The Changing Looks Of Juno Temple: Plastic Surgery Or Weight Loss?

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Juno Temple is an English actor, who is best known for her comic role in the comedy-drama series titled “Ted Lasso”, and for her appearance in “Fargo”, the crime drama series. An amazingly talented artist, she was nominated for the Primetime Emmy Awards for her performances in both series and also earned a nomination for the Golden Globe Award for her role in “Fargo”.

Born in July 1989 in Hammersmith, London, Juno Temple is the daughter of famous filmmaker Julien Temple and movie producer Amanda Pirie. She began her acting career when she was still a child and acted in several movies such as “Mr. Nobody”, “Notes On A Scandal”, “Atonement”, “The Other Boleyn Girl”, and “Three Musketeers”. “Maleficent”, and “The Dark Knight Rises”, among others. Apart from her work in films, Juno Temple has also starred in several TV series, including “Dirty John”, “Vinyl”, “The Offer”, and “Little Birds”, to name a few. 

The actor, who began acting in 1997 as a child star in the movie “Vigo: Passion For Life”, is also the recipient of the 2013 BAFTA Rising Star Award. Later on, in 2000, she also worked with her director father, portraying the role of Emma Southey in the film titled “Pandemonium”. She earned critical acclaim very early on in her career, as well as much recognition and prestige from the international film fraternity – she was presented with the Best Actress award at the Prague Independent Film Festival. Owing to her superior acting skills and versatility as an artist, Juno Temple also went on to star in countless films, TV series as well as music videos – she appeared in music videos for Plushgun’s “Impolite” and Kid Harpoon’s “Milkmaid”. 

Has Juno Temple Undergone Plastic Surgery?

Juno Temple has sparked off rumors of going under the knife – it all started when the public spotted her in one of her recent appearances, and she looked pretty much different. Going by the comments that have flooded social media, Temple looked unrecognizable, which prompted people to suspect her of resorting to plastic surgery.

As we have mentioned before, Juno has been into acting right from the time when she was a child, so her fans and followers have practically watched her transition from a kid to a grown woman. Even after growing up in the public eye, many people who saw her after a gap of several years failed to recognize her since she looked drastically different. 

The public understands that she cannot look the same forever, but they cannot also help themselves from suspecting that she might have opted for plastic surgery. Her cheeks seemed to have caved in, making her look much like those people who are addicted to drugs! Juno now has an altered jaw and chin structure – when people age, their facial structure does not change, moreover, the lovely glow she had before, is now gone.

From the look of her, she appears to be in her forties, whereas she is somewhere in her mid-30s now. This change in her facial structure has led people to be certain it cannot be due to the normal natural process of aging – she must have got some work done to look that way.

However, as of now, there is no piece of evidence or any verifiable statement or news that suggests that Juno Temple has resorted to cosmetic surgery. There is no official statement or any reaction of any kind from the actor, herself, so we can say that these are purely baseless claims made by the public.

What About Her Recent Weight Loss?

Many of the social media users, who have commented on Juno Temple’s recent images, have also said that the change in her appearance can be a result of her dramatic weight loss. They have compared her before and after photos, and concluded that the “Ted Lasso” actor has lost weight substantially, which makes her face appear much more slimmed down than before. Also, the fact that her body structure seems to have shrunk is primarily because of her losing weight – her collar bones and shoulder blades are much more prominent in her latest photos.

The fact that she has lost weight dramatically has also set the rumor mills rolling – people believe that she must have resorted to consuming Ozempic to shed that much weight. Ozempic, a drug used for weight loss, has recently created a lot of controversy and buzz in recent times, and many celebs have been rumored to have used it to achieve their weight loss goals.

However, in the case of Juno Temple, she has spoken about her dedication to her strict diet and exercise regimen – the actor is known to stay fit by dancing. She also prefers eating healthy, unprocessed food including veggie salads and fresh fruits. There is no confirmable information available anywhere on the internet that suggests that Temple might have resorted to taking Ozempic for her weight loss.

Juno Temple In Ted Lasso

Juno Temple became an instant fan favorite after playing the role of Keeley Jones, a model-cum-influencer, in “Ted Lasso”, the very popular sports dramedy series aired on Apple TV+. In this dramedy, Keeley Jones goes from being the girlfriend of an American college football player to a pro businessperson who learns to manage her PR agency. 

For Temple who had played troubled young women in movies, switching to get into a comedic role has been a learning experience. Though she has pulled her comic portrayal amazingly smoothly, delighting the audience, she says that the comedy genre still feels kind of new to her. Though the whole thing ended up working in her favor, she admits that the cast and crew on the sets of “Ted Lasso” keep joking that Keeley is sometimes so funny when she does not fully understand the joke herself!

She says that she closely identifies the playful and bold spirit of Keeley in her real life and that she feels much closer to this character than any other woman she has portrayed in the past.

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