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The Inevitable is for Everyone: Your Questions Answered

“I’m not a doctor, so is The Inevitable really for me?”

Yes. The Inevitable is for anyone who is going to need a doctor, ever, because if we don’t take care to make sure that our entire healthcare workforce (soon to be 50% women) is fully, fairly and flexibly integrated into the healthcare workplace, we are in for a real healthcare crisis.

“I’m not a woman, so is The Inevitable really about me?”

Yes. This is not an issue for women only. If your spouse (sister, mother, aunt, cousin, daughter) is a doctor and she is not being treated fairly, or struggling with a hostile work place, you or someone you know will suffer.

By focusing on changing healthcare through the eyes of women physicians, is ETI at risk of losing male support?”

ETI is about the reality that women professionals are here to stay. Taking action to ensure the best healthcare workforce in a healthy healthcare workplace is in everyone’s best interest. The solution to this specific problem greatly affects both men and women – patients and physicians. It is smart medicine and it is smart business.

“How can you feature the story of a guy who is against healthcare reform?”

ETI is a non-political forum. We welcome ideas, insights and inspiration from whomever can provide it. Dr. Scherz and Docs4PatientCare are testaments to what one voice can do when others join in. I don’t care what the mission is. What I do care about is that when physicians raise their voices and become involved, things will happen. We tend to hide in our work. We tend to let others pick up the banners. We tend to stay out of political discourse. I think that time is over. The political gender wars became very personal to me. These wars have to stop, so ETI was created. Dr. Scherz inspired me to go forward, and I hope he inspires you—even if it is to fight his position. Just do it with passion and commitment. He does and so will I.

“Why do you need this website?”

ETI is necessary because the numbers do not translate into co-adaptation and collaboration. The pipeline has been filled for years and the system (and some of those in power) has not yet adapted to the different needs of women professionals. So we haven’t finished solving the problem. It’s time we did. It will take the energies of everyone who is affected by the healthcare system. And that is just about everyone. So unfortunately we do need Expediting The Inevitable. And the sooner we are out of business, the better.

To recap: The Inevitable is a place that brings forward the issues that impact women physicians but are not only women’s issues. Changing the paradigm means partnering with anyone who shares our commitment to the best healthcare for everyone. And that cannot become reality without women docs fully engaged, fully invested, and fully on board. If you buy into that, you are in. As my friend Gloria Feldt has written, “No Excuses!”

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  1. wow! interesting info

  2. You may have not intended to do so, but I think you have managed to express the state of mind that a lot of people are in. The sense of wanting to help, but not knowing how or where, is something a lot of us are going through.

  3. Many questions arose about the social action arm of this endeavor. I wanted to respond and make it as clear as I can. Thanks for asking!

  4. How does this post relate to Expediting the Inevitable?

  5. Good luck in your pursuit for equality Linda!


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