TerraCalm Reviews: Does This French Green Clay Really Help With Toenail Fungus?

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This French green clay has been helping people in making their toenails healthy. It contains all-natural ingredients that are proven to be helpful for toenail health.

Still, trying to cover your toenails when you can actually set them free? Can we let our toenails breathe, please? Be it the fungal infection, rash, or even a minor cut injury, we are somehow uncomfortable with the slightest imperfection that we have in ourselves. But, what if we could actually flaunt our toenails and set them free? Those woolen socks and other anti-fungal creams that you have been using for ages hoping something magical would happen for your damaged toenails need not be used anymore! 

TerraCalm, a clay mud formula caters to every need that your toenails have. Not just cleaning up the area and keeping the toes infection-free, it also provides the essential nutrients that our toenails require to grow healthy and shine bright. Let us learn more about what this magical clay mud is all about.

What Is TerraCalm? How Does It Help in Keeping Our Calm?

TerraCalm is a French antifungal mineral mud. It is made out of 100% natural ingredients to support healthy toenails. It works on the nails right from the roots and supports healthy toenail growth

To add on, it is completely made out of natural products and the question of side effects can be kept aside. Foot fungus can also hamper one’s self-esteem because it is visible externally. One usually covers it to actually hide it and to prevent others from seeing it. That does not stop the fungus from growing. The defense mechanism of the body should be improved to fight this stubborn fungus and TerraCalm solution for the toes does exactly that.

It is a topical solution of clay mud that fights the fungus present in the toenails and sets the nails free from illness. It also cleans the toes and improves resistance so that the body can fight the fungus and be disease-free. 


It is easy to apply as it is only a wash-off mask and it is non-sticky and non-greasy. The user only needs to apply it to the affected area and leave it on. It dries off and does the job. 

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The Mechanism of Action: What Makes It Possible?

TerraCalm is packed with essential ingredients that support and promote toenail growth. They are rich in antioxidants and are loaded with essential nutrients that overpower the fungus. 

Antioxidants reduce the oxygen tension in the body and eliminate free radicals. More the harmful free radicals are released in the body, the more damage is done. Antioxidants also work like magic on the skin and improve skin texture and glow. 

It also works on the feet’ odor, eliminates bad odor, and leaves the feet fresh.  Those dry and cracked toes are now gone. It is time to let them go because this magical solution of clay mud works on the toes and hydrates them. It gently reduces the cracks and provides the toenail with adequate moisture that prevents cracks and dryness.

It is also anti-inflammatory in action. It reduces inflammation and also promotes healing. It works on swelling and pain and substantially reduces them. It prevents the release of leukotrienes which are potential inflammatory causing factors thereby reducing inflammation and pain.

Every ingredient that is used in this solution is backed by extensive studies and research. It is made of essential oils, plant extracts, and active substances whose combination cannot go wrong while working on nail health!

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The Composition and the Ingredients List: What Is TerraCalm Made Of?

TerraCalm is composed of essential oils, antioxidants, and potent substances that work wonders on toe health.

  • Australian Tea Tree Oil 

This ingredient is directly taken from the Australian Tea Tree. It is mainly used for its strong antibacterial properties which ensures a healthy fight with the bacteria. It is antimicrobial and also reduces infection and promotes better toenail hygiene.

Not only to promote better health, it is also used to prevent acne and support skin healing. Used in treating athlete’s foot, there is no wonder if this powerful ingredient is used in soaps and toenail creams. It is relatively easy to use and causes no cross-reactions with other products. 

  • Jojoba Oil 

The magical secret behind the anti-inflammatory properties found in this clay mud. Jojoba Oil is anti-inflammatory and it reduces inflammation.1Trusted Source✅ | PubMed | Trusted Data From The National Library Of Medicine (Government Authority) Go To Source It is time to give your feet and toenails some love because Jojoba Oil prevents redness and inflammation. Pain and swelling caused by friction and fungus can now be eliminated and better toe health is now promoted. 

It is often used in treating eczema and other skin conditions. It is rich in Vitamin E which works wonders on the skin. That could be the reason behind the healing properties of Jojoba Oil. 

  • Lavender Oil

Is a special mention necessary while dealing with Lavender Oil? It is blessed with its natural aroma-inducing properties which leave the toenails odor-free. Should there be any ingredient that tackles bad odor from the feet, it is definitely lavender oil. It also smoothens the surface of the skin and renders the skin clean and healthy. 

  • Shea Butter

This ingredient serves as a base for other skincare products. It is to be applied first as the base. When applied on toenails, it also leaves them hydrated and prevents cracks from forming. It is easily flowing and readily mixed with other essential ingredients without resistance. It promotes flow and prevents other ingredients from separating. 

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  • Menthol

Is there any other plant-based product that soothes the skin better than menthol? Absolutely no!  Menthol has been in use for centuries in the cosmetic industry and the pharma industry for its cooling, calming, and healing effects. It soothes the skin, prevents inflammation, and also promotes healing.2Trusted Source✅ | PubMed | Trusted Data From The National Library Of Medicine (Government Authority) Go To Source

  • Cedarwood Essential Oil

This promotes healing and overall adds to the weightage of the ingredient. It makes the flow easier and promotes better mixing. It is used for its ease in improving the oil mixture. The skin glows better and becomes healthier because of the add-ons bought by this ingredient. 

