Rebel Wilson Weight Loss. Mayr Method Diet Is The Reason Behind Her Weight Loss Not A Surgery.


Famous Hollywood actresses who appeared in movies like ‘Jojo Rabbit’, ‘Pitch Perfect’, ‘Bridesmaid’, etc lost 77 pounds of weight by using a balanced diet and some little workout routine. She was quite overweight but the desire to become a mother motivated her to lose weight. Rebel Wilson’s weight loss and her amazing transformation journey can be motivating for anyone

Rebel Wilson the famous Australian actress popular for her role as “Fat Amy” in Pitch Perfect lost 77 kgs of weight. Being a public figure, you remain in the public eye all the time. People like actors and admire them. Rebel Wilson’s weight loss is admirable for many women out there. Her weight loss transformation is a motivation for many females who follow her.

If you are closely following Rebel Wilson then you might have noticed her new avatar the fit Rebel Wilson. Her before-after appearance is amazing. But there is a lot of confusion like did Rebel Wilson had undergone any surgery for weight loss or some questions like which diet she followed or which workout routine she followed for her weight loss. In this article, we will talk about Rebel Wilson’s weight loss in detail from the diet she follows and the exercises she does to maintain her healthy weight.

Rebel Wilson Weight Loss “Year Of Health”

Rebel Wilson started her weight loss journey in 2020. She calls 2020 her “Year Of Health“. the journey she started in 2020 is still continuing even after 3 years and Rebel Wilson still continues to stay fit and healthy. In these years Rebel Wilson has lost around 77 pounds of weight.

In 2020, Rebel started her weight loss journey with the aim to reduce her weight to 165 Pounds or 75 kg. Before that, once when she was filming for her movie “CATS” in 2019, she lost 8 pounds in less than a week. She was filming dance scenes for the movie and the movie sequence required a lot of physical activities. To fit in the role she lost those 8 pounds before officially starting her weight loss transformation.

She posted about the journey she is up to on her Instagram account. Currently, that post is unavailable. She posted a picture with a caption stating her plans for “Year Of Health”. In her post, she wrote,

"Try and give a little bit of effort each day...I know some days are frustrating as hell, you feel like giving up, you get annoyed at the lack of progress...but good things are coming your way. What are your goals this year?"

She further added that she will be honest with her followers and with her year of health mission she would try to reach the target weight of 75 KGs and career-wise would try to get one of her movies into production before the end of the year (2020). She said that both of these things require a daily effort and there are constant setbacks but she was working hard.

After that, she continued to share details about her little progress with her followers via her Instagram account.

What Forced Her To Lose Weight

Rebel Wilson while she was on an Apple Fitness+ program in 2022, said that she always knew that she is overweight and not healthy. Once, she also expressed her feelings on her Instagram stating that since she was 20, she found it very normal as gaining weight and again losing it became common things for her.

In an interview with BBC, she said that when she initially started her weight loss journey there were a lot of things that were stopping her. Even people from the inner circle and her own team were advising her not to go on the weight loss path as people thought that Rebel Wilson’s success as an actress was linked to her weight. She had an image of an overweight actress and that might be ruined if she loses weight.

She also added that it was common for her to be treated by people differently from other women just because in their eyes she is not as good-looking as others are. And she knew what it felt like to be a woman who is almost invisible to people. Emotional eating was the main reason behind Rebel Wislon’s weight gain through the years.

Rebel Wilson In Interview With BBC World Services

However, her desire to become a mother motivated her to lose weight. Rebel Wilson has Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). It is a hormonal problem that happens in a woman when she is in age she can become pregnant. Woman with PCOS has issues with their periods. Women with such conditions have difficulties in fertility.

In 2019, when Rebel Wilson visited her Doctor, he said to her that there were much better chances of her getting pregnant if she lost some weight. So, to be able to have a child in the future, Rebel Wilson decided to lose some unwanted weight.

Rebel Wilson Diet – Mayr Method

Mayr method diet is an almost 100-year-old diet method that was created by an Australian doctor Dr. Franz Xaver Mayr. Many celebrities have endorsed this diet program. The Mayr method is considered a quick and easy way to lose weight.

Some people support the diet method and many other opposes it saying that the Mayer method diet restricts many types of food intake and even eliminates many healthy food groups, too.

Many people consider the Mayr method diet as a tool used by Rebel Wilson to boost her weight loss journey. So, what actually the Mayr method diet is. Let us tell you in detail.

