Billie Eilish Weight Loss 2023. Diet, Ozempic, And Before After.

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Billie Eilish weight loss has grabbed all the attention recently. In some of her recently shared pictures on Instagram the singer looks very slim. Billie was so obsessed with weight loss since her childhood that she even tried taking weight loss pills at the age of 12. But she now follows a vegan diet and workout regularly to stay fit

The weight loss journey of this famous personality with 109 Million followers must have definitely caught your eye. Recently when Billie Eilish was attending Met Gala 2023 event, people noticed a drastic change in her body. She has definitely lost weight. Billie Eilish weight loss is a truly inspiring journey that would undoubtedly need your complete attention!

From battling low-self esteem issues and popping weight loss pills at the age of 12, to actually becoming a self-confessed gym rat, the transition that Billie has shown is simply incredible!

Looks like Billie always had a really tough time losing her weight. She was conscious about it so much that she did not mind taking a weight loss pill at the tender age of 12. In the world of instant gratification, Billie’s determination to lose weight definitely deserves a huge round of applause.

The American singer and songwriter take the courage to open up and admit that her weight was always a struggle for her. She puts her pain out raw by saying,

“I wasn’t really eating. I was, like, starving myself. I remember taking a pill that told me that it would make me lose weight and it only made me pee in bed — when I was 12.”

But today, the self-confessed gym rat, Billie, has a story to say. With her efforts and sheer dedication, she was extremely successful in losing those extra pounds of weight that she carried with pain. Read further to know how this was possible!

What Did Billie Eilish Do That Made Her Lose All of Her Extra Pounds?

In a recent interview with Apple Music, Billie opens up by saying that she was hitting the gym regularly. She was also making a conscious effort to improve her approach towards health and fitness.

There was a life-changing incident in Billie’s life that drove her to hit the gym. Billie loved dancing with all her heart. She could never imagine her life without dancing 12 hours a week. That had always been a part of her routine until destiny had a different plan for Billie!

When Billie was only 13 years old, she suffered a severe hip injury. The recently turned 21-year-old who blew birthday candles in December expressed her disappointment recalling that incident.

"Everything I've ever loved, I've had to quit. I used to dance like 12 hours a week. And then I got injured. I tore my growth plate in my hip, and the bone separated from the muscle. It was the most depressing year of my life. I just laid in bed; I couldn't move. Since then, I have not danced."

That injury led to feelings of anger in Billie who was sometimes surprised at how flexible her body would be. It was only then she discovered that she had a condition called ‘hypermobility’ which would cause her body joints to move out of the normal range of motion.

Not just that, but her hypermobility also made her resistant to treatment. Her childhood was really tough and she admits that her body was at times gaslighting her!

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How Did That ‘Past’ Impact Billie Eilish Weight Loss Today?

The American singer has grown stronger with time. Billie is excellent at converting all her adversities into opportunities. The real beauty of life strikes us only when we take sole responsibility for our actions. After battling the tug-of-war with her mind, Billie decided to take that leap of faith and start marching towards better health.

She hopped into the gyms and decided to actively monitor her diet too. It would have definitely taken Billie at least a year to reach the place where she is at.

What Is Billie Eilish Weight Loss Workout And Diet Like? Anything Special?

Billie started extensive workouts in the gym around May last year, in 2022. This is probably after her Europe trip. She was really not a person who would work out. In fact, even until that, Billie admits that she had never really worked out in the gym and that was truly her first time.

Ever since Billie started it, she has absolutely fallen in love with it. Exercise and workouts always keep a person happy! That has enabled her to change the relationship she had with her ‘terrible’ body.

Having achieved her fitness goals, Billie just remains silent when the audience flocks at her for getting the secrets to her workout routine. She chooses not to react or respond. So, despite all the efforts that the loyal fans have made and are still making to get the secrets for her workout routine, we are still clueless.

Coming to the diet, Billie has announced that she has gone Vegan in 2015. There is nothing much known about her specific diet plan as of now but it’s known that she is a follower of a plant-based diet. A few of her favorite go-to foods are vegan burritos, tofu, and ramen.

Billie Eilish Before After
Billie Eilish Before After Source: Instagram / Billie Eilish

Did Billie Eilish Use Ozempic to Lose Her Weight?

It is evident that almost every other celebrity is jumping at the trend of losing weight really fast by taking Ozempic or other weight loss peptides. However, the million-dollar secret mystery behind Billie’s weight loss has always remained a puzzle. Though Billie admitted that she had taken a weight loss pill at 12, it is highly unlikely that she continued those pills until recent times or used Ozempic like other celebrities for quick weight loss results.

This self-confessed gym rat highly attributes her weight loss secret to diet and workout. She exclaims that the workout has helped her in ways beyond her imagination.

While the human body and health are a personal choice, the American singer tends to keep her fitness secrets private. That is easily understandable if Billie would be unwilling to share her secrets.


While there are several other ways to lose weight, Billie is inclined to follow the sustainable ways of losing those extra pounds. She highly encourages everyone to love and respect their bodies. From having a terrible and painful relationship with her body to actually being comfortable in her skin, the singer has embarked on a remarkable journey.

Cheers to her efforts and dedication and kudos to actually finding self-worth and self-love again! To sign it off, the American singer finally concludes,

"Now I finally feel comfortable in the person I actually am and being all of those things at once."

She added that she was in a “real transition period” in her personal life.

"I'm trying to find myself again. I don't want to live the way that I lived last year; I want to live differently. I want to trust my gut more and listen to myself more."


  1. Did Billie Eilish Use Ozempic For Weight Loss?

    Even though people have noticed a sudden drop in her weight in recent times, Billie Eilish has not accepted anything about Ozempic use.

  2. What Is Billie Eilish Diet?

    Billie Eilish Is A Vegan And Only Eats Plant-Based Foods.


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