Sarah Young Illness. “Jesus Calling” Authors’ Obituary, Cancer, And Death.

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Recently people have been speculating a lot about “Jesus Calling” author Sarah Young illness. There has been rumors about her death but she is healthy, fine, and alive in 2023.

Sarah Young is a New York Times bestselling author recognized for her deeply spiritual books and journals. Her religious compositions, namely Jesus Listens and Jesus Calling, have sold over 40 million books globally. Her writing, Jesus Calling, has already been featured on all of the top lists of bestselling books.

Sarah’s devotional compositions are an outcome of her daily personal reflections while she reads the Bible, prays, and writes in religious journals every day. She and her husband, Stephen Young, were missionaries in Australia and Japan for many years. 

Stephen’s birthplace is Tokyo, and Sarah was born in the USA in Tennessee. The two met while they were attending the Covenant Seminary, and after they completed their respective programs, they got married in the year 1977. Sarah and Steve Young are proud parents to two married children and loving grandparents to four grandchildren. 

Sarah and Steve have spent more than eight years in Japan, where they were engaged in church planting under the World Presbyterian Missions and the Mission To the World which is an evangelical organization that sends missions as part of the Presbyterian Church of America. In 1987, they started working with the Mission To North America with the Westminster Japanese Church in Atlanta, Georgia.

After many years, recently, devotional readers are enquiring about Sarah Young and her health. What has happened to Sarah? Let us find out below.

Sarah Young Illness? Suffering From Cancer?

Sarah Young has set quite an example in building a highly successful brand without involving herself in any promotional affairs for her book launches or interviews. When it comes to answering questions for interviews, her publicist does it, that too, via emails. Such is her low-key involvement with anything to do with the media. But there are a couple of reasons for this.

Sarah’s location in Perth is pretty remote, which explains why she is most often unreachable. Besides, she has been reportedly suffering from a health condition known as Lyme Disease. 

Her battle with Lyme Disease has been going on since its diagnosis back in the year 2009 when she was in the USA. She had to spend six months in the US where she underwent intensive treatment. Unfortunately, even after undergoing such expensive treatments for months, no substantial improvement was observed in Sarah’s health condition. Along with Lyme Disease, she is also known to have been suffering from a chronic case of dizziness. 

Lyme Disease is a bacterial infection that is transmitted to human beings when a tick (insect), that has been carrying the bacteria, bites or stings. Symptoms of this condition include severe joint pain, rash, headache, fever, fatigue, and swollen lymph nodes in some cases. This ailment can be treated using antibiotics, but some symptoms might still linger even after treatment. The US alone reports about 30,000 cases of Lyme Disease to the CDC every year.

Her battle with these health conditions inspired Sarah Young to write her book Jesus Today, which contains first-person communications from Christ, similar to the previous devotional books by this author. The author says that she is pretty certain that had she been free of these ailments, she could never write these books. These books are all about her own journey from the depths of depression to the light of hope.

Is Sarah Young Dead Or Alive In 2023?

News of Sarah Young’s health has generated curiosity among the people for many years now. This is only proof of how beautifully she has been able to reach out to people and win their hearts despite being off the media attention.

After undergoing years of treatment for Lyme’s Disease and vertigo, Sarah Young is now much better in terms of her health. She has been living in Perth in the western part of Australia, along with her husband Steve Young.

To date, her devotional novels namely, Jesus Lives and Dear Jesus, together have sold more than 6.5 million copies.

Her Book “Jesus Calling”

Jesus Calling: Enjoying Peace In His Presence, authored by Sarah Young, became the New York Times bestseller after selling more than 30 million books across the world as of 2015. It was first made available to readers back in the year 2004 and was based totally on the author’s sufferings and experiences. But as word spread about this devotional book, it instantly became a sensation through simply word-of-mouth publicity and went on to sell over 5 million prints. Byron Williamson published it via Integrity Publishers, located in Brentwood, Tennessee. 

This book covers Sarah Young’s personal spiritual journey over 365 days and aims to empower the reader to develop a deeper connection with Jesus Christ.

In one of her rare interviews, author Sarah Young said that it all started after she read the book “God Calling”, which was authored by two women who claimed to practice waiting in the presence of God, writing down the received messages in first-person as they kept listening. Sarah wondered if she could also receive communication from God, like them, while she prayed. She believed that God communicates via the Holy Bible, but what would God tell her directly? Her will to find that out intrigued her to try “listening” to God’s messages and write them down on paper. 

She clarifies that, of course, she was not trying to find any audible voice – she sought the “small voice” in stillness that came from God’s presence in her heart and mind.

Sarah’s authorship also includes other devotionals like Jesus Always, Jesus Listens, Jesus Lives, Dear Jesus, and Jesus Calling Bible Storybook, intended to help readers connect with the Lord deeply.


Sarah Young is a celebrated author among readers who are keen on devotional compositions. She has received hundreds of invitations as a speaker, courtesy of her status as a New York Times bestselling author. And the readers’ interest in her latest releases keeps mounting, creating a higher demand for her prints. But despite all this buzz, Sarah Young has always chosen her privacy and insists on keeping a low profile.

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