Is Rich Lowry’s Dramatic Weight Loss Is The Reason Behind His Illness?


There was a time when Rich Lowry, the famous American author and political expert had decided to step down from his role as the editor of the publication platform, “National Review”. According to Lowry, he had made this decision because he wanted to shift his focus more toward long-term strategic projects and initiatives for the publishing company. He mentioned that he wanted to devote more time to relationship-building within America’s conservative movement and also explore newer avenues to expand the influence and reach of “National Review” in the digital landscape.

Lowry joined “National Review” back in 1992, and before that, he used to work first as a research assistant to Charles Krauthammer, and then as a local newspaper reporter in Virginia. Two years after joining “National Review“, he assumed the role of articles editor for the company and relocated to Washington DC to share news coverage for Congress. After three more years, at the young age of only 29 years, Rich Lowry replaced John O’Sullivan to assume the role of editor in “The National Review“. 

Apart from being a highly revered political news correspondent, Rich Lowry is also a highly acclaimed writer and political analyst. Recently, he has been all over the headlines owing to some speculations doing the rounds after the public came to hear that he has not been keeping well. Let us find out what has happened to Rich Lowry – is he ill, why he appears to have slimmed down so much, and what has happened to him.

Who Is Rich Lowry?

Born in August 1968, Rich Lowry is a renowned American writer who was the ex-editor and current editor-in-chief of “National Review“, the famous American conservative news and views magazine publication. Lowry was born and raised in Arlington, Virginia, and is the son of an English professor father and a social worker mother. He graduated from the University of Virginia, where he studied English and history, and used to be the editor of the conservative monthly school magazine called “Virginia Advocate“.

Owing to his profound understanding of the political landscape and insightful analyses, coupled with his powerful writing skills, Rich Lowry climbed the ladder of success rapidly and steadily. He was selected to assume the role of editor of “National Review“, by its founder William F Buckley Jr., in 1997 and assumed leadership of the publication. 

Rich Lowry is also a syndicated essayist, political analyst, journalist, and author who can be frequently spotted on popular talk shows such as “NBC Meet The Press”, “NBC News”, “ABC This Week” and “FOX News Sunday”. He is the author of the syndicated column for “King Features” as well as an opinion column on “Politico”. 

A well-known author, Rich Lowry was the co-author of the 2009 political thriller fiction “Banquo’s Ghosts”, along with Keith Korman. Apart from that Lowry also has 3 non-fiction books to his name – one of those is a New York Times best-selling release which is titled “Legacy: Paying The Price For The Clinton Years“. This book, polemical against former US President Bill Clinton, gained much traction and controversies after its launch.

He published the political background of Abraham Lincoln, titled “Lincoln Unbound”, back in June 2013. Then, in 2019 he launched his third book titled “The Case for Nationalism: How It Made Us Powerful, United, and Free”, which also drew intense criticism from various directions. 

Details About His Sickness

There have been endless speculations about Rich Lowry’s health – after seeing him in some recent appearances, the audience seems to think that he is currently unwell. However, there is no solid evidence or news or any kind of statement that suggests that Lowry is currently suffering from a health condition. While there are some bits and pieces of news that talk about him being unwell in passing, there is no specific update or detail to further shed light on what has happened to him. 

Fake news about famous people, concerning their health and personal lives, is all too common – you can view it as a byproduct that comes with being popular or famous. Celebrities and public figures have to constantly deal with the public spotlight of scrutiny and feature as a frequent target of their gossip and baseless speculations. So, in keeping with the trend, we believe that the same is the case with Rich Lowry – he has also become a topic of public discussion.

There is no news at all about him being ill or suffering from some known medical condition that fans need to worry about. And no news means good news – so we consider this a positive sign that Rich Lowry is doing all well, despite people spreading fake news and gossip about his illness.

Has He Lost Weight?

It all started when, in his recent appearances on TV shows, Lowry appeared to have reduced a significant amount of weight. His weight loss transformation easily caught the attention of the people following him for a very long time.

Some people felt that his sudden dramatic weight loss was perhaps an outward expression of some underlying medical condition that the political guru was suffering from. Whether someone chooses to talk about their personal life, like, sharing updates on their health, is a matter of personal choice. But without any information about his health, the public took it as something that Rich Lowry probably did not want to disclose, and they could not stop themselves from speculating.

However, others have attributed his weight loss to possible changes in his lifestyle – they believe that Lowry must be aiming to lose weight intentionally, by altering his diet or exercise regimen.


Rich Lowry has not yet addressed any of the rumors about his health or weight loss, so we cannot comment with certainty about their validity or lack thereof. However, it is crucial to approach such extremely personal topics about people with the utmost caution since it can easily lead to a breach of their privacy, which is undesirable.

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