Golden Globes 2024: Succession’s Kristen Wiig’ Plastic Surgery Is The Trending Topic.


Kristen Wiig is a famous American comedian, actor, producer, and screenwriter, who shot to stardom during her stint on NBC’s “Saturday Night Live”, which continued through seven seasons from 2005 to 2012. Though she earned nationwide recognition from this hugely popular NBC sketch comedy show, Wiig’s breakthrough performance was with The Groundlings, an improv comedy troupe from Los Angeles. 

A prominent TV personality, Kristen Carroll Wiig made her debut on TV with the show titled “The Joe Schmo Show” in 2003, where she played the role of Dr. Pat. But beyond her stint on TV, she also acted in many comedy movies in supporting roles, such as “Paul” and “Knocked Up“, and also donned the hat of a co-writer for the film “Bridesmaids” in which she also acted. Her role in Bridesmaids 2011 brought her critical and commercial success, and she even received nominations for the Golden Globe Awards and Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay. During her tenure with “Saturday Night Live“, Kristen earned four nominations for the Primetime Emmy Award segment Outstanding Supporting Actress In A Comedy Series. 

Kristen was born in August 1973 in Canandaigua, New York, but later on, she relocated to Los Angeles to pursue her career in comedy and acting. Some of her most notable Hollywood movies include “Wonder Woman 184”, “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”, “The Skeleton Twins”, and “The Martian”, among others. Back in 2012, Kristen Wiig was named by “Time” magazine in their list of 100 most influential people in the world.

Kristen Wiig At Golden Globes 2024

The Golden Globe Awards 2024, held yesterday i.e., on January 7th, 2024, was an eventful ceremony filled with much laughter, smiles, tears, and moments that broke records. Thanks to Kristen Wiig and her co-presenter Will Ferrell, the comedy dose went up through the roof, as the duo shook a leg together on stage. 

Kristen Wiig, along with Will Ferrell, were called on stage to present the award for the best male actor in a motion picture, musical, or comedy, and the pair proved that they can be anything but serious. While they were midway through their award presentation speech, a particular musical melody kept flowing in, interrupting them, which they finally accepted and moved on by doing a silly dance on stage. 

Both Kristen and Will were once cast members of NBC’s insanely popular comedy show “Saturday Night Live” – and these SNL alumni proved that nobody can beat them when it comes to hosting an awards function ceremony. Their incredible comic timing, sense of humor, and wit cracked up the who’s-who of Hollywood that were present there last night.

And while the instrumental melody kept interfering with their presentation, they suddenly broke out into impromptu shimmying moves that drove the audience crazy with amusement and laughter. Their funny comments such as “it felt like hot sushi” as an indirect reference to the Golden Globes menu, amused the guests to no end!

Has She Opted For Plastic Surgery?

50-year-old Kristen Wiig has often been a topic of juicy gossip among the public, owing to the youthfulness in her appearance that never seems to change. People have rumored that the secret to her consistent age-defying looks has to be nothing other than plastic surgery.

We need to mention here that back in 2016, in a candid interview, she was asked about her views on plastic surgery and if she would ever want to go under the knife. To that, the comedian said that she is a staunch believer in balance and cautioned her viewers against going overboard with cosmetic procedures.

During the promotion of “Zoolander 2“, she spoke about the blown-up plastic surgery her character had to go through in the movie. She also talked about our society’s double standards regarding accepting the appearance of women actors – that they always have to look young

Though Kristen talked about the societal pressures on women in the entertainment industry to look flawless and young and addressed the topic of plastic surgery, she did not directly comment on whether she had opted for plastic surgery or not. She did not confirm or deny any of the rumors spread by people alleging that she must have got some “work done” on her to look younger.

Sometime in 2011, she also talked about her skincare regimen when asked about her secret to her glowing gorgeous looks. She also spoke about abiding by her daily fitness routine as a part of staying fit and active at all times. But then also, she did not explicitly comment anything on whether she had resorted to plastic surgery.

Kristen Wiig in “Succession”

The 2024 Golden Globe Awards has been stellar for “Succession”, with this HBO drama show sweeping all categories for TV drama series, which includes the segment for Best TV Series – Drama. With “Succession” winning the Golden Globe Award for Best Television Drama Series, it also created a record by taking home the Golden Globe for the third time in the same category, after 2020 and 2022. 

This HBO drama series, after its third win, came at par with the likes of “Mad Men” and “The X-Files”, which also won three Golden Globe Awards in the best drama segment. As “Succession” took away home one award after another at the 2024 Golden Globe Awards ceremony that was held at Beverly Hills Hilton Hotel, it seemed like the awards night was actually a mini-reunion of the stars of this popular drama series. 

A satirical comedy show, “Succession” is about a troubled billionaire family that exercises excessive power in communications. This hugely acclaimed show wrapped up its fourth season, which also happens to be its finale season, a few months ago – and in such a short time it swept away all the awards meant for TV shows.

The Golden Globes gala night was markedly merry and joyous for the cast of “Succession”, with Kristen Wiig and Will Ferrel taking care of the humor factor.

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