Bob Odenkirk Weight Loss 2023. Details About Stroke, Illness, And Heart Attack.

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Bob Odenkirk weight loss became popular after he recently appeared as an action hero in his movie Nobody. He lost a few pounds for this particular role. Bob also revealed that he suffered a little heart attack on the sets of Better Call Saul in 2018.

Bob Odenkirk is a well-known American actor who is popularly known for his roles in Breaking Bad and its spin-off, Better Call Saul. He is known for taking up and committing himself to challenging roles such as his part in Nobody, a thriller movie that came out in 2021. In this movie, Bob plays a retired FBI agent who accidentally gets involved with a mob gang. Bob Odenkirk weight loss for this role was particularly highlighted and applauded by his fans. Although Bob Odenkirk was always fit, he needed to look leaner and more muscular for his part in the movie. 

Bob did not want a ripped look for the role, but he did want to look the part and wanted his audience to find him relatable. He had been part of a vigorous workout and diet plan for almost three years which enabled him to lose a significant amount of weight. He currently weighs 78 kg and is known to abide by a healthy lifestyle. In this article, we’re going to see how he achieved this, what his workout plan looks like, and if he had to make any significant alterations to his diet. 

How Did Bob Odenkirk Lose All The Weight? 

Bob Odenkirk has hired a personal trainer, Daniel Bernhardt, who helped him in on-screen combat training. He frequently goes to 7Eleven, an action design company in Los Angeles, which is also where many other celebrities such as Keanu Reeves train too. Along with working out, he also had to learn a few forms of martial arts and other training forms for his role, which ultimately helped him in his weight loss as well. 


Bob Odenkirk’s workout includes a variety of cardio, circuit training, and stunt conditioning. He was advised by his trainer that cardio can only take him so far, after which he will have to include other varieties of training to further strengthen his body.

  • Cardio:  Bob prefers to bike ride up the hill for about 10-15 minutes to log some cardio time. Cardio is essential for improving cardiovascular health and is one of the most popular exercises for weight loss. Cardio, when coupled with strength training, invariably gives better results. 
  • Stunt conditioning: Apart from Cardio, Bob also spent some time stunt conditioning in order to prepare himself for the role of an ex-FBI agent. This requires one to be very fit as it can include certain dangerous stunts. Stunt conditioning varies depending on the type of stunts that one has to perform and the overall ability of the performer. Bob’s training included drills and pull-ups as part of stunt conditioning. 
  • Circuit training: Circuit training involves a series of exercises that are performed in a specific order in a given period of time. The aim of this type of workout is to train all the muscles of the body without a gap in between. This helps in toning and giving a good workout to the entire body. Circuit training is also very subjective to our goals. Bob Odenkirk’s circuit training includes the following exercises: 
  1. Box Jumps, Pushups, Squats: 4 rounds of 25 reps. 
  2. Abs exercises: 4 rounds of 1 minute
  3. Boxing Pad Work: 3 rounds of 3 minutes. 

Bob Odenkirk Weight Loss Diet

Bob Odenkirk weight loss meal plans include loads of vegetables, fruits, and protein. He prefers to have a healthy diet to not just help him lose weight but also to improve his overall health. We do not have access to his exact meal plan, but with the kind of workout he indulges in, we assume that his diet consists of loads of protein and minimal carbs. A high protein diet is important to help build lean muscle whereas decreasing carbohydrates can help one keep their calorie intake in check. 

This type of diet is essential for losing weight and is one of the most commonly chosen diet plans by many celebrities. In addition, Bob also tries intermittent fasting every once in a while to detoxify his body. Apart from aiding in weight loss, intermittent fasting offers several other benefits such as controlling one’s blood sugar levels and reducing inflammation in the body. 

Bob Odenkirk’s Health Update

Despite being known as a fit actor, Bob Odenkirk suffered from a heart attack in 2018 due to plaque deposition in one of his vessels. He tweeted about the incident and said ‘I had a small heart attack’, however, it was later known that his heart had stopped beating for almost eighteen minutes and rigorous CPR was performed to revive him.

This episode had perhaps prompted him to take better care of his health. He believes that one should always prioritize one’s health and preaches the same to his fans. 


Bob Odenkirk is a popular American actor who has hit the headlines for his impressive body transformation and weight loss for his part in Nobody. It is a thriller movie that came out in 2021 where Bob plays the role of an ex-FBI agent, due to which he had to become leaner and more muscular.

While he had to appear fitter than usual, he did not want a ripped look. He achieved this look by putting in hours of vigorous training in the gym where he indulged in various exercises such as cardio, combat training, stunt conditioning, etc. Apart from this, he also consumes a healthy diet with high protein and occasionally indulges in intermittent fasting. 

A variety of factors determine the fitness of a person and thereby their consequent weight loss. In Bob’s case, his commitment and dedication to his work enabled him to transform his body and deliver his best possible performance. Bob also claimed to have suffered from a heart attack in 2018, which encouraged him to start taking better care of his health and remain fit. 

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