Rapper Trina Weight Gain 2023. Her Pregnancy Rumors Decoded.

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Rapper Trina weight gain rumors are all over the internet after she appeared on the 2023 BET award. People are speculating that the rapper might be pregnant. But all these speculations just seem false.

In our society, famous people often have their looks constantly judged and criticized. When it comes to such issues, one topic that comes up quite frequently is weight gain, something that can lead to rumors and a lot of gossips. This has been a big deal for the well-known rapper Trina. In this article, we will talk about the rumors currently circulating among fans about Rapper Trina weight gain and her pregnancy.

We will also discuss how she has grown as a person, her thoughts on accepting and loving your body, and how she has been open about the pressures of looking a certain way when you’re famous!

How She Gained Weight

Rapper Trina went through significant changes in her body weight for various reasons. She gained around 40 pounds, going from weighing 135 pounds to 170 pounds. These changes happened when she turned 35 years old and faced several challenges and stressors in her life.

One of the biggest reasons for her weight gain is the strain she experienced in her close relationships. What further contributed to this was the difficulties of being a mother. 

One of the main reasons for Trina’s weight gain was the strain she experienced in her relationship with her children – 2 teenagers. The increased stress from these aspects of her life had a negative impact on her weight, causing it to go up. 

Rapper Trina Weight Gain
Source: Instagram / Katrina (@TrinaRockstar)

Role Of Weight Watchers

Although she had always seen herself as skinny, the rapper realized she needed to change things for the better. This happened when she saw herself on the TV and noticed that she wasn’t easy fitting into her clothes. It was at this point that her sister signed her up for Weight Watchers, signaling the need for intervention and a need to make changes.

Before starting her weight loss journey, Trina used to deprive herself of certain foods, which often resulted in overeating when she allowed herself to indulge. Additionally, the frustration of not seeing immediate changes on the scale led her to eat even more. 

However, she finally learned that weight loss doesn’t only depend on the numbers we see on the scale. Sometimes, the body can lose inches before the weight starts decreasing, indicating progress even if the scale doesn’t immediately show it.

Past Struggles 

The rapper has always been vocal about her stand against expectations from society, particularly on how women should look, live and conduct themselves. This stance was highlighted in a statement she made a while back in response to rumors suggesting she was pregnant simply because she appeared curvier than usual.

In the statement, Trina affirmed that she is her own woman, entirely self-reliant and independent. She unequivocally stated her preference for her natural body shape and expressed a strong love for her curves. 

Trina also declared that she does not resort to diet pills or crash diets to lose weight. Instead, she takes a healthier approach by working out like the average person, accepting weight fluctuations as a natural part of life. She exclaimed, “Every woman is NOT supposed to look like a damn broomstick!

Through this statement, she dismissed critics and bloggers who spread baseless rumors, asserting that their words had no impact on her self-esteem or self-worth. 

Her words resonate with women across the globe who feel the societal pressure to fit into the beauty standards. The rapper’s candidness about her body and her rejection of harmful diet practices present a powerful message about self-love and acceptance.

Is Trina Pregnant?

After Trina performed at the 2023 BET Awards, some people started wondering if she was pregnant. This was mainly because they noticed changes in her body shape. But this was not the first time such rumors circulated.

Last year, after her BET Awards appearance, there were also speculations about her being pregnant. Many of Trina’s fans have dismissed these recent rumors, suggesting that people might be more accustomed to seeing unrealistic body types and that Trina has a naturally healthy figure. There is no evidence that suggests that Rapper Trina is pregnant.

Rapper Trina Pregnancy Rumors
Source: Instagram / Katrina (@TrinaRockstar)

Opening Up About The Struggles

Trina has always been transparent about her struggles when it comes to body weight and image issues. Back in 2011, she addressed critics on Twitter and proudly embraced her curves. She expressed her disapproval of unhealthy weight loss methods like diet pills or crash diets. 

Trina emphasized that she works out like most people and is accepting and even positive about potential weight gain. Furthermore, Trina has been honest about experiencing three miscarriages in the past. These personal experiences might make the issue of pregnancy rumors more sensitive and contribute to the speculation surrounding her pregnancy status.

Currently, there is no confirmation from Trina herself or reliable sources close to her regarding her pregnancy. Therefore, it’s important to respect her privacy and avoid making conclusions based solely on rumors or appearances.

Trina At BET Awards 2023

Trina, a well-known rapper, had an unforgettable moment at the 2023 BET Awards. She took the stage alongside another rapper named Trick Daddy, and together, they delivered a performance that was full of energy and captivated the audience. 

Her choice of attire further added to the excitement. She wore a bold and attractive red colored bodysuit – something that made her splendid stage presence even more dynamic. During her performance, Trina treated the audience to a medley of her greatest hits. 

Her performance not only showcased the incredible skills she possesses as a rapper but also served as a reminder of her unforgettable contributions to the music industry. It was a moment of celebration for Trina’s music and her remarkable career. 


The rapper has definitely gone through a journey with her body weight where she faced personal challenges and criticism from the public. Despite this, it would not be wrong if we say that the rapper clearly showed a lot of strength and determination. 

Instead of apologizing or hiding, she was honest and open about her weight gain and addressed the rumors directly. This gave a new perspective on how famous people, especially female artists, deal with body image issues. And that’s something we all can and should learn from!


  1. Is Rapper Trina Pregnant At The 2023 Bet Awards?

    There is no supporting evidence for her pregnancy rumors. It seems that Trina just has gained some weight and nothing else.

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