Kirsten Storms Weight Gain. Maxie On General Hospital’s Brain Surgery And Pregnancy Details.

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Lately, people are talking a lot about Kirsten Storm weight gain. Many are speculating that Maxie Jones on the TV show General Hospital is pregnant but there is no evidence about it.

In the world of entertainment, when our favorite stars’ appearances change, it often leads to lots of talk and speculation. Kirsten Storms, the lively actress who plays Maxie Jones on the soap opera General Hospital, has recently gained some weight, and fans have noticed. 

This has sparked rumors and assumptions. Let’s talk about these changes in detail and the various aspects related to them. 

Kirsten Storms Weight Gain. How Did Maxie On General Hospital Gain Weight?

Following the recent premiere of the 59th season of General Hospital, there was a lot of public interest in the cast members, including Kirsten Storms(@kirstenstorms). One topic that gained attention was Kirsten’s weight gain, leading some fans to speculate if she was pregnant. A similar rumor has been spreading among the fans right now.

Just like in the past when her character, Maxie Jones, had been pregnant on the show, fans were now assuming she might have been expecting a baby in real life. But there is no solid evidence that can prove that these speculations are true. The reports of Kirsten Storms weight gain seemed to have surfaced out of nowhere, as there had been no official announcement about her being pregnant.

It is important to consider that during some of her Instagram pictures, Kirsten’s face appears puffy, but this could have been attributed to her recovery from brain surgery and the medications she needed to take.

Maxie On General Hospital Weight Gain

Possible Consequence Of The Brain Surgery 

In June 2021, Kirsten Storms revealed through Instagram stories that she had undergone brain surgery to address a cyst, which had led to a temporary leave of absence from General Hospital. Due to her health complications and ongoing medications, it is possible that all these circumstances might have resulted in weight gain if we consider other factors apart from the pregnancy.

The actress has always been open about her health issues, especially on social media. She made a post right after successfully going through the surgery in which she shared her experiences and concerns over the past years. These experiences outline the possibility that the surgery could be a possible reason why she experienced weight gain

Details About Her Brain Surgery

Storms shared a series of videos on her Instagram Stories detailing her surgery and recovery process while seemingly in good spirits. In the clips, she sat in the passenger seat of the car next to her former co-star, Emme Rylan, wearing a large neck brace.

She joked in the first clip, "I mean, there really was no filter that was going to make this better for me right then. So I hadn't really spoken about this much, or at all actually. Less than 48 hours ago, I had brain surgery, hence the neck brace. It was on the lower portion of my brain. Em took care of me until I got to my at-home nurse."

She continued, adding, “It was an interesting last couple of days.” In the video, Storms took a moment to explain the procedure she underwent to dispel any rumors and mitigate worries.

"What they had to drain and remove wasn't cancer. I want to clarify that right now before the internet goes crazy wild with rumors about this," she explained. "I had a very large cyst that had split into two, and the doctor said it was so full the pressure was very noticeable when they opened up my skull... sounds so weird."

Storms opened up about her recovery time, adding, “I will be on the mend for the next several weeks, but I will be back at work when this is over with.” Rylan cracked a joke that at least the surgery hadn’t affected one of Storms’ favorite interests: yarn. The former “Disney Channel” star said that post-surgery, she did plan on knitting to pass the time.

Her Health Update

After her brain surgery, Kirsten Storms has made a remarkable recovery and is now in good health. The surgery was successful and the actress continued to share updates on social media so that she could keep her fans informed about every single update. Fortunately, the cyst that was removed from the area turned out to be non-cancerous,  which caused a very big relief to the actress, loved ones, and fans.

Throughout her healing journey, Kirsten has shown incredible strength and a positive mindset. If we consider the determination and positive approach that she had toward her health throughout the entire time, it is one of the reasons why she is continuously healing and getting better at health. The actress is also probably looking forward to making a comeback in the entertainment industry, which has the fans excited!

Kisten Storms Before After

Her Role As Maxie In General Hospital

Maxie Jones, portrayed by Kirsten Storms, holds a special place in the hearts of General Hospital fans. As the daughter of iconic couple Frisco Jones and Felicia Cummings, and with Mac Scorpio as her main caretaker, Maxie has become a beloved character in the long-standing ABC soap opera.

In 2011, Kirsten Storms temporarily departed from the show due to health reasons. During her absence, the character of Maxie was portrayed by Jen Lilley. However, fans were overjoyed when Storms made her triumphant return to the role. In recognition of her exceptional portrayal of Maxie Jones, Storms received a Daytime Emmy nomination in 2009.

She has evolved tremendously over the years, which has activated everyone no matter if they are fans or not. Her presence on the show has solidified her as a fan favorite, and her journey continues to captivate audiences as they eagerly follow Maxie’s adventures in General Hospital.


Kirsten Storms has clearly gone through a personal health journey that has caused some people to speculate about her weight gain. We need to remember that famous people like Storms are also people who face life’s challenges, including health issues, just like everyone else. 

As fans, it’s important to treat her with respect and provide support during these times. Nevertheless, her ongoing journey is a perfect example of how we can always bounce back from dark times with courage and determination.

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