Maneet Chauhan Weight Loss Surgery 2023. Chopped Chef’s Diet And Workout


People have noticed a change in Chopped Chef Maneet Chauhan’s appearance. Everyone wants to know about Maneet Chauhan weight loss secrets. There are even speculations that she might have opted for surgery for weight loss. Here are some detailed analyses of her diet and workout routine.

Maneet Chauhan is a famous Indian American chef and TV personality who started her culinary career with a bachelor’s degree in hotel management from the WelcomGroup Graduate School of Hotel Administration, which is located in Manipal, India. Maneet is known for her trademark global fusion cuisines that have roots in Indian cuisine. 

After graduation, she worked as an apprentice at leading hospitality chains in India, including Taj Group, Oberoi Group, and Sheraton Group, and after that, she enrolled at the Culinary Institute of America in New York. Back in 2000, she was recruited as a part of the management team for a Cherry Hill startup restaurant in New York, where she led a team and expanded the business from only 70 to 140 seats.

Her career path has been strewn with major accomplishments – in 2003 she worked as the opening executive chef of Vermilion restaurant in Chicago.

Chef Chauhan has had her restaurant in Nashville, Tennessee, named “Chauhan Ale And Masala House” since 2014. She also launched her first bestselling cookbook of the title “Flavors of My World: A Culinary Tour Through 25 Countries”, and a second book of recipes. Her latest cookbook released in 2020 contains more than eighty authentic Indian recipes focused on local cuisines and street food. 

However, her journey to stardom began when she appeared on the Food Network’s culinary show “Chopped” and then when she won the 2021 competition on Food Network called “Tournament of Champions”. She garnered widespread popularity all over the world, as a judge on hit cookery shows like “Iron Chef America”, “The Next Iron Chef” and the “Worst Cooks In America” on Food Network.

Chopped Chef: Maneet Chauhan Weight Loss

The public feels that since Maneet Chauhan can stir up the most delectable dishes, it must be pretty tough for her to resist good food and restrict her diet, which leads to weight gain. Though we cannot say that Chef Chauhan was ever overweight, we cannot deny the fact that she has recently undergone a weight loss transformation that is pretty much evident. She leads an extremely hectic lifestyle, so it can be quite tough for busy people like her to find a way to lose weight safely and sustainably.

According to some news sources, Maneet, too, had to overcome various hurdles to zero in on a weight loss plan that would suit her profession, lifestyle, and specific needs. She reportedly found restrictive diet plans such as paleo or keto diet to be unsuitable for her, so she decided to track how many calories she was consuming, for which she used an app. She restricted her daily intake to 1200 calories, which she counted after taking into account two pieces of chocolate and two glasses of wine in her daily calorie count.

This plan allowed her to maintain that much-needed balance without having to sacrifice eating the foods that she enjoyed. Maneet also started increasing her physical activities to stay active, so that she could burn more calories – she committed to walking 10,000 steps every single day. She would walk longer distances instead of taking shortcuts. 

Her dedication finally paid off, and as per reports, she could successfully shed almost 40 pounds, roughly 18 to 19 kg, through her commitment to staying active and losing weight. As such, the changes that she brought about in her lifestyle have now become an integral part of her daily routine. 

Her Diet And Workout

Chef Chauhan’s journey of weight loss and her tremendous dedication to staying fit, active, and healthy is a story that can inspire many people. She proactively brought in changes to her lifestyle, which ultimately helped her shed a whopping 40 pounds, to help her attain her weight loss goals.

She adopted a disciplined diet and exercise routine, which we shall be talking about in this section. Maneet started her day by drinking a blend of apple cider and hot water – this is to detoxify her body and kickstart her metabolism. Then, instead of depriving herself totally of all the food items she loved to eat, she decided to watch the total number of calories she consumed every day. She made sure that her daily calorie intake would never cross 1200 calories, so that meant she could log two glasses of wine and did not have to give up on her favorite chocolates either.

In an interview, Chef Chauhan said that since she had to eat for a living, she could not go ahead with restrictive diet plans, which are more common for losing weight. Along with keeping a watch on her 1200 calories every day, she also made sure to walk at least 10,000 steps every day. So she would take long walks and intentionally take the longer routes ditching the shortcuts. She would even walk from one end of the airport to another dragging her suitcase, instead of hopping onto the cars or trains.

Did She Undergo Surgery For Weight Loss?

When the audience saw that Chef Maneet Chauhan had lost a significant amount of weight, after she appeared on the latest season of “Chopped”, they were surprised at her drastic transformation. Naturally, there have been many rumors and conjectures going on about how she could lose an amazing 40 pounds so sharply despite her busy professional life. 

People have tried guessing if she resorted to weight loss surgery – however, no evidence is available as yet to point in that direction. So we can safely assume that Maneet did not undergo any kind of weight loss surgery to shed 40 pounds.

Chef Maneet said that she was giving the wrong idea to her kids – that it is okay to be overweight and not work out, and that is what she wanted to correct. So her weight loss transformation is not merely a story of her achieving her weight loss goals to stay healthy, but also conveying the right idea to her children so that they too can learn to take their health seriously.


  1. How Chef Maneet Chauhan Lost Weight?

    Maneet achieved her weight loss goals by following a balanced and restrictive diet and staying active. She restricted her calorie intake to 1200 calories a day and she walked 10000 steps a day to lose weight.

  2. Is Maneet Chauhan Underwent Weight Loss Surgery?

    No, she did not. She lost weight naturally.

  3. How Much Weight Maneet Chauhan Lost In Her Weight Loss Journey?

    Chopped chef judge Maneet Chauhan lost around 40 pounds through her weight loss journey.

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