible, improves mobility, and makes you healthier inside out. Harris likes to keep things simple yet effective, and there’s nothing better than yoga when it comes to simplicity. 

Harris loves to run, and she never misses a chance to go on a walk down the trail. She occasionally uploads pictures of her going for a run. She covers the distance easily and her determination towards her goal is impeccable. 

Along with that she surely eats healthily as diet is one of the most important parts of weight loss. You can put in all the hard work but without a proper diet, all the work goes in vain. The special thing about Harris is that she doesn’t complicate the process and keeps it simple, and this gives her results. 

Harris Faulkner Illness

The speculations of Harris being ill are not true as she is healthy and happy. There were also rumors of her being a cancer patient, however, she’s a cancer caregiver. She lost her mother due to cancer and now she is adamant about saving lives. Her mother succumbed to breast cancer, and since then she has been actively participating in awareness campaigns and fundraising events to educate the netizens about this fatal disease. 

It is believed that losing her mother is what pushed her to eat healthy and live freely. She inspires others to focus on mindful eating. Even her daughter is into gymnastics. Harris focuses on early diagnosis of the disease as the patient could be saved at the early stages. She is highly appreciated for her selfless work and campaigns as she’s saving lives with these efforts. 

Is Harris Faulkner Leaving Fox News?

Harris Faulkner has been an integral part of Fox News since 2017. Since then she has been a regular presenter at the news station. Recent speculations of her leaving the news agency are NOT true. 

Harris is still a host and journalist at Fox News. She handles two important news shows- The Faulkner Focus and Outnumbered.  It was just some baseless speculation which is far from the truth. She’s not planning to leave Fox News as of now. 

Harris- Inspiring Youth

Apart from being a news presenter, Harris is inspiring the younger generation to make healthier choices and create healthy habits to live without any health concerns. She’s also spreading awareness among women about breast cancer.

We can conclude that Harris is impacting lives in a positive way.

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