Tammy Slaton Weight Loss 2023. How 1000-lb Sisters’ Star Lost 300 Pounds.


1000-lb Sister Tammy Slaton is known for being overweight. Recently Tammy Slaton weight loss made headlines after her sister Amy Slaton shared a video on TikTok. Tammy Slato’s 300 Pound weight loss is so inspirational.

You might have seen the American reality TV show, 1000-lb sisters. It was a show based on the real life of two overweight sisters  Amy Slaton-Halterman and her sister Tammy Slaton. Tammy’s weight loss journey is completely an inspiration for all those people who have been trying to lose weight for a long time but have not achieved any success in it.

Let’s talk about Tammy Slaton’s amazing weight loss journey of 300 pounds in 2023.

Tammy Slaton Weight Loss

The 1000-lb Sisters‘ star Tammy Slaton Weight Loss is in the news all over the internet nowadays. The buzz started when Tammy Slaton’s sister Amanda Halterman posted a video on her Tiktok in which Amanda, her son, And Tammy were reviewing the Boba Drinks. The main attention of the video was Boba’s drink but Tammy stole everyone’s attention by sitting in the car’s front seat. The viewers were very amazed that how Tammy is now able to sit in the car’s front seat. It’s probably because she has lost a significant amount of weight.

In the video, we can see Amanda, Her son, and Tammy Holding different flavors of Boba drinks for each one. Amanda was holding Strawberry Popping Boba, Tammy had a Double Green Apple. This was the first time Amanda was trying Boba Drinks but Tammy did try it before. When Amanda tried The strawberry for the first time she really made a strange face which simply indicates she did not expect this taste from the drink.

Then Amanda tried the double green apple and said Green apple is good. All three of them tried each other’s drinks to review which one is better, but in the review, people took Tammy sitting in the first seat more attention instead of how Boba drinks tasted or how healthy they are.

People became so much interested in how much weight did Tammy lose to be able to sit in the front seat. Tammy did lose the remarkable weight to fit in that seat.

Tammy Slaton Weight Loss in 1000Lb Sister

On Feb-2023 Tammy leaves Dr. Smith Speechless when she revealed now she weighs under 550 Pounds. The last time when Tammy was on the scale the number was more than 700 and now she has lost Almost 200 Pounds, Which is quite a milestone for her to achieve.

  • In the video of 2:30 minutes, Dr smith and Tammy are connected to each other via video call. The conversation between the two of them was quite impressive.
  • Dr smith started the conversation with the most important question “What is our Weight after all the hard work?”
  • Tammy seemed quite excited to answer the question and tried to play with Dr. Smith by asking, “Do you really wanna know?”
  • Dr. Smith then replied “yes I do wanna know”
  • Tammy replied its under 550 pounds and the reply stunned Dr. and the viewers as well.
  • Then Tammy also revealed her exact weight right now is 534 Pounds.
  • Dr. Smith then replied that “you left me speechless and this is awesome.” then in the background of the video Dr. Smith also shares his views about how he didn’t think that Tammy is going to get near this weight ever but he also tells the audience that “Tammy lose all this weight by herself I didn’t do anything and finally Dr. is excited for her.
  • Viewers can also see Tammy getting emotional at the moment when Dr. says he is proud of her and Tammy replied to dr. “I owe it to you
  • In the background of the video, Tammy also shared that she likes the fact that Dr. Smith is proud of her.
  • Honestly, without him, I Couldn’t do this I wouldn’t be here, I feel like I do owe him my life“- Tammy added.
  • Then Dr. Smith starts to talk about the further procedure for Tammy’s weight loss surgery and makes her understand every obstacle she is going to face to get clearance for her surgery, And If everything is okay, Tammy you are getting your surgery
  • Tammy’s eyes become a little wet as she listens to this news with happiness in her eyes Tammy said: “Bit*hes I got approved for surgery, Even though that is not the final approval I am still proud of myself, I succeeded.

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Tammy Slaton Weight Loss Surgery

In Feb-2023 Tammy achieved her weight loss goal for the weight loss surgery and since then after every test and process for Tammy’s weight loss surgery, in March-2023 Tammy’s weight loss surgery is been finally approved by the surgeons. When Dr. Smith told Tammy’s family that Tammy is finally ready for the surgery, Everyone including Tammy was so much happy for her by saying: “After 4 years of struggling, My hard work has finally paid off.

Dr. Smith also tells them about the post-surgery process. After the weight loss surgery, Tammy has to live in the hospital for a couple of days, And then she has to live in the hotel for a week so doctors can check on her that she is healing ok. Then Dr will send her back to rehab for about a month and if she is doing well she is home free.

The chances of the surgery could wrong are high but Tammy staying in the same position where she is now could be more dangerous for her health and survival as well so the doctors decided to take the risk of the surgery.

The Day Of Tammy Slaton Weight Loss Surgery

On the day of the surgery, Tammy seemed quite nervous and scared about the surgery, The risks of the surgery were high. So anyone in the place of that person would be tensed and scared as well. Everyone in the family of Tammy was available at the hospital to cheer her up, and they did cheer her up well, to make her feel loved and supported. But Tammy also said that she is ready to take the risk of the surgery because she doesn’t wanna live the way she was living, Not able to move, and being sick all the time so it’s a now or never moment for Tammy.

Then Tammy took a drive to the hospital. The surgeons were about remove 80% of Tammy’s stomach and 30% of her small intestine. But before the surgery in the hospital, her family members were trying to make her feel comfortable and telling her the changes gonna happen in her body rapidly after the surgery, so Tammy can be prepared psychologically for the physical changes.

After all the preparations are done for the surgery Dr. Smith came to visit Tammy and he also tries to make her feel comfortable before the surgery. Then in the background, Dr. smith tells the audience that if they don’t do surgery then the chances of living Tammy is not more than 5 years or could be less. The surgery of Tammy is going to be extremely difficult there is no doubt about it. The actual surgery time is about 1:30 hours but if there are any complications then the surgery might take longer to complete.

The surgery of Tammy took about 2 Hours but her surgery was successful. Dr. Smith came out of the operation theater and told everyone that Tammy did it so well and her surgery is successful. The news was such a relief for the whole family and for the viewers as well. Everyone including Tammy’s family and her fans is wishing Tammy well and a speedy recovery.

Tammy Slaton TikTok

Recently Tammy uploaded a new video to her Tiktok. In the video, Tammy was reviewing frozen candies but more than those candies fans have noticed significant weight loss in Tammy after her weight loss surgery.

How Much Weight Does Tammy Slaton Has Lost?

Tammy Slaton from The 1000lb sisters has lost weight around 200 pounds, by dieting, exercising, and walking.

How Much Does Tammy Slaton Currently Weigh?

Before her weight loss surgery, Tammy’s weight was 534 pounds.

Is Tammy Slaton From 1000Lb Sisters Married?

Yes, Tammy tied the knot with her rehab fellow Caleb Willingham in November 2022.

What Is Tammy’s Date Of Birth?

Tammy’s Date of birth is July 27, 1986 (36 Years)

Why Tammy is On Oxygen?

Tammy uses an oxygen cylinder to keep her lungs healthy and strong. During one of her videos in 2022, she share with fans that she won’t be long using the oxygen cylinder soon. “Before I was on 15 liters of oxygen and now I am on 3 liters” Tammy shared with her fans on youtube.

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