Erica Ash Weight Loss, Illness & Health Update. Melanie Presley From ‘We Have A Ghost’ Has Transformed Lately.


Erica Ash Weight Loss. Erica Ash AKA Melanie Presley from ‘We Have A Ghost’ has lost weight. She seems ill and weak in her new look. But illness is not the main reason behind her appearance change. It is something related to her healthy lifestyle routine that we have mentioned in detail.

On Friday, 24th February 2023 family-friendly supernatural horror-comedy “We Have A Ghost” was released on Netflix. As the movie was released on the OTT platform, it got immense love and viewership from the audience. Despite the mixed reviews from critics, the movie is getting a thumbs up from the viewers. After the release of the movie, the cast of “We Have A Ghost” also became the center of attraction.

Erica Ash one of the cast members is one of the most talked about celebrities from the movie. Not because of her acting skills but because of some rumors. Rumors about Erica Ash’s weight loss, illness, and health issues. But before we deep dive into her health updates and talk more about the rumors of her weight loss, Let me tell you some personal life info that you might not know about Erica Ash.

Erica Ash AKA Melanie Presley Of ‘We Have A Ghost’.

Erica Ash was born on September 19, 1977, in Florida to Military personnel parents. She wanted to become a Doctor in her childhood days that’s why she did her graduation from Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia in pre-medicine and prepared to attend medical school.

But a trip to Japan changed her mind. On her Japan trip, Erica did some backup singing and modeling and after that, she made up her mind to do something in the entertainment industry.

After that, she did a lot of TV projects like The Big Gay Sketch Show, MADTV, etc. She also did many roles in various movies like America Judy, Scary Movie 5, Sisiter Code, etc.

Erica Ash Weight Loss

Did Erica Ash has lost some weight? In one word we would say. YES! Yes, Erica Ash has lost some weight. In our extensive research, we found that there is the possibility that Erica has definitely lost some pounds. After comparing her before-after pictures, we come to the conclusion there is a lot of difference in her physique. Now Erica is looking slimmer than in her previous appearances.

Erica has been sharing her fitness pictures on her Instagram. Her fans who regularly follow her updates on social media accounts know that she has gotten in shape already but the people who notice her slim avatar in ‘We Have A Ghost’ became curious about her health.

Are you thinking that Erica Ash’s weight loss is due to any illness We would like to clarify that, no, she is not ill. All the weight she has lost is due to her healthy routine. A healthy diet and regular exercise routine.

Still, if you have any questions regarding Erica Ash’s illness then let us clarify more about the topic.

Is Erica Ash Ill? Her Health Update In 2023

Erica Ash is totally fit and fine. She is not sick. Instead, her weight loss is due to the healthy routine she follows. Erica is quite a health conscious. the rumors about her being sick are just because of her sudden appearance change. She is looking fit and slimmer now in 2023 and after her Netflix movie, people are noticing her weight loss.

Here is the routine, she follows to stay healthy and maintain her weight.

Erica Ash
Erica Ash Image: Instagram/Erica Ash

Erica Ash Healthy Routine

Erica Ash always tries to maintain a healthy routine. Here is the routine she follows and revealed the same in a YouTube video.

  • Morning: Erica gets up early in the morning at 7:00 AM, then she starts her day with prayer and then meditation & yoga. This whole morning process exhausts her so, after that she drinks nice big healthy vegetable juice. The vegetable drink helps her detoxify.
  • Lunch: A smoothie and a quick little meal were thrown together that pretty much represented all of the food.
  • Dinner: In Dinner, Erica Ash likes to have a small curry chicken, carrot soup, and a smoothie.

Erica Ash Before After Weight Loss

Pictures speak thousands of words. You don’t have to say many things when you have images. Here are some of the pictures dedicated to the Erica Ash weight loss journey. Here in these pictures, you can clearly see the transformation of Erica Ash.

Erica Has Definitely Lost Some Weight

In the above before-after image, you can clearly see the difference in Erica’s Jawline. So, it is confirmed that Erica Ash has definitely lost some weight not due to any illness but because of her healthy routine.

Details about her illness and weak health are just rumors. She is not ill and completely fine and fit. She maintains a good and healthy life. And that’s what has helped her in losing weight.


  1. Is Erica Ash Ill?

    No, Erica Ash Is Not ill.

  2. Is Erica Ash Lost Weight Due To Her Illness?

    Erica Ash Lost Weight Not Because Of Her Illness But Because Of Her Healthy Diet Routine.

  3. Is Erica Ash Healthy In 2023?

    Yes, definitely, Erica Ash Is Healthy And Fit In 2023

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