Dana Loesch Illness And Plastic Surgery Speculations Decoded! Is She Hospitalized?


In recent days a lot of speculations have doing the rounds on the internet about Dana Loesch illness and sudden look change. Many are speculating that she might have taken the help of plastic surgery. But the reality is totally different. She is healthy and fine.

Dana Lynn Loesch is an American political commentator and talk show host with extensive presence on both radio and TV platforms, who was also the spokesperson of the National Rifle Association between 2017 and 2019. She is also a renowned political activist with a conservative-leaning, and a well-known author as well as a former editor and writer with Breitbart News.

Loesch earned extensive recognition and popularity after hosting “The Dana Show”, an award-winning daily radio show that was nationally syndicated. With her original and particularly irreverent, conservative, young punk-rock ideology, she garnered a huge base of audience across multiple platforms in a very short time. Dana felt highly let down by the Democratic party of the USA, after the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal came to light, and started rejecting it totally after 9/11. She has authored two books, namely, ”Flyover Nation: You Can’t Run a Country You’ve Never Been To” in 2016 and “Hands Off My Gun: Defeating the Plot to Disarm America” launched in 2014. 

Speculations About Dana Loesch Illness

Since 2022, some rumors have been doing the rounds on social media, saying that Dana Loesch is unwell – that she is suffering from some ailment. When the air was rife with speculations about this famous American TV and radio host being unwell, her fans and followers naturally grew concerned about it and wanted to know what had happened to her.

However, there is no news or statement available to indicate that Dana Loesch is suffering from any kind of health condition this year, i.e., in 2023. Possibly, these speculations were triggered by the fact that she had undergone a surgical procedure a few years ago. 

Loesch had talked about this surgery a couple of years back in one of her interviews; she said that she had to undergo a sinus operation in 2019. She disclosed in a Tweet that she would be undergoing a sinus operation in 2019 and expressed her deepest gratitude and thanks to all those who had prayed for her health and well-being during her surgery and supported her throughout while she was recovering after the surgery. 

Being unwell is normal for all of us human beings – yet when it comes to celebrities and famous personalities, such news automatically sparks our increased curiosity and we start speculating about it. This is the case for Dana Loesch also, and even she was not spared from the public’s special interest and penchant for spreading rumors.

Is She Hospitalized?

The moment her fans came to know that Dana Loesch was unwell, they imagined that she must be lying in some hospital bed sick. But the rumors stemmed from a sinus operation that she had had a couple of years ago in 2019 – her husband posted on Twitter, saying that her surgery had been successful and the doctor was satisfied with how everything had turned out. She had consulted with five different ENT specialists for their medical advice, and only after that did she go ahead with the surgery.

She said that she realized that her voice was also growing weaker with every passing day, and believes that it had to be because of her sinus infection only. But after she got operated on by one of the top ENT surgeons in the country, she has been on her path to recovery and was making good progress as well. 

Rumors About Her Plastic Surgery

Dana Loesch has garnered widespread fan following owing to her insightful political analyses and strong personality, but she is also admired for her stunning looks and enviable figure. But there have also been rumors about parts of her body being “not natural”, i.e., people suspect that she might have undergone plastic surgery. 

While some people suspect that she must have resorted to a lip job, others feel that she might have gone for Botox injections, or facelift, or even a breast augmentation procedure – because she looks stunning!

Dana Loesch Plastic Surgery Before After Pic

However, no evidence is available anywhere to suggest that she might have opted to go under the knife – her before and after photos are also not helping prove it. It is pretty hard to comment or even gauge whether she has actually undergone plastic surgery or not since she looks smashing anyway and always. Her fans believe that she is already naturally gorgeous and blessed with a “hot bod“, so why would she ever need plastic surgery.

Update On Her Health

As we have mentioned before, there is no news to suggest that Dana Loesch is unwell in 2023 – she is absolutely healthy and fine. The rumors about her being unwell stemmed from her 2019 sinus surgery when she was hospitalized. But she is now all hale and hearty, and there is nothing really for her fans to feel concerned about her health today.

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