Melanie Martinez Weight Gain, Cancer, Plastic Surgery, And Health


Melanie Martinez weight gain speculations are on the rise after some of her recent live performances. Apart from her weight gain, there are a lot of rumors about the singer’s health. All are decoded in detail.

Melanie Martinez who is a popular American singer is about to release her third album “Portals” on the 31st of March, 2023. Recently on 17th March a teaser from her song “Death” was released. She has been sharing some pictures from her new album on her Instagram account lately. Pictures show a new pink color four-eyed creature coming out of eggs.

Lately, there are a lot of speculation and rumors on the internet about Melanie Martinez’s health from her weight gain to pregnancy to plastic surgery to cancer. So, as a women’s health promoter, we decided to decode all these rumors about this amazing and talented woman.

Melanie Martinez Weight Gain, Pregnancy, And Binge Eating Disorder Rumours

There were a lot of rumors recently about Melanie Martinez’s pregnancy but they all seem just rumors as we have not found any proof of her being pregnant in our research. Recently Melanie was at Lollapalooza, Argentina performing live on 18th March wearing her weird creature suits from her about-to-release album Portals.

In this costume, 27 years old American singer was definitely looking a little bulky. And after comparing some recent pictures from her old pictures, we noticed some weight gain. Not that much but there were some pounds gained by Melanie Martinez.

You can too compare the below before and after images of Melanie Martinez.

Source: Instagram / Melanie Martinez

And when we talk about Melanie’s eating disorder in our research we found a forum for support of eating disorders where people can talk with other about Eating Disorders and learn more about them. So, in the forum, we found a thread dedicated to Melanie Martinez’s eating disorder.

In the forum, we didn’t find any evidence about Martinez’s eating disorder but found some interesting conversations. To prove the point that Martines is suffering or have been suffered from an eating disorder, the person shared some images and also quoted about the types of songs she writes and sings.

The person in the forum said,

"Most of her songs reference body image or food, when you're not eating enough you become obsessed with food and can't think of anything else. She also acts very childish, which is usually indicative of childhood trauma.

But we never heard anything from Melanie herself about her eating disorder. So, nothing can be said confidently about her this health issue until she herself confirms anything.

Melanie Martinez Cancer

In a straight answer, we would like to tell you that no, Melanie Martinez doesn’t suffer from cancer nor she was suffering from it in 2019. We did a lot of research and found something on this topic. Actually, the confusion started from the name. Some other female with the same name Melanie Martinez was diagnosed with some serious health issues.

On September 15th, 2017, the mother of 10-year-old (2017) Melanie Martinez set up a fundraiser for her daughter on GoFundMe.Com. And that link was shared on various social media handles and the confusion started from there due to the same name. And the singer Melanie Martinez didn’t suffer from any cancer.

Melanie Martinez Plastic Surgery

There were rumors on various social media platforms about the singer undergoing a knife for plastic surgery. There might be some changes in her facial feature but that can be the result of some weight gain and nothing more. We haven’t noticed much change in her that can prove that she had plastic surgery.

So, Melanie Martine’s plastic surgery is just a rumor.

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We tried to decode many health rumors about the famous female singer Melanie Martinez. She might have gained some weight but didn’t suffer from cancer nor undergone any plastic surgery. Right now in 2023 on March 31 her new album is about to release and she looks completely healthy.


Did Melanie Martinez Gain Weight?

After Comparing Her Before After Pictures, We Did Notice That She Might Have Gained Some Pounds.

Did Melanie Martinez Suffered Cancer?

No, She Did Not. But A Kid Named Melanie Martinez Was Suffering From Health Issue And Her Account Was Set Up On GoFundMe.Com And The Same Name Created All The Confusion.

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