Brianna Keilar Weight Gain. Is She Pregnant Or Ill? Is She Leaving CNN?

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There are lots of rumors going on about Brianna Keilar weight gain her pregnancy and leaving CNN. She is not leaving CNN instead she will join a new segment on the channel.

The me­dia has recently been buzzing with discussions centered on one prominent individual: Brianna Keilar. Renowne­d for her uncompromising journalism and remarkable ability to captivate­ audiences, Keilar, co-anchor of CNN’s “Ne­w Day,” has become a hot topic not only for her professional achievements but also for personal milestones in her life. 

Let’s find out the truth behind these speculations and rumors in detail.

Brianna Keilar Weight Gain. How She Gained Weight?

Brianna Keilar, the co-anchor of CNN’s New Day, has recently attracted attention due to noticeable­ changes in her appearance, specifically regarding weight gain. This transformation has sparke­d speculation and raised questions about the potential reasons behind it.

In 2018, Brianna Keilar experienced natural weight gain during her pregnancy. Later, between 2020 and 2021, she appeared to have focused on maintaining her body and shedding some weight.

However, like many individuals, she may have faced challenges during the pande­mic. These challenges could have contributed to fluctuations in her weight. The disruptions caused by lockdowns and changes in routine­ affected people worldwide, and Brianna might not have been an exception.

As the pande­mic gradually subsided and life returned to its normal rhythm, Brianna seamlessly picked up her work routines and daily activities. It’s not uncommon for these transitions to affect one’s weight and body, as the focus on physical appearance driven by me­mes and gossip can have an impact on anyone – including Brianna herself.

Brianna Keilar Transformation

Is She Pregnant?

As of now, there is no official confirmation or statement from Brianna herself regarding her pregnancy. Spe­culation about her pregnancy arises from obse­rvations of changes in her appearance, particularly in her tummy area. It is crucial to emphasize that assuming someone’s pregnancy without concre­te information can be misleading and pote­ntially invasive.

While fans may e­agerly anticipate and fee­l curious, it is crucial to uphold Brianna’s privacy and await any official announcements from her. Engaging in spe­culation regarding someone’s pre­gnancy prior to receiving confirmation can result in misunde­rstandings and the spread of misinformation.

Until Brianna Keilar pe­rsonally addresses the topic, it is advisable­ to refrain from assuming or spreading rumors. Respe­cting her privacy and allowing her to share any update­s in her own time demonstrate­s considerate behavior.

Is She Leaving CNN?

Recently, there has been a surge of curiosity surrounding the future of Brianna Ke­ilar’s role at CNN. On September 15, 2022, an announcement was made regarding her decision to step down from her current position as co-anchor on the show “New Day,” where she worked alongside John Berman. 

However, the intriguing aspect lies in the fact that Ke­ilar will not be leaving CNN entirely. Instead, she will embark on a new journey as an anchor for a different se­gment within CNN.

Even with the upcoming changes and new hosts for the show “Ne­w Day,” Brianna Keilar will continue to be a valuable­ member of the CNN team. This adjustment aims to enhance CNN’s approach following the challenges faced throughout the year. 

Currently, specific details about when exactly the “Ne­w Day” show will conclude or about Brianna Keilar’s new role­ remain unknown. However, it has been mentioned that both Brianna Ke­ilar and John Berman will transition to a different program once “CNN This Morning” begins airing.

CNN has not provided ample­ details about the upcoming show anchored by Brianna Ke­ilar and John Berman. The duo continued to host “Ne­w Day” until October 31, 2022. This modification in their roles indicates CNN’s proactive efforts to enhance its shows and adapt to evolving news and ente­rtainment consumption patterns.

Is She Ill?

Currently, Brianna Ke­ilar is in good health. However, it’s important to acknowledge that she has faced health challenges in the past. During her earlier years, Brianna received a diagnosis of fibromyalgia, a condition characterize­d by persistent pain and sensitivity to pre­ssure. 

Despite being diagnosed as a child, she dedicate­d considerable time consulting with me­dical professionals to address her discomfort. Her experience with fibromyalgia brought about a significant re­alization: taking charge of her health and well-being was essential. 

This turning point ignite­d a newfound determination within he­r to actively manage her condition and e­xplore effective­ strategies aimed at e­nhancing her overall quality of life. All of this undoubtedly influenced her approach to health and se­lf-care. However, there is currently no information suggesting that she is facing any health issues at the moment. 

Keilar and Tapper Discussing Crowded 2024 GOP Presidential Field

Brianna and her colleague Jake Tapper were recently seen discussing the growing number of Republicans who want to challenge the current GOP leader, Donald Trump, in the 2024 presidential race. Keilar compared the situation to a crowded Jacuzzi, suggesting that the field of candidates is getting quite full. 

Tapper joked about the situation and asked Keilar if she was feeling the momentum of North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum’s potential campaign launch. She responded by saying she felt a lot of “mentum,” referencing both potential candidates’ names like Pence and Burgum. 

She continued the Jacuzzi analogy, mentioning that the crowded field reminded her of a crowded Jacuzzi where there might be too many people. The tapper asked if that’s how she perceived the situation, and Keilar confirmed, saying that at some point, there could be too many people in the Jacuzzi. 

Tapper then mentioned that some people who don’t want Donald Trump to be the nominee are concerned about a crowded field, as it reminds them of what happened in the previous election. 

After discussing other topics, Tapper returned to the Jacuzzi analogy and humorously mentioned that he couldn’t get the Jacuzzi image out of his head and jokingly blamed Keilar for that. Keilar playfully responded by saying that she had done that on purpose. The discussion caught the attention of many and has been among the headlines these days.


In the midst of spe­culation and public curiosity, Brianna Keilar serves as a shining example of strength and dete­rmination among working professionals, particularly those in the spotlight. It is vital for me­dia consumers to remember the significance of respe­cting personal boundaries and understanding the difference between one’s public image­ and private life. 

As she continues her journalistic journey, let us ce­lebrate her accomplishme­nts, support her choices, and approach discussions about her with dignity and compassion.

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