Becky Lynch Plastic Surgery 2023. New Look And Her Before-After Pictures

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There are a lot of rumors about WWE star Becky Lynch plastic surgery in 2023. She has seen in a new avatar at ESPY Awards with her husband Seth Rollins.

One of the top woman athletes in today’s times, Becky Lynch, is a hugely popular name in the WWE circuit. Considered a true underdog, she has gained insane popularity and a global base of followers for her exceptional pro wrestling skills, tenacity, and resilience. Her indomitable spirit has earned her the titles – “SuperGirl Wrestling Champion” and “World Queens of Champion”.  

Rebecca Quin was born in Dublin, Ireland, in the year 1987. She chose the screen name “Becky Lynch” only after she signed up with the WWE platform. She has been interested in wrestling since childhood and started training in 2002 to become a professional wrestler. When she was only 15 years old, Becky joined a wrestling school with her brother.

During the initial days of her career, she participated in various wrestling competitions held in Ireland. Becky landed her first job in Ireland, and after that, she worked with several other organizations across Europe and America as a professional wrestler. She has won the SmackDown Women’s Championship twice and is presently among the top-paid wrestlers of WWE.

A serious eye injury in 2006 forced her to take a break from wrestling. So she ventured into acting for about a year, bagging a variety of roles in plays and TV series in 2011 and 2012. But Becky returned to the wrestling circuit in 2011, joined WWE in 2013, and relocated to Florida, the USA. In 2019 she started dating Seth Rollins, her fellow pro wrestler, and had a daughter with him in 2020. 

Recently, fans were in for a surprise when they spotted her at the ESPY Awards with husband Seth Rollins. Becky’s completely “unrecognizable” look got them extremely curious, and they started suspecting her of getting plastic surgery. Did Becky Lynch really go under the knife? Let us find out below.

Becky Lynch Plastic Surgery. Did She Undergo Surgery?

Becky Lynch and her husband Seth Rollins, were recently seen dazzling at the ESPY Awards function ceremony. Becky looked sizzling gorgeous in her black and white monotone attire as she posed with hubby backstage for some photographs.

This duo is among the most recognizable personalities in WWE at present. However, as some of her fans pointed out, Becky looked unrecognizable – somewhat changed!

Fans are certain, that she has undergone plastic surgery to enhance her facial features and body parts. Incidentally, Becky has been MIA at WWE shows for quite a while, and some sources say that she experienced a foot injury for which she needs to rest and recover before getting back to the ring.

Now, fans have noticed her absence, and now her sudden appearance on ESPY, looking all stunning and somewhat different, has raised their suspicions. Many of them believe that the news of her foot injury and all, are just a ploy to cover up while she underwent plastic surgery.

However, the WWE star has not addressed any of these rumors, as yet. There is no evidence or any bit of information to indicate such a possibility. There hardly is any change in her appearance, her makeup might be the trick!

Becky Lynch sure has a fantastic body! And why not, because she is one of the most sought-after athletes and WWE RAW sportspersons, after all. So, staying fit and strong is anyway a part of her life. But even if you check out her latest photos, it is impossible to point out any difference in her appearance.

Becky Lynch Before After

Nobody can say that she has resorted to any cosmetic upgrades like a tummy tuck or butt lift. Her gorgeous face also remains practically unchanged; there are no signs of a possible nose job, lip job, or Botox fillers. In other words, conjectures and questions about her plastic surgery remain unanswered.

Becky Lynch’s New Look In 2023

While her appearance at ESPY Awards night triggered rave speculations of plastic surgery, many of her fans did not seem to approve of the overall style of Becky Lynch.

Seth Rollins is always known for looking dapper and amazing in elegant outfits. He has set quite the benchmark of awesomeness when it comes to style, for which fans expect Becky Lynch to match up to that, being his wife. But many of her fans were thoroughly disappointed at her monotone ESPY attire and her makeup stylist was at the receiving end of much criticism. 

Viewers explained that while she looked stunning, certain aspects of her makeup, dress, and hairstyle struck a major discord. The internet was full of comments about how they felt that her stylist had done outright injustice to her beauty! While some called out her makeup, calling it “terrible”, others commented about firing her stylist for doing a poor job on her.

But fans cannot seem to get more of her new WWE RAW look!

Becky Lynch Plastic Surgery

In the last episode of Monday Night RAW, as Becky Lynch spoke about her upcoming duel against long-opponent Trish Stratus, viewers noticed the 36-year-old Becky in a new avatar. The pro wrestler was seen in a sleek ponytail, donning a dashing blonde streak. Her signature curls and waves in her loose auburn hair are gone. For the regular audience of WWE RAW matches, Becky’s new look is quite a stunner, and of course, a striking deviation from her previous looks. 

And as you may imagine, her new look has already created a major buzz in social media, with her fans and followers getting impatient to watch more of her in her brand new look, dueling it out with Stratus.

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Whether she has had plastic surgery or not does matter because Becky is appreciated for her wrestling prowess and equally admired for her stunning looks. Her peers and so-called opponents also speak highly of her skills. Her tenacity, flexibility, and tremendous adaptability make her a worthy challenge for WWE newbies and veterans alike. So now it is a wait-and-watch for her fans to find out if she can finally defeat Trish Stratus in the next SummerSlam episode.

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