Angie Stone Sickness. Is She Dead Or Alive?

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There are a lot of rumours about Angie Stone sickness and her sudden death. A TikTok video started all these rumours. She has been diagnosed with Type-2 diabetes but she is alive, not dead.

In the world of music, Angie Stone has impressed people with her unique style and beautiful voice. She is a renowned R&B artist, who has been an inspiration for fans across the world for several years in a row already. But recently, there have been rumours spreading about her. Numerous sources online have been saying that she has sadly passed away. 

Unfortunately, as expected, these rumours have caused a lot of chaos among the fans on whether or not whatever is being said about this is true. So what is the reality here? Are these just speculations? Let’s go deeper into the current scenario and understand what is really going on with Angie Stone. We will look into her amazing life, her successful career, and her health to uncover the truth behind these rumours!

Who Is Angie Stone?

Angie Stone is a multi-talented American artist known for her soulful singing, songwriting, and acting. With her unique persona as a musician in the R&B, soul, and hip-hop genres. 

Due to this reason, many people agree that she has been able to make a distinct identity for an artist in the music industry, especially during the 1990s and early 2000s. Her powerful vocals, heartfelt lyrics, and ability to evoke raw emotions have garnered her a dedicated fan base.

Stone’s musical journey includes the release of several successful albums that have resonated with audiences worldwide. If we carefully look at the early years of her career, it becomes prominent that she has left an unforgettable impression in the minds of fans with her consistently soulful music.

Is She Dead?

Now, let’s explore the current topic at hand: the question of whether Angie Stone is alive or not. If you stay updated with what’s happening around the world, you might have already known that there have been many speculations around Stone’s alleged death. But the interesting thing to note here is that no official source has confirmed this.

Since there has been no official confirmation, it becomes pretty evident to claim that these are just baseless rumours going around and Angie Stone is alive and completely fine. This is why it is important to avoid jumping to conclusions when there is no confirmation on a certain topic, especially on such sensitive ones.

It’s understandable that fans may feel concerned or curious when such rumours emerge. Fortunately, she is currently active as an artist, sharing her soulful voice and talents with audiences.

Why Did The Rumours Spread?

Now let’s talk about how and why these rumours spread like wildfire in the first place. Apparently, there are multiple reasons for this, mainly including the misinformation circulating online. Since her diabetes diagnosis in 1999, fans have closely followed Stone’s health journey, making her well-being a topic of interest.

It all started with a TikTok video that surfaced, showing Angie in a wheelchair. In the video, she could be seen in a supermarket while someone performed for her. Fans, expressing their concerns, flooded the video’s comment section with messages, which only added more fuel to the speculation.

Adding further to the confusion, a YouTube channel titled Celebs News uploaded a video titled “R.I.P. We Are Very Sad To Report About the TRAGIC DEATH Of ‘R&B’ Singer Angie Stone” on June 4. 

However, the video did not address her supposed death and instead focused on showcasing her career as a singer. This lack of clarification further perpetuated the rumours and created more uncertainty among fans.

Angie Stone Sickness. Details About Her Illness.

Despite the hectic songwriting schedule, she had been dealing with diabetes while maintaining a remarkable level of resilience. However, not many people know that during this period she had been facing multiple health problems, especially after getting diagnosed with diabetes. This also included the consequences of multiple side effects from a medication.

It started in 1999 when she was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. But since she has always been a person who has embraced life’s challenges with determination and courage, she finally decided to confront them and manage her condition. 

To help the situation, she decided to participate in Celebrity Fit Club, a popular TV reality show focusing on weight loss. This eventually proved to be a good decision since she was able to bring things back on track soon after joining it. 

As many would agree, managing chronic health conditions like diabetes requires continuous effort and commitment. By sharing her experiences and participating in shows like Celebrity Fit Club, Angie Stone not only raises awareness about the realities of living with diabetes but also shines as an inspiration for others facing similar health struggles.

Did She Go Through Surgery?

Angie Stone made a major breakthrough in her weight loss journey when she underwent gastric sleeve surgery. It involves removing a portion of the stomach, which reduces its capacity. Due to this, the patient feels full faster, leading to a decrease in calorie intake and promoting weight loss. For Angie, the surgery had a remarkable impact. And this decision helped her lose almost 100 pounds, which brought her weight down to almost 154 pounds.

Latest Update On Her

As of now, there have been no official statements or credible sources online that confirm the passing of Angie Stone. In fact, Angie recently took to her official Instagram account to share a selfie and promote her latest album. 

Alongside the photo, she expressed gratitude for the continuous love and support she has received for her new project, “Love Language.” The picture depicted a lively and healthy-looking singer, providing evidence of her current well-being.


Angie Stone is completely fine and continuing her artistic aspirations as of now. Apparently, false rumours should not overshadow her achievements and the joy she brings to her fans through her music. 

So, let’s not give away much of our attention to these rumours and simply acknowledge her contributions to the music industry. Her artistic prowess and ability to connect with listeners have left a lasting impact. Above all, it’s important to respect her privacy and celebrate her ongoing presence as she blesses us with her graceful aura and soulful music!

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