Chloe Ting Plastic Surgery Rumors. Her Weight Loss And Fitness Plans

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People are talking a lot about YouTuber Chloe Ting plastic surgery. The YouTuber is quite famous for her weight loss and fitness plans. Chloe Ting has changed a lot but it is not due to any cosmetic surgery but due to her fitness regime.

If you are a devoted fan of fitness and take your daily exercises very seriously, you must already know who Chloe Ting is. For the uninitiated, Chloe Ting is a hugely popular certified fitness trainer with a mission to make fitness and health easily accessible to everyone. She has more than a whopping 24 million subscribers on her YouTube channel. But she gained tremendous popularity after her TikTok workout post went viral during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Chloe is a NASM-certified fitness professional, and her at-home workout programs and online Pilate classes are hugely sought-after, with massive viewership. From every possible kind of at-home exercise and Pilates program to bodyweight training and Pelotons, you can find them all on her channel Chloe’s Addiction. She originally hails from Brunei but is based out of Singapore at present.

Before moving to Singapore, Chloe lived in Melbourne in Australia, and completed her graduation from Monash University. It was only a couple of years ago, in 2021, that Chloe relocated to Singapore.

Chloe is one of the most sought-after fitness training professionals today. Many of her young fans also idolize her for her curvy build, perfect tiny waist, and her impressive height, especially her flawless derriere. But now, people seem to be suspicious of Chloe going under the knife to achieve her “perfect” body.

Did she undergo plastic surgery? Let us read on to find out the truth. 

Chloe Ting Plastic Surgery Rumors

During the initial days of her fame, people could not stop talking about her and the effectiveness of her workout programs. But with time, her followers realized it is impossible to achieve her kind of physique by simply working out. They began doubting the genuineness of her exercises and started suspecting that she might have done plastic surgery to look more curvaceous and toned.

Very few people who are fitness freaks do not know Chloe Ting – she is that famous! As she rose to fame, people could not help but appreciate her dedication to the cause of fitness and wellbeing and how well she maintains her figure. Her body, with its perfect toning, curves, and volumes, looked too much perfect, something only God can create.

She is blessed with envious curves, a tiny waist, perfectly round and toned butts, and a generous bust line. Chloe can well be an example of an hourglass figure, a dream shape for women since time immemorial. 

But with time, people realized that if something looks too good to be true, it is. And that is how rumors of her plastic surgery started doing the rounds. Her followers suspect that her derriere or butt is fake, that she got implants to achieve a peachy perfect shape. And perhaps, her flawless curves are also “bought”, not real. 

Interestingly Chloe, unlike many other celebrities suspected of plastic surgery, published a video on her YouTube addressing these speculations. She denied getting under the knife to attain her lean and svelte physique and stated that her derriere is also natural and real! Her toned butts are a result of powerful exercise routines and not plastic surgery.

Chloe Ting Fitness Trainer
Chloe Ting Fitness Trainer Source: Instagram: Instagram / Chloe Ting

Okay, she is dedicated to her fitness regimen, so she might be granted the benefit of the doubt for having a perfectly sculpted body. But if not her body, fans seem very sure that Chloe has undergone cosmetic surgery on her face. She used to have much thinner lips before, and her face was simple and slim.

But now her lips look much fuller, and her plumped-up cheeks make her face appear bigger than before. Fans observe that she now has that “typical Instagram face” that seems to be a viral trend nowadays.

But Chloe has not addressed or acknowledged these conjectures as yet.

Her Fitness And Weight Loss Plans

If you have ever watched any of Chloe Ting’s vlogs, you will know that her most popular exercises include mainly planks, squats, and crunches. Chloe’s training programs are primarily designed to promote weight loss. But she also consistently encourages her viewers to religiously exercise and maintain a proper healthy diet. She has also pointed out that her workout routines are not for those with injuries or any kind of gastrointestinal problems. 

Aligning with her goal to make fitness accessible to all, she creates simple workout plans that are also affordable and effective. Some of her exercise programs can also be availed free of cost. All of them are designed to help people lose weight or achieve a toned, fit build.

You first need to pick a challenge – there are various challenges or workout programs of varying durations available on her channel. The focus of each of these programs is different – one addresses weight loss, while another focuses on getting toned; and their durations also vary, some lasting for a month. But Chloe’s fame credits will go to her “Two Week Shred Challenge” program, which is more intense than the others and only 2 weeks in duration.

After registering for a specific challenge of choice, there is a calendar to guide you throughout the program. It contains links to videos that include a variety of exercises you need to follow as you move towards your fitness goals. The exercises can take 20 minutes to 1 hour every day, helping you maximize your physical potential and energy.

Each program comprises a combination of low-impact, high-impact, and normal variants of exercises that focus on different body zones. Interestingly, Chloe’s challenges seem simple but are quite rigorous, even for those who exercise regularly. She has also included HIIT exercise programs to help achieve maximum intensity in minimum time.


Chloe Ting’s “Two Week Shred Challenge” program not only catapulted her to stardom but also helped millions of people all over the world, stay fit even from the confines of their homes during the 2020 lockdown. Those who follow her workout programs have also acknowledged their effectiveness in boosting stamina and fitness. Well, plastic surgery or not, Chloe Ting’s commitment to fitness and empowering others to stay healthy, cannot be denied.

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