Natalie Maines Weight Gain. Has Rumors Of Being Gay And Her Divorce Affected Her Weight?

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Know more about Natalie Maines weight gain. There are a lot of speculations going around about the lead vocalist of country band Natalie Maines being lesbian. Rumors are due to her being vocal about the LGBTQ community.

The Dixie Chicks, later known as The Chicks, is a music trio band. With country music, awards, fame, and controversies, the band had it all. The Chicks had a revolutionary impact on country music in the early 2000s. With the Chicks making a comeback after 14 years, there is plenty of commotion and questions floating in the music industry. While the fans are elated with joy, the rumors are also taking shape. 

The band consists of three ladies- Emily Strayer, Martie Maguire, and Natalie Maines. However, recently Natalie Manines caught everyone’s attention with her abrupt weight gain and some personal life issues. Today the spotlight will be on Natalie Maines, her career, her recent weight gain along with the divorce, and rumors of her being gay. 

Natalie’s Career- Triumphs and Trials

Back in the late 90s when The Dixie Chicks signed Natalie as their frontwoman, she was young and an energetic vocalist. Wide Open Spaces (1998) and Fly (1999)  were the albums that topped the music charts. 

Afterward, the Chicks were producing gem after gem and became a reckoning force in the music industry. Their strong vocals and out-of-the-world energy level made them stand apart. Natalie was able to bag 13 Grammys because of the unique flavor she brings to the recording studio. 

Despite her magical voice, a series of unfortunate events kept unfurling. 

The Presidential Controversy

During the US invasion of Iraq, criticizing the President turned out to be a regrettable pick. She had to face a wide backlash after her daunting words for George W Bush. Several music labels boycotted the chicks and they were in a troublesome situation

Natalie Maines Weight Gain. Possible Weight Gain Reasons

Our body keeps going through several changes throughout the life span. However, weight gain could easily be tackled with the right approach. 

In recent outings, Natalie was seen carrying a few extra pounds. The weight gain drew the attention of her fans and they’re speculating the reasons behind it. All these speculations are not bothering Maines as she is determined to make a comeback in the music realm.

The reasons behind weight could be anything- from a stressed lifestyle to an unhealthy diet. But let’s try to figure out what factors were responsible for Natalie Maines’s transformation.

Natalie Maines Gained Weight Over The Years


Ugly Divorce And Stress

Her recent comeback album Gaslighter shed light on her marriage and recent divorce from the actor Adrian Pasdar. Natalie and Adrian saw each other for the first time back in May 1999 while they were attending the wedding party of Emily Strayer. 

Finally, in 2000, they decided to share rings and got married. In the seventeen years of their marriage, they were living in LA with their two sons Jacskon and Beckett. But things went downhill in 2017 when Maines filed for a divorce with the reason of disparities among the couple. 

The petition filed had a joint custody request with the prenup for finance. The actor was not convinced with the prenup and he wanted Maines to pay him $60,000 a month with the reason of poverty. Later, he wanted $45,000 in the name of child support. 

According to Adrian, he used to take care of the kids and left his career in jeopardy. “Natalie was the breadwinner for us, and she should pay the child support,” said Adrian

In the apex court, Adrian tried to stop the chicks from releasing the new album as according to him the lyrics go against the terms of prenup. They agreed to a long-fought legal battle in September. The divorce was formalized in December. 

Give you all my money, you’ll gladly walk away” were the lyrics of her recent track Gaslighter as she either targeted Trump or Pasdar. Lyrics like “Cause, boy, you know exactly what you did on my boat. And boy that’s exactly why you’re not comin’ home” stirred the pot of gossip as there were plenty of theories hovering around.

Natalie never explained the lyrics due to legal reasons during an interview. When the interviewer tried fishing some gossip, Maines brushed it off in a subtle manner. 

A legal battle that went up for almost a couple of years is good enough a reason for weight gain. HOW? The answer is- stress. It’s a complete cycle, stress inflicts certain hormones which makes you eat more, and eating excessively again triggers the hormones creating more stress.  Thus, stress could be one of the reasons for Natalie Maines’s weight gain transformation

Natalie Maines Before After Pictures

Age Factor Around Natalie Maines Weight Gain

Age plays a big factor in weight gain as the metabolism slows down with time. A slow metabolism makes it harder to burn calories resulting in weight gain. 

“Everything is Pro-Gay”

On the question of homosexuality, Natalie expressed her support for the community and considered herself progressive. 

“I’m in favor of gay marriage” and “I’m more liberal” were the words of Natalie. Due to her support for the LGBT community she has been perceived as gay herself. However, these speculations are baseless and she never said anything that could be accounted for justifying her sexuality. 

Thus, Natalie Maines is not gay. 


Despite her struggle and hustle, we can’t deny the fact that Natalie Maines is one of the finest music artists. Her voice is still enchanting and she still has what it takes to be a superstar. 

Regarding her weight gain, it is normal and, there are n signs of concern as of now. She might have put on weight, but it is still inside the safer bandwidth. Some people tend to gain a lot more weight by being obese. After a certain point, the joints have to bear more pressure, which could cause several other issues. 

A lot of celebrities are in support of LGBT which doesn’t define their sexuality. Similar is the case of Natalie Maines, who openly lends her supporting hand to the community. However, she never came out as gay. 

If you’re also a victim of weight gain, try out some workout regimes and follow a strict diet to see visible results. 

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