Adriana Lima’s Weight Gain And Weight Loss Details.

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Adrina Lima’s weight gain is always a matter of talk for her fans. The supermodel has gained a lot of weight throughout the years and especially during her pregnancies.

Hello, folks in this article today we will cover Adriana Lima’s Weight Gain story. Many people, more frequently celebrities under public scrutiny are often expected to look a certain way. With the ease of interacting with one another on social media, online bullying, and criticizing have regrettably become even more common. One such celebrity who is always being targeted for her weight gain is Adriana Lima.

This former Victoria’s Secret angel is one of the most successful models who has often spoken about how pregnancy and childbirth affected her body. She has managed to bounce back to great shape in the past following her pregnancies but the journey has never been simple. 

Who is Adriana Lima? 

Adriana is considered to be one of the most beautiful models of all time in the world. Adriana Lima is a Brazilian supermodel who is popularly known for being associated with Victoria’s Secret. She was a Victoria’s Secret Angel from 1999 to 2018, making her one of the most valuable and longest-running models. She has also worked with several brands such as Maybelline, Desigual, Puma, Kia Motors, etc. in the past and even served as a brand ambassador for a few. She is one of the highest-paid models in the world. Apart from her modeling career, she also had her fair share of acting by starring in How I Met Your Mother, Ocean’s 8, etc. 

Adriana Lima is known for her dedication to work which can be seen in her daily routine. She has mentioned how her diet and workout become extreme as she approaches her show dates and that she is often criticized for it by a few. In response to her critics, she said, “I know it’s very intense but I just have an athlete’s mind and I appreciate doing this thing. It’s not that I do crazy diets throughout the year. I just do it for this particular thing. After this show, I become normal again.”

Adriana Lima’s Weight Gain/Did she gain weight?

As per pictures seen on her Instagram account, Adriana Lima seemed to have put on some weight. The main reason for this is her pregnancy. Adriana Lima gave birth to her third child in August 2022, following which she has been constantly subjected to questions about her weight gain. She has also reported having put on some weight during her previous pregnancies as well, which is quite natural, but had managed to get back into shape later. 

Weight gain during pregnancy is completely natural, and most women are expected to put on 11 to 16 kgs (numbers may vary depending on the person’s daily routine and diet) throughout pregnancy. A number of factors cause weight gain during pregnancy, a few of which include: 

  • Growth of breast tissue 
  • Increasing fetal size
  • Increase in blood volume 
  • Increase in the size of the uterus 

All these events take place as a preparatory mechanism of the mother’s body to the fetus so as to optimally support its growth. However, after the baby is delivered, the body gradually begins to lose weight. 

Adriana Lima had taken to Instagram to give us a peek into how her training routine looked merely weeks after she gave birth to her child, Valentina. She weighed 60 pounds more than usual and was determined to train for an upcoming show. She affirmed that being in her profession is much harder than it might seem to others. 

“My job puts me under such big pressure to look a certain way.” She once shared in her Instagram post. 

Adriana Lima’s Weight Gain-Diet

Currently, Adriana Lima’s Weight Gain story is in the buzz, but Adriana is a healthy eater and focuses greatly on her calorie consumption and the quality of food she takes. One golden tip she has for all moms who are looking to lose weight is to cut down on sugars and oily products as they contribute significantly to weight gain. Instead of using sugar, she adds honey to her morning coffee and consumes dark chocolate or a buckwheat beverage to cater to her sweet tooth. 

Adriana Lima has always been known for her strict diet and disciplined training routine. She has apparently only consumed fluids before her VS show and completely abstained from food and drinks twelve hours before the event. While she agreed that such measures that she takes for her shows are extreme, she also made it clear that she only does it once in a while when her work demands her to look a certain way. On other days, she consumes a fulfilling, healthy meal packed with loads of veggies and meat that are either steamed or grilled.


Adriana Lima has mentioned in several interviews that she works out for about 90 minutes a day and her training includes a combination of cardio and strength training. Most of the time, she is found boxing as it is one of her favorite activities. Beyond the time spent in the gym, she emphasizes the importance of leading a physically active life which contributes significantly to weight management and staying fit. She frequently engages in outdoor activities like swimming, biking, and other sports to keep her pulse on. 

Adriana Lima Weight Loss

After a long time of putting on weight, it seems like finally Adriana Lima is set to lose weight recently. In her recent photos from Instagram, we can easily notice that the beautiful mode has shaded some pounds and coming back to her old and bold looks. However, there is no confirmation from the star yet. We are yet to wait for the official statement from Adriana and hope she gets back in her real shape soon.


Adriana Lima had put on some weight during her third pregnancy in 2022 and ever since then, she has been subjected to public scrutiny over her weight gain. While it is natural to put on weight during pregnancy, it is not always easy for many women to lose that excess weight after giving birth. Adriana often recalls several occasions where she had to get back to the gym merely weeks after giving birth so she could be prepared for her shows. This level of commitment to work is truly commendable and demands a lot of physical and mental strength. 

Adriana is an advocate of leading a healthy and fit life and always emphasizes eating nutritious food. Apart from logging those hours in the gym, she likes to be physically active throughout the day. She enjoys outdoor activities such as swimming, biking, boxing, etc., all of which help her manage weight. 

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