Jennifer Love Hewitt Weight Gain. Is Maddie From 911 Pregnant?

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Jennifer Love Hewitt Weight Gain and her pregnancy are fascinating topics for people after seeing her character Maddie Buckley pregnant in Fox’s 9-1-1. Actually, she was pregnant while filming for the show in 2021.

Jennifer Love Hewitt is an actress and singer from the United States who never fails in surprising her fans. Along with all the other great achievements that could be thought of her, she has always been known on social media because of her incredible body transformations. From being fit and a beautiful woman known for her amazing roles in “The Heartbreakers” and “The Tuxedo” to actually carrying her weight post-pregnancy with pride, the actress’s transformation has rendered her fans speechless.

Born on the 21st of February in 1979, she was brought up in Central Texas. The 44-year-old American actress has always made her mark for her changing body appearance. To add on, her strong opinions and her stand on her body only prove her self-love! She takes an unquestionable stand on her body when her fans actually question her regarding the same! The nasty comments and harsh talks have no say regardless of how well they are articulated.

What Might Have Made Jennifer Love Hewitt Gain Weight? Her Story!

Jennifer Love Hewitt weight gain had been the talk of the town not only in recent times but also even decades ago. It was while she was on her vacation in 2008, that she was starting to get attention for her weight gain. She was having a great time in Hawaii when social media was focussing on her weight gain.

Let alone the fun aspect, these comments that showered across her social media only made the actress devastated. Being utterly shocked, she was disappointed with how the international media treated her.

Not just that, she responded to the social media saying that she was comfortable and that this weight gain did not really impact her. She was absolutely fine with it. On the face of it, Jennifer looked incredibly cool, however, on the inside, it appeared that she was deeply saddened. Following this she hired a personal trainer, Stevie Sant’Angelo who helped her lose about 14 pounds of her weight in just 10 weeks.

Despite her body transformations, to the comments that kept pouring on her social media, Jennifer made bold statements saying that size really did not matter! For people who are with figure 0, does not mean that they are always beautiful. She also claimed that having a size 2 wasn’t really fat and for her, that appeared normal.

Jennifer Love Hewitt Weight Gain

Rumors About Jennifer Love Hewitt Pregnancy And Childbirth.

Jennifer Love Hewitt Pregnancy rumors started from her show 911. Actually, she was pregnant in 2021 while filming the show. It is a great coincidence!

Jennifer deeply believed in having a wonderful marriage and starting a family. She has been married to Brian Hallisay since 2013. Hallisay is an American actor. The couple starred together in the movie, The Client List, in 2010.

The star couple is blessed with 3 lovely children. Their first child, a daughter, Autumn James was born in 2013. Though the actress gained remarkable weight following her pregnancy, she always embraced motherhood. She loved the journey of being a mom and tried her best to keep the negative talks about her body weight at bay.

She was often criticized and compared with other celebrities who could bounce back to their normal weight after pregnancy. Jennifer took time off and she completely shifted her focus to the newborn. She responded to the media by saying that her focus was entirely on her child and there is never a mad rush to lose the extra pounds that she gained during her pregnancy.

Ironically, she was praised for her bold statement and fans showered her with love following her response. She also admitted that losing weight after pregnancy was never easy on her. Sometimes, the negative trolls tricked her mind and made her believe that there was something wrong with what she was doing. While all the other celebrities were successful in losing weight, she fell behind in the race. This is when she reached out for support!

Jennifer Love Hewitt Before After

Who Do You Think Supported Jennifer in Her Weight Loss Journey?

It was none other than her daughter, Autumn. The little one accompanied her actress mom for her workout sessions in the mornings. While Autumn really loved the music and the vibe, Jennifer was actively working out by carrying her daughter while doing squats. When holding the little one wasn’t possible, Jennifer put the little one on the chair and left her to watch her mother work out. The duo loved each other’s company. Autumn helped her mother actively by being a constant source of support in her weight loss journey.

After having her daughter, she continued her acting from 2014-2015. This was when she played the role of Kate Callaghan. After this, she started to embrace her motherhood again. Jennifer also gave birth to two other kids after Autumn. Atticus James, their son was born in 2015. Aidan James, their last child was born in September 2021.

Though Jennifer was having an on-and-off career in the industry, the actress made a major comeback. It was only in 2019 that Jennifer was welcomed by the industry by playing the role of Maddie in Fox’s 9-1-1.

What Is Her Experience With the Character ‘Maddie’ in the 9-1-1 Fox?

Jennifer was pregnant with her third child while filming the 9-1-1 show. She played the role of Maddie but she couldn’t make it to all the days and wanted several days off. This was because of her pregnancy. Her third pregnancy was almost like a surprise to her. Her fans really missed her the most when she could not make it to the end! Regarding her third child, Jennifer told People,

"We had always been open to a third, but definitely didn't think in the crazy year that the entire world was having that it would necessarily be this moment. I feel like we've been able to so far raise two really special kids who will be great role models. This has been such a pleasant, beautiful, surprising gift in this time to be able to get to do all that again with another little human."


A perfect example of work-life balance is what Jennifer tried to set for us. She did not give up on any of her roles and tried her best to deliver nothing less than what was expected of us. Even if the opportunities that knocked at her door were comparatively lesser after her third pregnancy, the audience still misses the 9-1-1 show, Maddie. She is imprinted in our hearts and nothing defines a woman of her worth. Should it be pregnancy, it should only uplift the woman and make her more ambitious and strong.

Jennifer set the right example in proving to us that women are capable of so much more than what they see themselves as! After all, if it is a dream, you shouldn’t give up on it quickly. When you’re on the verge of quitting, pause and listen to your heart, it’s just asking for another chance!

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