Project Runway’s Brittany Allen Weight Loss 2023 And Stroke Details.

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Project Runway’s Brittany Allen Weight Loss. The fashion reality show’s Brittany Allen has lost a few pounds and looks very different.

If you are keenly interested in the latest designer labels, styles, and new launches, chances are high that you are also a fan of Bravo’s Project Runway. With its first-ever season premiere in December 2004, with 12 fashion designers in tow, Project Runway was a smash hit reality show that soon became a high-profile platform for designers to establish their careers in fashion. This year, Project Runway announced its milestone twentieth season. Brittany Allen was the most favorite contestant of viewers in Season 18 of Project Runway. She is a fashion designer based in Austin, Texas. Brittany is also the creative director and CEO of her own label “Brittany-Nicole”, which she founded in 2013 in Arkansas. Later in 2015, she moved to Austin and shifted her base of business there. 

Brought up in Arkansas, Brittany has been interested in fashion since her childhood. She completed her graduation with a Bachelor of Science in Apparel Studies from the University of Arkansas. After that, she went for her degree in Masters of Fine Arts from Savannah College of Art and Design located in Georgia and worked as an intern at Betsey Johnson and ASSA Fashion Show. Later on, she also completed her Doctor of Philosophy program in Design at Iowa State University.  

Brittany Allen From Project Runway

Contestants get a single opportunity to make the first and lasting impression on Project Runway. And Brittany Allen was successful in garnering a huge fan following and made the most of her opportunity on this TV series. She gained recognition for her designs featuring contemporary, ready-to-wear outfits and swimwear.

Her design blends contemporary fashion sensibilities in activewear with a focus on sustainability. All of her design items were manufactured sustainably in Austin, Texas. Brittany was selected for Project Runway after she auditioned for this hit reality show in 2019. She has now returned to this series for its twentieth season in June 2023. 

The current, i.e., season 20 of Project Runway, is the All-Stars season that sees the comeback of 14 previous contestants who had missed the title during their respective seasons. This season will offer them another grand chance to claim the series title. 

Brittany could not make it to the finals in Season 18 despite being a fan favorite on the TV show. This time, she makes her comeback on the same stage in Season 20 with the same host and mentor, Christian Siriano.

Brittany Allen Weight Loss. How Did She Lose Weight?

While fans are all tuned to watching the current Season 20 of Project Runway, Brittany Allen’s remarkable weight loss has grabbed their attention. During her last stint in Project Runway Season 18 in 2019, Brittany used to weigh 150 pounds. But some sources suggest that she shed almost a whopping 22 pounds after the show! 

During her interview on The Sarah Scoop Show, Brittany said that since high school, she would never find anything to wear that nicely fit her. While she was shooting for the reality show, she was between 150 and 155 pounds, but from the first to the twelfth episode, there was a difference in her weight by almost 22 pounds!

Brittany Allen Before After

She explains her weight loss, saying that she got extremely caught up in her work and designs. She was so engrossed in her work that she often skipped lunch and did not even notice it. But she clarifies that skipping meals was never intentional; it just happened while she concentrated on her designs. She would mostly drink protein shakes since that was quick and kept her full for a long time. So she was not really starving.

During the pandemic, she gained a lot of weight drinking alcohol with her husband, Derek Allen. Her weight shot up to 180 pounds then! But later on, she gradually started caring for health – and instead of wine, she started drinking protein shakes. It also helped her manage her time between her hectic work days.

After the pandemic, she signed up for strength training classes 5 days a week and used to go for 1 or 2 rides a week. She continued with her workouts, and finally, by October 2022, after shedding 50 pounds, she came down to 130 pounds.

Her Heart Attack- Stroke Details

In one of her interviews, Brittany Allen spoke about her horrific experience of getting a stroke on a flight when she was only 29.

She was traveling to Austin from LA on a plane, and in mid-flight, out of the blue, she suffered a stroke. When the flight landed after 2 hours, as everyone stood up to get off the plane, she could not move an inch and found that she was unable to balance herself straight.

The pilot called 911, after which she was admitted to the hospital, where investigations revealed she had had a stroke. This came as a major shock to her since she had no underlying health conditions and used to exercise regularly. She was absolutely healthy till the stroke paralyzed her on the right side of her body. 

Even after days, she could not move her right hand to pick up objects, she could not climb the stairs, or even smile since the right side of her face was not functioning normally. She used to feel very depressed about her state. But after months of visits to her neurologist, and intensive physical therapy for 10 hours a day, she fully recovered under the guidance of Jess King and John Michael Di. She attended rehab, which helped her recover in about six weeks and improved her quality of life.

This sudden unfortunate stroke had altered her outlook on life. She started appreciating the little things in life.


 Brittany Allen, along with her amazing fashion design talent, is exemplary in her struggles in life. Her battle with obesity and the sudden stroke could not deter her from creating the life of her choice. As her ardent fans, we all hope she strikes gold this season on Project Runway and emerges the winner.

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