Ari Fletcher Plastic Surgery. Pregnancy Details, Before-After, And Young Days Pictures.

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Ari Fletcher Plastic surgery is always a matter of talk for her fans and followers. The social media influencer and model Ari Fletcher has accepted undergoing breast lift surgery but apart from that she has denied all other rumors about other surgeries.

Plastic surgeries have become extremely common as people want to achieve their dream body and match it with society’s norms of beauty that are generally accepted as well as appreciated. Celebrities and social media influencers usually talk about their own experience with these procedures which gives rise to both interest and controversy. In this article, we will delve into the story of Ari Fletcher, who is well-known on Instagram for being honest about her own plastic surgery journey. 

She has undergone procedures like a breast lift and a unique surgery called the “permanent bra” which has piqued everyone’s curiosity about other possible treatments such as Botox, nose jobs, and Brazilian Butt Lifts (BBL). We will also talk about the rumors surrounding Fletcher’s pregnancy and the heartbreaking truth that emerged afterward. This will give a clear idea of the personal challenges she has faced while dealing with her increasing fame.

Ari Fletcher Plastic Surgery. Breast Lift And Permanent Bra Surgery

Let’s dive into the plastic surgery journey of Instagram model Ari Fletcher. In one of her Instagram live sessions, the 28-year-old model spilled the beans about her latest enhancements. During her Instagram LIVE, Ari shared her post-surgery experiences, admitting that she underwent a revision to bring her twins closer together. 

She also revealed having a breast lift and the insertion of a “permanent bra” inside her chest, which definitely caused some major discomfort.

Now, let’s talk about the Orbix Breast Supporting System that Ari opted for. It’s when silicone is inserted between breast tissue and muscle, providing a stable and long-lasting lift. Sounds futuristic, right? But the thing is that this system hasn’t yet received the official nod from the FDA. But its rising popularity suggests that breast lifts are gaining more traction in the world of aesthetics.

But wait, what exactly is this “internal bra” that Ari mentioned? It’s like a silicon sheet acting like the cup of a bra, offering support and a gentle boost. However, the internal bra isn’t designed to replace your trusty regular bras. It’s more like a helping hand in achieving the desired look.

Ari Fletcher’s openness about her breast lift and the buzzworthy permanent bra surgery provides a fascinating peek into the ever-evolving realm of plastic surgery. While debates and questions linger about these procedures, it’s evident that individuals like Ari are exploring unique options to achieve their personal aesthetic goals. 

So, whether you’re considering a lift or sticking to your favorite bra, remember that it’s all about embracing your own unique beauty and feeling confident in your own skin!

Ari Fletcher Yong Before After Picture
Image: Instagram / KYLESISTER

Nose Job And Botox

Many eagle-eyed fans and observers have noticed certain changes in her facial features, leading to conjecture about potential cosmetic procedures. One notable transformation that caught attention is Ari’s nose. Some enthusiasts believe that her nose appears more refined and sculpted compared to her earlier photos. 

And while we cannot pinpoint the exact reason for this change without any solid evidence, many people are still conscious that she might have got a nose job done.

Additionally, observers have pointed out the smoothness and youthful appearance of Ari’s skin, raising suspicions of Botox injections. The flawless complexion and absence of visible signs of aging have sparked discussions about whether Ari has undergone such treatments to maintain her radiant look.

Her frank revelations about these procedures, paired with an undeniably changing appearance, have created a whirlpool of interest. While some criticize her decisions, others laud her for pushing the boundaries and setting new trends in the realm of beauty and aesthetics. 

Ariana Fletcher Before After Surgery Looks
Image: Instagram / KYLESISTER

Details About BBL

Observers have taken notice of her shapely posterior, leading to rumors that she may have undergone the Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) procedure, a popular buttock enhancement surgery.

However, she has certainly denied having a BBL and attributes her booty gains solely to hard work at the gym. In fact, back in August 2019, an Instagram medical page claimed that Ari had traveled to Colombia for a complete body makeover, including a BBL. 

It was alleged that renowned Colombian plastic surgeon Dr. Hector Plazas had transformed her physique. The truth, however, came to light a week later when Ari tried on jeans during a review, and her fans noticed her posterior lifting in a rather peculiar way.

Although Ari hasn’t disclosed any specific plastic surgery procedures apart from her admitted breast augmentation, she has been quite candid about her previous surgeries. In May 2020, she openly encouraged her fans to pursue plastic surgery if it would help them achieve the body they desired. However, she emphasized that no fat had been transferred to her buttocks and urged others not to be envious or jealous of her.

Her Pregnancy Details

Ari Fletcher has been at the center of pregnancy rumors, especially after her husband, rapper Moneybagg, posted and deleted a photo of a woman with a baby bump, wearing a stunning diamond ring. 

Now obviously, fans quickly speculated that Ari and Moneybagg were expecting their first child together. However, when Ari went live on Instagram, she neither confirmed nor denied whether it was her in the photo.

Finally, on September 26, 2022, Ari addressed the mysterious photo during an episode of her YouTube cooking show, Dinner With The Don. When people asked her if she was in the photo, she agreed to it but later revealed that she experienced a miscarriage and was no longer pregnant.

This revelation came just weeks after Ari celebrated being featured in Forbes Magazine, expressing her gratitude and joy. The juxtaposition of such exciting professional news with the personal loss she experienced undoubtedly made for a bittersweet time in her life.


Ultimately, Ari’s story provides us with an open and honest glimpse into the ever-changing world of plastic surgery and personal aesthetics. While opinions on cosmetic procedures may vary, one thing remains clear: the significance of feeling self-assured and comfortable in one’s own skin. Ari’s case is a clear example of how interconnected our bodies, choices, and confidence are as we strive to achieve our individual ideals of beauty!

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