Big Brother’s Jordan Lloyd Weight Gain. Is She Pregnant?


Recently a lot of people have been asking about Big Brother 11’s winner Jordan Lloyd weight gain and her pregnancy rumors. She had put on little weight in recent times but hasn’t disclosed or addressed any rumors about her weight gain.

Jordan Hailie Lloyd or Jordan Lloyd is an American actor who is best known for her role in the long-running popular drama series on TV called “The Bold And The Beautiful”. She is also the winner of season 11 of the widely popular CBS reality show, “Big Brother”. Apart from participating in “Big Brother” season 11 and then season 13, Jordan has also been a participant in other reality shows, namely “Marriage Boot Camp”, and “The Amazing Race 16” and is all set to play cohost in “Big Brother; Reindeer Games”.

Back in 2009, Jordan Lloyd was selected as a houseguest in the eleventh season of “Big Brother” and became a household name for being one of the most adorable houseguests ever, with her charm and kindness. From watching how love blossomed between her and her future husband Jeff, to observing what she did during her true-to-self journal sessions – viewers could not help but love Jordan Lloyd. The audience showered her with loads of affection and admiration and waited to hear and watch all that Jordan had to say on the show. She seemed to have given her viewers some of the most memorable quotes in the entire history of this long-running smash-hit reality series. The fact that she won her very first season on “Big Brother” made it evident that she had it in her to achieve much more than she had set out for.

Speculation About Jordan Lloyd Weight Gain

Jordan Lloyd has established herself as an accomplished and versatile entertainer today, and her thriving career as an actor in films and TV is proof of her acting skills and how well she portrays various characters. She has won hearts all over the world, with her warmth, kindness, and charisma for almost two decades now. She leads a very busy lifestyle – works as an executive producer for the show “The New Story” and even has more than 40 show premieres slated across different continents.

In her recent appearances, Jordan seems to have gained some extra pounds which the audience has easily picked up just by observation. However, that weight gain might only be a few extra pounds – nothing too major that it can become a matter of juicy gossip. But as the trend goes, there is no stopping her fans and followers from spreading rumors and trying to wonder what might have caused her to gain weight.

One of the best things about Jordan, according to her fans is that she has always been pretty much vocal about being true to herself and she asserts everyone around her to do the same and choose themselves. There is not much information available about her weight gain, but some time back in the past, during one of her interviews, she talked about how she has struggled with her body weight throughout her life.

When she was a participant in “Big Brother”, she gained almost 17 pounds extra which were quite evident on camera. She explained that that weight gain was simply because she was confined to a house and under a lot of stress, plus she would only thrive on consuming cookie dough for all 75 days. 

Is She Pregnant?

The fact that Jordan Lloyd seems to have gained some little amount of weight has immediately set the rumor mills rolling – and the first thing Netizens are curious about is whether she is expecting a child again. Pregnancy rumors are the most common when it comes to celebs gaining even the slightest amount of body weight – as if weight changes cannot happen without getting pregnant!

However, there is no news or information available through any sources to indicate that Jordan will be pregnant in 2023. She has been married to her co-participant on “Big Brother” season 11, Jeff Schroeder, since 2016, and they are proud parents to two young kids – Layton Sarti Schroeder and Lawson Keith Schroeder. 

After winning her season on the reality TV show, Jordan spoke candidly about gaining weight while inside the house. But she somehow managed to maintain her body weight even though there were plenty of challenging situations – as she reflected on her experiences, she mentioned how she had gained almost 17 pounds.

After she emerged as the winner of the 11th season of “Big Brother”, she shared with the people her plan to use the prize money of half a million dollars for the down payment on the house she wanted for her family. Later on, we came to know that Jordan did buy that house she was planning to – it was a lavish 3-bedroom townhouse that was located in the town of Waxhaw in North Carolina. 

She And Her Husband Jeff In Big Brother

Jordan and Jeff, fellow contestants on “Big Brother” officially confirmed their romantic relationship in 2009 much later when they jointly appeared in the show. In 2012, they moved together to Los Angeles – this was captured in a CBS Interactive documentary web show of the name “Jeff And Jordan Do America” and launched in the same year.

Those who watched the entire season 11 will recall, how the beautiful love, blossoming between this adorable couple, gradually became strong. In 2014, while they were visiting the contestants in the house of Big Brother season 16, Jeff Schroeder surprised Jordan Lloyd by proposing to her in the backyard, and the two got engaged after that. 

The couple announced their secret marriage in 2016 and revealed that they were expecting their first child together, a boy, who was due to arrive in October of the same year. After their son was born, Jeff shared how Jordan suffered from post-partum depression which severely affected their married life. But a couple of years later, in 2018, the couple announced via Twitter that they were expecting their second son in September.

Jordan and Jeff’s romance is one of the most endearing ‘showmances” on “Big Brother” – they are an incredibly good-looking couple and their cuteness together won the hearts of the audiences who still remember them fondly.

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