Rebel Wilson Enjoying In Polo Fields
Rebel Wilson Enjoying In Polo Fields Image: Instagram/ Rebel Wilson

What Is Mayer Method Diet?

It was created by an Australian Physician Dr. Franz Xaver Mayr in the 1920s. It is basically 14 days diet program but some people even continue the diet for longer periods. The basic concept behind designing this diet method was to improve gut health. Dr. Franz Xaver Mayr believed that better gut health means better weight loss.

This diet works on the method of improving your gut health first. The Mayr method works in 2 steps.

  • 1)- Eliminating Some Types of Food Groups from Your Entire Diet
  • 2)- Practicing Mindful Eating. (Improving Eating Habits)

Let’s discuss both these topics in detail.

Eliminating Foods

In Rebel Wilson’s Weight loss diet also known as the Mayr method you are advised to reduce or totally eliminate eating certain types of foods for 14 days.

Here is the list of potential foods that you can’t eat for 14 days while following the Mayr Method.

  • Surgery products
  • Products with caffeine
  • Reduce dairy products
  • Reduce Gluten foods
  • No processed foods

Apart from eliminating some foods from your regular diet for 14 days, the Mayr method diet also encourages you to eat more alkaline foods like green veggies, citrus foods, root vegetables, nuts, healthy fats, proteins, etc.

Mindful Eating

The second step in the Mayer diet is to opt for better eating habits. Here is the list of things you should practice more while eating according to the Mayr diet.

  • No eating after 7 p.m.
  • Stop eating when you feel full.
  • Avoid drinking water with meals.
  • Chew each bite at least 40 times.
  • Eat without any distractions (Like phone, TV, etc.)
  • Eat your biggest meal early in the day.

Apart from these two basic steps, the Mayr method also suggests sleeping early, acupuncture, etc.

Pros And Cons Of The Mayr Method Diet

The Mayr method has both followers and critics. It has some benefits and disadvantages, too. Here is the detailed table showing both sides.


  • Improves gut health
  • Helps in quick weight loss
  • Better digestive health
  • Easy to follow
  • Promotes good eating habits


  • Restrictive
  • Also eliminates some healthy foods
  • Discourages drinking water with meals
  • Can be expensive
  • Needs a lot of preparation

Rebel Wilson Workout Routine

In 2020, when she was attending an event in Australia she met a Doctor who advised her to walk to lose unwanted body fat. Not high-intensity walk nor uphill walk but just a moderate amount of walking for an hour. After that, Rebel decided to give it a try as what Doctor advised her.

Before that, Rebel Wilson used to train a lot but she decided to put aside all those heavy weights, and intense workout training and give the body some relaxation after the Doctor’s advice.

In January 2022, Apple came with the third season of “Time To Walk” under its fitness program “Apple Fitness+“. Time To Walk is a program to motivate people for their fitness goals. In this program, they invite various celebrities and guests and walk with them while having conversations about their fitness journey and routine.

Rebel Wilson also came to the Time To Walk program. It was around 31 minutes of listening in which Rebel talked about her fitness journey for 19 minutes. She shared a lot of things about her weight loss while walking in Griffith Park in Los Angeles.

Rebel said she knew deep down that she wasn’t the healthiest version of herself. She further added that she was doing a lot of things in the gym to lose weight from doing high-intensity workouts to exhausting herself lifting weights but after an Australian Doctor’s advice, she decided to be easier on herself and do it gently. In 2020, she lost a lot of weight but not quickly but slowly-slowly in and a healthy way.

The biggest workout she did in her Year Of Health was to walk an hour a day. Yes, that’s true and walking worked for Rebel Wilson. She did achieve her weight loss goals.

How Rebel Wilson Lost Weight And Still Manages Her 77 Pounds Weight Loss Transformation

Losing weight is hard and maintaining that weight loss is even harder. We all are humans, we have weaknesses. Celebrities have their weaknesses, too. Still, Rebel Wilson has maintained her weight loss of 77 pounds through the years. Here is the list of things she did to be on the right track and even you can follow the same.

Start With What You Like

Rebel Wilson’s 77 pounds weight loss transformation is not about heavy sweating in the gym but just a simple 1 hour of walking. It doesn’t matter how hard you can be on yourself unless you are not liking the process. If you like the process then only you will be able to lose weight. And start with small steps like today start with walking for 10 minutes and gradually increase that.

