12 Word Text Revealed. 9 Ways To Trigger Hero Instinct In Your Man.


Simple 12 word text created by relationship coach James Bauer has helped a lot of women in their lives. It is a simple text that you send to your man to make him understand the value of your relationship.

We all know the world is huge and filled with billions of people. All of these billions of people have billions of different priorities, but there is one common priority that will be found in every person on earth and that is the need for love. The love could be of a mother, father, or brother, and it could be the love of your partner as well. The human need for love from different people changes from time to time. For some their parent’s attention and appreciation are love and some women only crave that one man for their whole life.

There are so many women out there who often believe that they have found their soulmate but suddenly things start to fall apart and no matter how hard they try their man always wants to be apart from them due to several reasons, but they don’t think it’s important to acknowledge their girl about what’s going on they prefer to break up, without thinking how their partner would survive this alone without their support.

According to the research conducted at Binghamton University. Women suffer more after breakups than men do. Often these women look out for solutions for the emotional pain they are suffering and so many of them also wish to get their ex back. In search of an answer, they look out on the internet social media or watch endless youtube videos but nothing works as they want it to work.

As the solution to this obsession for getting your ex back, we have found an amazing thing called “His Secret Obsession‘s 12 Word Text” from author James Bauer a dating and relationship counselor based in Baltimore, Maryland.

The 12 Word Text concept has helped thousands of women in the world to get their ex back or live a happy life with their desired partner, you can do that too. Want to know how? We will tell you what exactly you need to do.

What Is 12 Word Text?

The 12 Word Text is about triggering the hero instinct of your male partner. This article is completely dedicated to those women who are trying their best to get their EX back into their life. We will tell you everything about how you can do it as thousands of other women have done and get their loved one EX back into their life in the way they wanted him to be.

This is a step-by-step guide so don’t miss any steps and just follow us. To understand what 12-word text triggers his hero instinct 1st we need to understand what is Hero Instinct.

To learn more about what 12-word text and what wonders this simple text message can do please click below to watch the video.


What Is Hero Instinct?

Hero Instinct is a term first used by the author James Bauer in his book His Secret Obsession. The term Hero Instinct represents the secret desire in every man to feel wanted, appreciated, and loved by his woman. This is also proven by the studies that men in relationships feel happier when appreciated by their partners for their efforts in the relationship.

This might seem like a little compliment but in this article today we will tell you how small things make a big impact on the relationship which is also proven by the studies as well. 12-word text is a secret text mentioned in the book “His Secret Obsession” by James Bauer. James is a relationship coach and has worked with thousands of couples for many years to understand male behavior and desire in relationships.

The main thing that James could point out was every man has a secret obsession with this hero instinct. Every man from deep down inside has the instinct that he wants to be the hero for their loved ones.

Hero Instinct In Men

The Hero Instinct in Men follows three major parts:

  1. They Want to feel Respected
  2. Appreciated and
  3. Want to live a purposeful life

A study published in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships in 2011 found that men are less likely than women to express romantic love in their relationships, and men who do express love are more likely to feel uncomfortable doing so.

This is where His Secret Obsession comes in. The main intention of this 12-word text is to trigger the man’s hero Instinct in him.

Every man in him has a secret craving for a relationship. Yes, every man does crave a relationship. The author James names this craving as Relationship “Thirst”. There is thirst in every man for a relationship he can not fulfill on his own. You can watch the video below to directly find out what every man has thirst for.


The two main reasons your man will never tell you about his thirst in relationships.

  1. Man feels shy about expressing their romantic desires because Traditional masculine role socialization has made many men feel that their masculine identity often conflicts with emotions.
  2. We all have felt this before in relation that we want certain things from our partner to do for us in relationships, But we don’t want to ask for that certain things by our side because after asking for that thing there will be no benefits or joy of getting that thing done for you.

Let’s understand it with an example.

Suppose a guy name Roger and a girl name Emily are in a relationship. Emily always tries her best to keep her man happy, But Roger doesn’t really appreciate Emily’s everyday efforts for the relationship cause now it’s quite usual for Roger to be treated nicely.

One day Emily loses her patients and tells Roger “A little bit of appreciation would be nice if you also show some gratitude towards my efforts”. But Roger still takes it lightly and ignores Emily. In the evening Roger feels a change of heart and brings a nice dress for Emily at once Emily felt so happy and in another second she realizes she had to ask for it.

The 12-Word Text in the book His Secret Obsession is all about getting love and appreciation from your guy without asking for it. Now let’s understand how you can trigger his hero instinct.

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How to Trigger His Hero Instinct?

There are so many recommended ways to trigger his hero instinct but here we are sharing the most effective ways to trigger his hero instinct.

  • Play It Hard.
  • Ask what He thinks.
  • Ask For His Help.
  • Appreciate Him.
  • Spend Time With Him
  • Let Him Protect You.
  • Tell Him How Happy You Are To Be With Him.
  • Always Ask Him About His Day And His Life.
  • Send Him 12-Word Text.

