Damaris Phillips Weight Loss 2023. Diet, Exercise, And Surgery Details.

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Recently there is a lot of buzz about Damaris Phillips Weight Loss. People speculate a lot about her health improvements and there are even rumors that she took the help of weight loss medication and surgery for faster weight loss but all these are just fake and have no truth in them.

Damaris Phillips is an American chef and popular television personality who rose to prominence in 2013 after winning the ninth season of Food Network Star through an audience vote. She is a well-known household name who has carved a niche for herself in the culinary field and garnered widespread appreciation and popularity. 

While she is often making the headlines for her work, lately she has been the topic of discussion for various online food and fitness critics. Damaris had been gradually losing weight over the years and her fans cannot help but wonder what her secret is. Being a chef, her passion for healthy food habits is evident, which could very well be a key factor in her weight loss journey. In this article, let’s explore everything there is to know about Damaris Phillips weight loss journey, including her diet, fitness, and if she has taken the aid of surgery or medication to achieve her current shape. 

Damaris Phillips Weight Loss Journey

Although Damaris Phillips had never spoken about her weight loss, we could decipher from her dietary habits and approach to exercise what factors could have played a role in her journey. These factors are discussed individually below: 

Damaris Phillips Transformation

Her Diet Routine

Being a chef, it is natural that food played an important role in Damaris Phillips’ weight loss journey. Coming from the South, she grew up eating loads of bacon and chicken. However, following her marriage with her husband Darrick Wood, she revealed that she had to make changes to her diet as he was an ethical vegetarian. Her dinner menu now includes a lot of vegetable-based foods. 

Damaris revealed (while speaking with The Daily Meal) that 75% of her diet now consists of vegetarian foods. She also explained how we can make plant-based meatloaf. While talking about what impact this change has had on her, she said,  “It’s made me way better. It’s made me more creative.” She also added, “It has made me more thoughtful about the way that I eat and the way that I think about ingredients.

In one of her episodes, ‘Strong is the new skinny’ she revealed her intentions of building a strong, healthy body through good dietary choices

This transition from a predominantly meat-based diet to a 75% vegetarian diet tends to have an impact on the overall weight of the body. Starting from calorie intake, a vegetarian diet is rich in nutrients such as high fiber, minerals, and vitamins that aid in weight loss. Although she has never revealed it, this could be one of the most likely causes of her weight loss.

Some Of Her Exercising Facts

Damaris Phillips is enthusiastic about healthy eating and fitness. She often shares pictures of her food and workout on social media platforms and emphasizes the importance of them in maintaining a healthy body. She revealed that instead of focusing on how good one’s body looks, she prefers to work on how strong it is. 

Strength training and regular exercise help achieve your weight loss goals and make you stronger. Although food plays a major role in weight loss, adding exercise to your daily routine only accelerates the process. It boosts one’s metabolism and helps in shedding that excess fat. Hence, it is important to exercise and build muscle while you’re on your weight loss journey to derive the best results

Damaris Phillips Before After

Did She Undergo Any Weight Loss Surgery?

Damaris Phillips hasn’t spoken about undergoing weight loss surgery in the past. Moreover, she has always been particular about her food habits and fitness, suggesting that she has gradually lost weight over the years in a natural way, by making a few changes in her daily routine. 

Is She On Any Weight Loss Medication?

She has also never spoken about taking the aid of weight loss medication and has only opted for natural means to lose weight

Damaris Phillips Some Personal Life Details

Unsure of what to pursue in college, Damaris Phillips chose culinary arts. She acquired a degree in the said field from Jefferson Community and Technical College. 

After finding success in the Food Network, she went on to host the Food Network show Southern at Heart for five seasons spanning from 2013 to 2016. She also began cohosting South and Hungry with Rutledge Wood in 2017 and The Bobby and Damaris Show on Food Network with Bobby Flay in 2018. 

In her career, the 42-year-old chef has been featured in various other television programs such as the Kids BBQ championship and Guy’s Grocery Games. In the latter, she appears as a judge or competitor, where she raises money for charities. 

She had even released a cookbook called ‘Southern Girl Meets Vegetarian Boy’ where she shares her recipes that are meant for both meat lovers and vegans.


Damaris Phillips is a popular American chef who has appeared on multiple TV shows. Her expertise in culinary arts has helped her rise to prominence in the field. Lately, she has been hitting the tabloids for the impressive weight loss that she achieved through the years. 

Although she has never actively talked about her weight loss, she has been open about her dietary choices. Although she enjoys meat, her diet now mostly consists of vegetarian food. She also indulges in physical activity and works out regularly, which might have helped in her weight loss journey too.

However, there is no evidence to suggest that she has undergone weight loss surgery or that she takes medication, hence, it is safe to assume that she has opted for a natural course to lose weight. 

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