Focus On What You Eat

Without a proper diet, it is not possible to lose weight. You have to focus on what you are eating. You will not lose weight even if you are working out for 1 hour a day and 5 days a week and still eating all the processed foods. So, focus on what you are eating in a day.

Always Follow Your Instinct

If you fall to what others are saying to you then your journey will only be difficult for you. The same happened with Rebel Wilson when she finally decided to lose weight, even her close people were stopping her from starting her weight loss transformation journey but still she decided to continue and the result is in front of you. She lost 77 pounds on the journey.

So, always follow what you want to achieve not what others are advising.

Start With A Goal

Rebel Wilson started her journey with the goal of losing weight in order to be able to become a mother in the future. And that desire to become a mother in the future motivated her to continue the journey. Without a goal, you will lose momentum and motivation at one stage. So, find your desire and start your transformation journey.

Try Some Meditation

The weight loss journey is full of ups and downs and becomes frustrating at points. Our goal is to achieve a healthy body but you must have to focus on better mental health, too. Meditation can help with that. No journey is possible with a weak mind. Make your thought process and willpower stronger with meditation.

Accept Yourself

Even though Rebel Wilson was trying to change her body shape it all started with self-love and self-acceptance. First, you have to accept yourself and love yourself after that you can start your health journey.

Rebel Wilson Weight Loss Surgery

When a celebrity loses weight, she or he is noticed by millions of people. So, there are millions of questions and plenty of rumors also come into the picture. rebel Wilson’s weight loss surgery is also one of them. But let us clear all your doubts. Rebel Wilson has not gone under any weight loss surgery for her weight loss. She only followed a healthy diet routine and some easy workouts for her weight loss.

And she has not achieved her weight loss quickly and at once but gradually in the span of many months.

Rebel Wilson Weight Loss Transformation
Rebel Wilson Weight Loss Transformation Image: Instagram/ Rebel Wilson

Rebel Wilson Now In 2023

Rebel Wilson is still in 2023, maintaining her healthy weight. She is looking way healthier and slim in 2023. Rebel from time to time shares about her health and other updates on her Instagram.

In November 2022, she shared news about her firstborn child Royce Lillian via surrogacy. In July 2022, she shared a post on her Instagram about her little weight gain. In her post, she wrote that she gained 3 Kg of weight when she was on holiday and she lost control of herself. She further added that from tomorrow she will continue her healthy lifestyle and gonna hit the gym and start eating healthy foods again.

She also wrote something to motivate people. She wrote,

I can get up tomorrow and go to the gym, and hydrate and eat healthy and love myself. It doesn’t help to be hard on yourself but I know what it’s like to feel guilty and not great after eating too much. But if you’re like me just know YOU are more than just your weight, your weight doesn’t define you, just try your best to be healthy and don’t be so hard on yourself 💗 Be the best version of you 💗

Inspirational Rebel Wilson Weight Loss Journey

Rebel Wilson worked hard to achieve better health. Her diet routine was very restrictive, people didn’t support her decision initially still she kept motivated and finally lost 77 pounds. Her self-love and dedication are inspirational.

To achieve her goal of weight loss, she didn’t do any heavy workouts in the gym instead just did some gradual walking, learned self-control, and won over her emotional eating habit.

Rebel Wilson In Green Dress Preparing For The Gala Cannes
Rebel Wilson In Green Dress Preparing For The Gala Cannes Image: Instagram/ Rebel Wilson
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  1. How Much Weight Did Rebel Wilson Loss?

    Rebel Wilson Lost 77 Pounds Or 35 Kg of weight.

  2. Did Rebel Wilson Undergo Weight Loss Surgery?

    No, Rebel Wilson Did Not Undergo Any Weight Loss Surgery.

  3. How Did Rebel Wilson Lose Weight?

    Rebel Wilson Lost Weight By Following A Balanced Proper Healthy Diet, Improving Her Eating Habits, And Doing Some Workouts.

  4. Which Diet Rebel Wilson Followed?

    Rebel Wilson Followed The Mayr Method Diet.

  5. How Is Rebel Wilson In 2023?

    She Started Her Journey In 2020, But Still, After 3 Years In 2023, She Is Amazingly Fit, Healthy, And Maintaining Her Healthy Weight.

  6. Why Did Rebel Wilson Start To Lose Weight Even If She Was Loved By Audience And A Popular Actress?

    Rebel Wilson Wanted To Become A Mother. But As She Has Been Diagnosed With Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, Her Doctor Advised Her To Lose Some Weight If She Wants To Conceive In the Future.

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