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Toddlers and Tiaras: Is it Just Another Form of Child Abuse?

I am guilty! Yes, in my office sometimes I forget myself when I meet a new female patient, almost always a child. As I try to establish a rapport (with the child and family) sometimes I will slip and tell the 5 year old in a pink (my favorite color after red), “You are so cute.” Then I internally berate myself for dwelling on the child’s looks instead of exploring other, more important, aspects of her being.

3 Notes

  1. Like it or not. These pageants show us how shllaow the world and people have become Until we stop the media dictating what is beautiful these kids have no hope. I was watching the American Music awards 2010 last night- It was appalling. All these stars made by media- suddenly REAL LIFE real time- them and a microphone- they cant sing at all If they were an item we bought we would return it for a refund. . and say it didn’t work like on the ad. Okay stepping off soap box now.

  2. Agree with everyone. What’s sad is how these panetrs don’t even realize they’re being taken by the big business this is. They pay a lot of money to these pageants, and for what? A cheap plastic trophy? Who do you see in the audience .just the panetrs/grandpanetrs. That’s it. So they get all gussied up, act like brats, to parade around in a little motel conference room in front of other panetrs. I did laugh at that second video, her talking at the end. It was annoying, but funny .I can laugh, I don’t have to live with her.

  3. I don’t buy this for a second! If your little patient were lopsided and unbecoming the sight you would see would be a “cute” “pretty” “sweet” insert your own adjective – the compliment you express is just as much a reinforcement to the child’s self esteem as an exploration of the less obvious attributes. A three year old isn’t going to glow over “my what an extensive lexicon you have” compliment (smile)
    But illustration well taken – we do place an inordinate value on the superficial – yet when speaking of children they are all beautiful. Toddlers and Tiaras – that issue — no doubt child abuse, deterioration of self-esteem and self-worth — why does our society encourage it??


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