1. Play It Hard

This simply means never keeping things always simple for your man. For example, If a man gets a perfect girl without any effort he Won’t value her, but if he would have texted her with all his brain in those texts for more than a week just to go out for a simple dinner then he would value that girl more than usual. So don’t make things super easy for him.

2. Ask What He Thinks.

We all know it is important to talk about things in a relationship, some dating and relationship experts suggest that men have an inbuilt desire to feel like heroes in their relationships, and it’s important to recognize that both men and women can benefit from feeling valued and appreciated in a relationship.

To build a relationship in which man and woman are equally respected, have a nice trust bond, and have great communication a woman should not alone try to make his man feel like a hero, Instead, they both should work together as one to get deep in it.

3. Ask For His Help

We know that all women are completely independent and can do everything on their own. But being in a relationship is not something about being on your own. It’s about holding each other’s hands and growing together. Asking for help from your partner for a normal task will not reduce your value in front of him. In fact, every man has a secret instinct to rescue their loved ones as well.

4. Appreciate Him.

It is scientifically proven that the person who feels appreciated gives his best efforts for everything. This is not only limited to relationships the workers at work do more hard work for their company or employer if they feel appreciated. You can also appreciate your man by recognizing the little efforts he puts into the relationship or can also by noticing the changes in his looks or something else which is noticeable.

But also note not to appreciate him too much by which he will be overconfident, and stop valuing your appreciation because then it will be usual for him.

Couple Propose

5. Spend Time With Him

Spending time with him has various benefits of its own. The benefits include having great communication with each other. By spending time with each other you both can experience new things together and this shared experience stays in the memory forever as a good time. When spending time with each other you get to know him more and it helps strengthen your trust bond with him.

6. Let Him Protect You

There are several ways your man can protect you. Like, when getting stopped by the cops late at night, Let him take the lead, or you can just let him be there when you are upset or don’t want to talk to anyone in such situations if you let your guy in then he will feel valued and will realize that he means to you more than others.

7. Tell Him How Happy You Are To Be With Him.

Men often have a deep-seated instinct in which Overall, expressing your happiness with your boyfriend can be a powerful way to activate his hero instinct and strengthen your relationship. They need to feel valued and appreciated, and hearing that you are happy to be with him can make them feel like he’s fulfilling that need. This increases his confidence and also encourages him to be his best self.

Telling him how happy you are to be with him also stronger the emotional bond between you two. This will also encourage him to feel more affection toward you and then it will be easy for him to express his feelings for you as well.

8. Always Ask Him About His Day And His Life.

Asking him about his day and his life simply shows that you are interested in him and his life as well. It also allows him to share experiences of his daily life and you also get to know more about him and his daily life. This process increases your relationship bond with him and helps you both to connect more.

9. Send Him The 12-Word Text

The 12-word text is a secret text to trigger his Hero Instinct in him and make him feel that you are the one he wants to be with. The 12-Word Text helps you express your feelings easily to your partner, Increase your emotional bonding, and make a great bond of trust with your partner.

The 12-word text is a secret that is been created by a relationship advisor James with years of practice with couples who are struggling to maintain a spark in their relationship.

Apart from the ways to trigger his hero instinct and amplify his love for you, there are a lot of ways by which man gets pushed away from his woman. In daily life, a woman says a lot of phrases unknowingly that push her man away from her emotionally.

These phrases must be avoided by every woman. You can watch the real reason why a man gets pulled away and which phrases to stop using in this video. Click below to watch the video.

Hero Instinct In A Man

What Is His Secret Obsession?

According to the writer James Bauer, every man is secretly obsessed with something, No it’s not about physical relations at all. It is something that the author has found after years of research by consulting couples having difficulties in their relationship he found the reason every man is secretly obsessed with something and decided to share it with the world with his book His Secret Obsession.

His secret obsession is one of the best-selling books on relationships. The author has already sold more than half a million copies of this ebook.

The writer shares various stories of his clients from his entire career that how people (especially women) use to suffer in relationships and not get that psychological satisfaction from their partner. James use to solve many problems of his patients by applying those secret tips he wrote in the book.


12 Word Text is a method developed by James to help women all around the world in their love lives. It is a psychological tool that can be used to get what a woman deserves in her relationship from her man.

But it must be used without manipulating anyone’s emotions.


What is the 12-word text hero instinct?

Hero Instinct is a term first used by the author James Bauer in his book His Secret Obsession. The term Hero Instinct represents the secret desire in every man to feel wanted, appreciated, and loved by his woman.

What Is His Secret Obsession?

His Secret Obsession is a book based on how you can have a good relationship with your partner. The book is written by Relationship expert James Bauer with his years of experience with couples who are struggling in their relationship for happiness.

How anyone can trigger his Hero Instinct?

There are various ways to trigger his Hero Instinct, like spending time together or asking what he needs but the best ways are mentioned in the book His Secret Obsession to trigger his hero instinct easily.

Is hero instinct a real thing?

Yes, It is real we have provided various research sources in our article which support the claims of Hero Instinct.

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