Weight Loss Journey of The Voice Season 9 Winner- Jordan Smith.

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The Voice’s Season 9 Winner Jordan Smith weight loss is recently trending but he hasn’t actually lost any weight. It might be just a camera angle or his attire that made people speculate about his weight loss.

Jordan Smith, the name that shook everyone on the stage of “The Voice Season 09”. His delicate and airy voice made all four of the celeb judges turn their couches. Since then he has been unstoppable in the music industry. 

However, there has always been a question about his overweight appearance. People often call him unhealthy and want him to lose weight. In the latest picture, everyone believed that he had lost a few pounds and looked healthier. Is this weight loss transformation real or it was just a camera angle? We’ll answer it today. 

Experience on The Voice

An ordinary boy from the state of Kentucky with an extraordinary voice, Jordan has always been fond of music. The love for music was hereditary as his parents were also musicians. He went to Harlan County High School and for further studies, he joined Lee University in Clevland. 

During his early days, he used to sing at church gatherings with the choir. His journey on the reality singing show was phenomenal as he was not selected in the first turn. In his second turn, he paved his way in front of the celeb judges. He performed a cover version of Chandelier by Sia and his soft voice with high range left the judges awestruck. He got all the love from the audience after his second performance which was “Great is Thy Faithfulness.” 

People often considered him a transgender or gay due to his voice. Being called Ma’am on calls or drive-thrus was a daily-life thing for him. But Jordan brushed off all the unnecessary criticism and embraced his true voice. His voice was the reason behind his success and with a blistering performance of “Mary Did You Know” in the finale, he was able to lift the trophy. 

Life After Winning

While contestants from American Idols were earning fame and money, It was believed that the winners of “The Voice” had never been successful and often vanished into thin air. Everyone believed that maybe Jordan would have a similar fate. But on the contrary, Jordan has made the right decisions after winning the show and he has been working regularly. Although he is nowhere close to the fame and name of the show’s judges, still he managed to get a decent life. 

In the year 2016, he released his maiden album and also got a chance to perform at The People’s Choice Awards. Later that year, he married his girlfriend Kristen Denny. After a gap of one year, he came back with yet another album and wrote a song that got featured in the movie Deadpool 2. 

The news of his car accident went viral in 2019 when his car toppled in the middle of the road. Thankfully he was left with zero injuries and had even posted pictures of the car on X. 

During 2020, his career took a drop as the covid was harsh on everyone around the globe. However, in 2021 he released an album under the Provident Label- “Great You Are”

Jordan Smith With His Mother
Jordan Smith With His Mother Image: Instagram/Jordan Smith

He was also sent to the semifinals of the American Song Contest which had multiple artists.  He represented his home state, Kentucky on the stage. He took help from producers and songwriters to make everything perfect about the performance. However, he finished third in the competition. 

Jordan Smith Weight Loss Journey

Jordan Smith weight loss transformation has been a topic of discussion online. Although he hasn’t posted anything about the weight loss but difference can be seen in the latest pictures. The jawline looks more denied with a bit of fat loss. 

There is no official announcement by him about any of his workouts or diet plans, still, chances are that he might be ditching junk food to make such progress. The basics of weight loss lie in calorie intake. Once you’re doing exercise, and your calorie intake is less than the maintenance calories, you’ll certainly lose weight. 

Jordan Smith And His Wife Kristen Denny
Jordan Smith And His Wife Kristen Denny Image: Instagram/Jordan Smith

However, on a close inspection of his Instagram profile, we can say that there’s not a prominent change in his physique. The video of his performance at the American Song Contest is yet another proof that all the weight loss speculations might be baseless. Sometimes the outfit, lighting, and camera angles make us look slimmer. This might have been the case with the talented singer. 

He might have not lost weight, but that doesn’t make him less talented, as he is a star singer. He recently released a single called “This is Jesus” in which he expressed his admiration towards Christianity and Jesus. He also sang the National Anthem live at a football game. He was supporting the Kansas City Chiefs at the Final of the NFL. 

Apart from being an amazing singer, Jordan is also a great human as he loves dogs. He also is a proud dog dad, as he considers his pets Jane and Beaux as his family members.

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