Emily Hampshire & Speculations Of Plastic Surgery, Weight Gain, And Being Gay!


Emily Hampshire is a Canadian actor who gained stellar recognition for playing the role of Stevie Budd, in the very popular comedy series titled, “Schitt’s Creek”. Apart from starring in this hugely popular sitcom, Emily is also well known for her roles as Vivienne in the movie “Snow Cake”, Angelina in the romcom “Boy Meets Girl”, and Jennifer Goines in the drama series “12 Monkeys”. Apart from appearing in hit movies and TV series, she has also lent her voice in several animated series, including “Ruby Gloom”, in which she was the voice of Misery.

Born in Montreal around 1979, Emily Hampshire developed a keen interest in acting after watching “Les Miserables” when she was only 11 years old. Her interest further deepened after she received much encouragement from the vice principal of her school, who loaded her with praises for her performance in a school play. When she turned 16, Emily relocated to Toronto to work in films and TV and even got a chance to join the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. 

Since she first kickstarted her career as an actor, Emily Hampshire has garnered a huge base of fans and followers as a prominent face in the Canadian TV and film industry since 1996. She is known for her versatile talent and acting prowess and was presented with the very first Birks Canadian Diamond Award in Cannes, back in May 2012. She appeared in the independent movie “The Death And Life Of John F Donovan” by Xavier Dolan, alongside Hollywood stars namely Kathy Bates, Susan Sarandon, and Natalie Portman. Emily has also appeared in the music video of “Not Necessary”, the single launched by “The Tragically Hip”. 

Has Emily Hampshire Opted For Plastic Surgery?

Emily Hampshire’s rise to stardom has also been speckled with rumors and comments thrown at her by the public. And after seeing some of her recent photos on social media, Netizens have spotted something different about Emily, and gotten super curious about it. They have flooded social media platforms with their doubts and suspicions – whether the beauty of this 42-year-old actor is 100 percent natural or did she ever go under the knife.

It all started when some recent images of Emily Hampshire surfaced on the Internet, where she seemed to look slightly different. Her fans and followers, who have been watching her performances on TV and in films, have been rather quick to pick on the slight changes in how the “Schitt’s Creek” actor looked in her recent photos. But if you try searching, you will find that people, especially Reddit users, have been discussing this same topic for a few years now. 

One person posted that they had watched and re-watched the comedy series, and could not help notice how her forehead never seems to move or develop wrinkles. As our facial expressions change, it is natural for our forehead or face to move or form wrinkles – but that never happened with the character Stevie played by Emily Hampshire. To that, many other Reddit users replied saying that it is not some impressive gene but a lot of Botox that is responsible for it. Someone also said that they have detected “Botox wrinkles” above Emily’s nose – whatever that means!

Though social media has been rife with speculations about Emily Hampshire’s plastic surgery, there is no concrete evidence or statement to confirm or deny these claims made by the public.

Speculation About Her Weight Gain

In the past, Emily talked about her struggles with mental health, body weight, and how she overcame an eating disorder. In some of her interviews, the actor candidly said that about a month before shooting season 1 of “Schitt’s Creek”, she had to be admitted to a treatment center to overcome her eating disorder.

During that time, she badly wanted to fit into an image that was readily accepted by society, and she started dieting to lose weight. Soon, as she grew more desperate, she resorted to more dangerous means of shedding weight like bulimia, anorexia, and pills.

In the initial days of her weight loss, while she was filming for “Made In Canada”, people on the sets used to compliment her on her fits of attire. But soon, as she kept losing a lot of weight, they gradually stopped complimenting and validating her for her appearance. According to Emily Hampshire, that is what got to her – she stopped receiving validation about her looks and went into deep depression. She said that she used to feel stressed all the time and felt like crying always; subsequently, her bout of depression caused her to gain a lot of weight.

Her weight gain happened just before she was about to film for “Made In Canada” season 3, where she played the role of an actress; the writers had to include her weight gain as part of the storyline for this series.

Is She Gay?

Emily Hampshire is known for identifying herself as “pansexual” – in an interview, she talked about how being on “Schitt’s Creek” helped her identify her sexuality. She had come to know about the concept of “pansexuality” from her co-star Dan Levy, before that she used to consider herself a knowledge guru about LGBTQ+ stuff since everyone in her life belonged to that community. However, about 5 years later, while she was dating someone, she realized that she was in love with the person and that their gender did not matter to her.

She said, “I have to like the person. I’m attracted to a person’s vibe”; she has also credited actor Demi Lovato for pushing her to think a little more broadly about this aspect. But more than proclaiming whether she is pansexual or bisexual or anything else, Emily believes that we do not need to identify ourselves as anything specific – we are all human beings first. 

For the record, Emily Hampshire married ex-soccer player Matthew Smith in 2006 but divorced around 2014, after which in 2018, she got engaged to singer Teddy Geiger. But they eventually ended their engagement in 2019.

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