Asa Butterfield Weight Gain Transformation. Why Does He Look Fat IN Netflix’s Sex Education?

Key Takeaway

It is usual that little bit of changes in the appearance of celebrities never go unnoticed same happened with Asa Butterfield Weight Gain. In recent events, the actor in the Netflix series Sex Education has shown changes in his Appearance and fans are talking about multiple possibilities for his weight gain. Let us Find Out the real reason.

With the final season of Sex Education streaming on Netflix, there are plenty of new characters added to the story. However, one of the popular characters among the crew- Otis is among the trending topics. It’s not because of his acting or skills, this time the character is in the news because of his weight gain

Asa Butterfield or the on-screen Otis caught everyone’s attention due to his weight gain transformation. The internet is split into two sides where people are both liking and disliking this transformation. But how did he gain weight? Did he work out? We’ll cover everything in today’s article. 

Early Life And Career

The British actor was born in London on 1st April 1997. Although he gained popularity for his role in Sex education, he has been in the film industry for 15 years. He was a child artist in the movie The Boy in the Stripped Pyjamas. 

Mainly known as Otis from Sex Education, he was a lead in several other 2010s hit movies like Hugo, Ender’s Game, etc. However, his love and passion for acting began at the very early age of seven. He became a part of the Young Actors Theatre Islington. He was featured in the 2006 TV drama- After Thomas and the 2007 movie Son of Rambow. 

However, the biggest turnaround for his acting career was in 2018 when he was able to cash in the main role of Otis Milburn in the Netflix series- Sex Education. With the recent release of the series finale, Asa Butterfield has gained more popularity than ever. 

Asa Butterfield Weight Gain

The trailer release of season 4 of Sex Education left the fans of Asa Butterfield awestruck as they were not able to recognize him after the Asa Butterfield weight gain transformation. Butterfield has always been on the skinny-lean side and this sudden weight gain made him look like a different individual. His body was a typical ectomorph, and he had always had issues gaining weight. 

Asa Butterfield Weight Gain Transformation

His jawline is not visible now, and even the body frame looks bigger. He has certainly gained a few extra pounds, and it makes him look like a healthier person. But what are the possible reasons behind this transformation? Butterfield hasn’t made any official remark about weight gain, but on closer observation, we can talk about three things- caloric intake, workout, and body type.

This means, Asa Butterfield must have had certain lifestyle changes that helped him gain weight. The first major component in gaining weight is eating in a caloric surplus. In easy terms, you have to consume more calories than the calories you burn to gain weight. Thus, the British actor must have been eating more. The second factor is a good workout, since his body type is an ectomorph he must have had a lightning-quick metabolism. When you eat in a caloric surplus and work out, the metabolic rate is balanced. 

These were some of the possible reasons behind the weight gain transformation of Asa Butterfield. Some other reasons like stress could be canceled out as he looks happy and content with his personal and professional life. Nonetheless, this transformation is healthy and it might make the actor feel a lot better. 

His Role in Sex Education

The 26-year-old actor considers Sex Education as life-changing. The love he got from the people after playing Otis is surreal. Apart from the acting domain, he also learned about sexual orientations and their spectrum. 

Otis Milburn is a teenager whose mother works as a sex therapist. Later, Milburn established his own sex ed company at Moordale Secondary School. The company helped his peer to understand and explore their sexuality. 

He recalled his days during high school in the UK where there was little to no sex education and no one talked about gay sex. He believes that sex education is crucial for teenagers around the world and the Netflix series was able to do the same. 

He Is Popular!

With around 5.4 million followers on his Instagram, Asa Butterfield is very popular among the youth. His latest post got close to a million likes and the comment section was filled with fans asking for a season 5 with a better ending for Maeve and Otis. But one thing is clear the star is surely living his dream life with all the love he gets.

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