Kat Von D Weight Gain After Pregnancy And Her Struggle With Losing It.

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Popular tattoo artist Kat Von D’s weight gain in the news recently. After getting pregnant she gained some weight. But after a lot of struggles and hard work, she managed to lose weight and get into shape again.

Katherine von Drachenberg is a Mexico-born tattoo artist, who has earned global fame and recognition at a very young age, for her many creative skills. She grew up in America in California, and is a person of diverse talents; along with being a tattoo artist, she is also a celebrated TV personality, beauty and fashion enthusiast, recording artist, and entrepreneur with her line of vegan beauty products. She also has her brand of clothing which she launched back in 2011.

Professionally known as Kat Von D, she shot to instant stardom when she appeared in TLC’s reality series “LA Ink” as a tattoo artist. In 2021, she launched her first single soundtrack “Exorcism“, from her own album called, “Love Made Me Do It“. She is also the creator of the MusInk Tattoo Convention and Music Festival, a tattoo, art, and music festival for all age groups held in Southern California that started in 2008. She is a terrific singer who has collaborated with various bands across genres and lent her voice in “Dominion“, the animal rights documentary by Chris Delforce, alongside Joaquin Phoenix, Sia, Rooney Mara, and Sadie Sink.

Kat Von D Weight Gain And Her Struggle With Weight After Pregnancy

Name:Katherine von Drachenberg
Birthdate:March 8, 1982
Known For:Tattoo Artist
Highest Weight:220 Lbs
Current Weight:135-145 Lbs

It is not a common practice at all for celebrities to share their personal lives and talk about the challenges they face with body weight. But Kat Von D, unlike most other celebs, has been quite unusual, as she candidly talked about her struggles with weight gain during pregnancy. 

The famous Mexican-American tattoo artist and her husband, Rafael Reyes, became parents to a beautiful baby boy in November 2018. Throughout her pregnancy, Kat kept posting updates about her experience on Instagram and talked about various details while she was expecting her child. When she was about 38 weeks pregnant, she posted a photo of herself flaunting her baby bump while she was out hiking; which left her followers super impressed with her fitness at that stage.

After giving birth to her child, new mom Kat opened up about her struggle with losing weight even after six months of giving birth to her infant boy. Her openness and honesty regarding her experience deeply resonated with her fans, turning her into a much-loved, and very relatable individual.

Tatto Artist Kat Von D
Tattoo Artist Kat Von D Image: Instagram/Kat Von D

Kat shared details about her post-partum body and how it began to affect her self-esteem, which many new mothers can relate to. She said that it was not an easy job at all, and she had never really been “skinny” like models, and she never strived to be like that. She is a confident woman who loves her curves but admitted that she had her dream body before she got pregnant. It was an uphill journey trying to get back to pre-baby body shape, even after trying very hard.

Von D posted about how she surprisingly kept gaining weight even after being very strict with herself regarding diet and exercise. No matter how well she tried to take care of herself, the weight kept coming back; so much so, that at one point, she weighed exactly 220 pounds. Many other mothers chimed in about them experiencing the same thing, and how it took much longer for them to get back to their pre-pregnancy weight.

Finally, How Did She Manage To Lose Weight?

In one of her Instagram posts, Kat Von D shared with her followers that after she started working out, she started seeing the results, albeit very gradually. She shared a photo of her sweating it out in the gym with dumbbells, wearing a hoodie.

In the caption, she said that most new moms prefer to post edited versions of what motherhood appears to be. But she wanted to share the real feel of motherhood, a completely unedited version of life just after giving birth. 

Kat Von D
Image: Instagram/Kat Von D

Even before she gave birth, Kat is known to have been a regular at working out to stay in shape and active. Besides, she said in one of her interviews that she has been vegetarian for a very long time and switched to a vegan diet in the year 2011. She said that when she became vegan, she realized that she needed to “walk the walk” and not just ”talk the talk“. It took her a lot of energy, money, and about one year to be able to do it.

Kat’s exclusive line of makeup and beauty products “Kat Von D Makeup”, launched with Sephora, is also a cruelty-free, vegan brand. After she sold her brand to its, parent company the brand was renamed “KVD Vegan Beauty”.

Always A Fan-Favorite Celeb!

Despite some controversies regarding her faith and beliefs, Kat Von D has largely been a fan-favorite celeb with millions of fans and followers. And her honest portrayal of the struggles of pregnancy and motherhood has helped her bond with her fans better than ever.


  1. What is the highest weight of Kat Von D?

    She weighed around 220 pounds when she had her highest weight ever

  2. What Helped Kat Von D in losing all her excess weight?

    After a lot of struggle, a vegan diet routine and her hard workout routine helped her lose excess weight.

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