  • Oregano Essential Oil 

Needless to say, the rich antioxidants and phytonutrients that oregano essential oil brings. It is rich in calming the skin from external irritation and also provides the most needed essential nutrients to the skin. It conditions the skin to make it smoother and also reduces the breaks in the skin.

  • Sweet Almond Oil 

This oil boasts anti-inflammatory and also its immunity-boosting properties. This also comes with all the essential antioxidants which work wonders on the skin. It is the skin’s best friend and also provides hydration to the skin, thereby preventing dryness and cracks. 

  • Clove Bud Oil 

Two keywords to sum up the role of clove bud oil in Teera Calm. Reduces itchiness and also promotes nail regeneration. It caters to the allergic responses of the nails because of the fungus and also helps in the faster growth of the nails.  

The affected nails are now taken care of and the newer nails that are healthier are now replacing the old nails. The nail regeneration takes place from the roots making it more faster and natural. 

  • Aloe Vera 

This is a mandatory ingredient that has been used in the cosmetic and pharma industry for ages now. It provides the skin with rich elasticity and smoothes the roughness of the skin. It hydrates the skin and provides much-needed moisture making the skin glow better.3Trusted Source✅ | PubMed Central | Trusted Data From The National Library Of Medicine (Government Authority) Go To Source

Dark spots on the skin are also reduced because this gel also improves pigmentation and scarring marks that occur while healing. 

  • Thyme Essential Oil 

Thyme is known for its disinfectant properties. It works on toenails and helps fight against harmful fungus by preventing their growth. It is also rich in healing properties and helps in speedy recovery.

  • French Green Clay

This is the major ingredient that is used to remove dead skin cells from the surface. It provides room for newer skin cells to form and also promotes better circulation. The rate of growth of newer cells is also improved and therefore healing occurs at a faster rate.

Accumulation of dead skin cells can impact the healing process by rapidly slowing down the rate of healing. This is why a cleaning solution that caters to only clearing off the dead skin cells is needed. French Green Clay comes into the picture then and works like magic. 

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Benefits One Can Expect by Using TerraCalm for Their Toe Health

  • TerraCalm is scientifically being tested in labs before being launched into the market. It is safer for human usage.
  • Though it has to be used topically, the product is relatively easy to use and no special skills are needed. 
  • Also, this product is non-genetically modified organism certified, and therefore no risk is expected while using this product. 
  • It is available for sale only on the official website which makes the third-party websites not available for direct sale. 
  • No harmful reactions have been reported on usage by people so far.
  • It not only fights the fungus but also removes dead skin cells and fastens the healing process. Newer and healthier cells are now growing at a faster rate thereby promoting skin health.
  • It is also loaded with essential nutrients and antioxidants that leave a sparkling shine and soothe the skin.
  • It is available for usage by everyone over the age of 18 years. Both men and women can use this supplement.

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Cons of This Product:  What Could Be Done Better?

  • It is available for sale only on the official website. So offers only last until the stocks exist.
  • Also, for people with underlying toe health concerns, for diabetic, and medically compromised individuals, it is always advised to take their physician’s consent before trying this product. 
  • During the healing process, one must refrain from using any toe jewelry or ornaments that can interfere with the healing process. 
  • This product demands patience and persistence. One must use this product regularly for at least 1 month to see the desired results. However, healing also depends on the overall health, diet, and lifestyle choices of an individual.

How to Apply TerraCalm?

Applying TerraCalm is easier than ever before. One has to apply it topically 4 times a day, twice in the morning and twice in the night. 

  • One should use a brush applicator that comes along with the package to apply this product. 
  • Always use a cotton swab and gently apply the solution to the cuticle area.
  •  Sometimes when the roughness is more than necessary, use an emery board and gently file the nail surface. Then, apply this solution and wait till it dries. 

Packaging and Pricing

This is available for sale only on the official website. 

It comes in 3 packages. 

  • 1 jar: This is used for a month and is readily available for $69 only.
  • 3 jars: This comes as a three-month supply and three jars are in the package. It is available at $59 per jar. 
  • 6 jars: This package offers the greatest discount and is available at $49 per jar. There are six jars in this package. 

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  1. <strong>Who can use this product?</strong>

    This product is available for anyone with toenail concerns. It fights the stubborn toe fungus and renders the skin safe and smooth. 

  2. <strong>Where can one buy this product?</strong>

    This product is available for sale only on the official website. 

  3. <strong>What can  I do if I am unhappy with the product after using it?</strong>

    The users can always claim their money back. There is a 60-day money-back guarantee. If one does not see the results after using the product regularly for 60 days, the users can always claim their money back. 

  4. <strong>Where can I write to them?</strong>

    Reach out to Terra Calm by submitting a form on their official website.


Terra Calm is a promising solution for people with toenail concerns. It not only fights the fungus but also prevents infections from happening. It is a powerful antioxidant that supports skin health and is also capable of removing dead skin cells.

The ease of usage and the cost affordability are two reasons why one should definitely try this product. The user satisfaction is great and there are no adverse reactions seen by the users. There is a 60-day money-back guarantee also seen which makes it even more possible for users to try this product. Made out of natural ingredients completely, the Terra Calm is a one-stop solution for those with toenail concerns!

Disclaimer: This article is only for informational purposes and must not be considered medical advice. Read the full disclosure at the bottom of this page.

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