Freddy Dodge Illness, Weight Loss, Cancer Rumors, & What Really Happened To Him.

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The “Gold Rush” star Freddy Dodge has been in the news lately. There are a lot of speculations about Freddy Dodge illness, sudden weight loss, and his cancer. He was suffering from Cancer previously but now has been cancer-free.

When you mention Freddy Dodge’s name, it immediately stirs up a vision of adventure and gold hunting. Freddy Dodge, the Colorado Man, is all too famous for his role in “Gold Rush”, where he helps mine owners in their struggles to increase their gold haul and procure their stake from the profit.

Many individuals and groups have tried hunting for gold but the uphill struggles forced them to quit after a certain level. But Freddy is quite the “cheat code” for mining gold. Freddy Dodge is incredibly popular among adrenaline junkies and fans of Gold Rush and frequently appears in news headlines.

But recently, he has been grabbing attention not for another adventure spree but for his health condition. In this article, let us find out what has happened to Freddy Dodge illness, but before that, let us get to know Freddy in more detail.

For all those who are not regular viewers of Discovery Channel’s “Gold Rush“, Freddy is a hugely popular TV character in the USA, recognized as one of the greatest gold discovery experts of all time. He has a fantastic way with heavy machinery and has earned an extensive reputation as a gold-table designer in the country.

Freddy Dodge belongs to the famous Dodge family, but he garnered especially remarkable fame and popularity for his contributions to the reality TV series “Gold Rush.” He is essentially a veteran in the field of gold mining and has 40 years of rich experience that has earned him the name “Gold Guru“.

Freddy Dodge Illness. Is He Sick? What Happened To Him?

Recently, some rumors have been doing the rounds about Freddy Dodge not keeping well. His fans and followers have been discussing this reality show star’s struggles with cancer or something related. These speculations have been of much concern to his immensely vast base of followers and viewers of his reality TV show. It all began when he seemed to appear unwell and not in his usual self in the series, as viewers observed. 

Freddy Dodge From Gold Rush

Over the years, Freddy appeared to have gained weight but suddenly seemed to have shed weight substantially, making him look unhealthy, which struck the keen eyes of his fans. Many people believed that he had lost weight due to stress from being part of this reality show – shooting and toiling hard in the mines. But others doubted that he was most certainly fighting some kind of disease that caused him to lose weight. They suspected that Freddy was suffering from cancer.

He seemed to have developed a puffy red face and under-eye bags, which made him appear unhealthy, and fans could not help but assume he was sick. While they speculated, his devoted fans also waited with bated breath to find out what had happened to him. Reportedly, the 57-year-old gold mining expert was actually battling a stint with cancer at some point in time, but as of today, reports say that he is healthy and back to his usual self.

Is He Suffering From Cancer?

Speculations about the personal lives of celebrities are not uncommon at all, and these are mostly baseless. But in the case of Freddy Dodge, rumors about him suffering from cancer were not entirely baseless.

As per some sources of news, fan favorite Gold Rush star Freddy Dodge was battling cancer a few years ago. Reportedly, in one of the episodes of this popular TV show, Freddy mentioned that he planned to get screened for cancer since he had a hunch that he might be suffering from it. That is what got all his fans and followers concerned, who were suspecting him to be unwell for quite a long time from his weight loss and unhealthy appearance on air. But then, back in the year 2017, Dodge declared that he was successful in defeating cancer and was now free of the ailment. 

So, rumors that had been going around about Freddy Dodge were indeed true. But what matters is, that as of today, that is a closed chapter in his life, and our beloved Gold Guru is now in a healthy state of being.

His Weight Loss And Health Update

Freddy Dodge’s vivacious demeanor on screen and his incredible gold-mining skills has earned him immense love and respect from viewers of “Gold Rush“. But they have also noticed how Dodge has been slimming down and shedding weight and cannot help but feel inspired by his determination to stay fit and active.

The old and latest photos of Freddy are clear evidence of his dramatic physical transformation due to significant weight loss. Already past his mid-fifties, the veteran gold-mining expert is likely to have shed weight owing to his age and health reasons. As people age, many of them tend to lose weight, while many others become aware of the benefits of working out and staying active in that age. So fans have assumed that this might be the reason Freddy Dodge has been losing weight.

However, they could not entirely brush off their suspicions about him suffering from some serious disease, specifically, cancer. And even though the gold mining star never commented on the reason for his losing weight, the public was already alleging that his illness was the actual reason for his noticeable weight loss. They started doubting when Freddy remarked in his popular TV series, that he wanted to get investigated for cancer. And then in 2017, when we officially commented that he was cancer-free, it only confirmed their speculations about his health.

Nevertheless, followers and fans are genuinely happy that their favorite Freddy Dodge is now healthy and not suffering from any serious ailment. Well, at least there are no reports of him suffering from any known medical condition at present.


While Freddy Dodge has become synonymous with adventure, grit, and gold rush, his battle with a serious illness and emerging out of it successfully, makes him a symbol of strength, inspiration, and determination, too. He is truly an icon and all his fans and followers will unanimously agree to that.

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