Mimi Keene Weight Loss. Is Ruby Matthews In “Sex Education” Anorexic Or Plastic Surgery To Blame For Her Look Change In The Final Season?

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For all those who have watched and loved the character Ottis from the Netflix series “Sex Education”, you all know Mimi Keene too well and might have noticed Mimi Keene weight loss. She is none other than Ottis’ pretty girlfriend Ruby Matthews in the British soap drama that aired its final season on the 21st of September this year. In the final season, her look made people speculate about Mimi Keene’s appearance change.

Mimi Keen, born Mimi Saeed in August 1998 in England, is a famous British actor who is known for her deep dedication and versatility in her craft. She is easily one of the prettiest faces that you will come across in today’s global entertainment circuit and also packs in a captivating on-screen persona, as well as flawless acting skills. Mimi studied at the Italia Conti Academy of Theatre and Arts from the year 2009 to 2014 and kicked off her professional acting career on stage back in December 2010. There, she portrayed the character of Janey in Kin on stage theatre at The Royal Court Theatre. 

Later on, she appeared as Brandy May Lou in Sadie J, which was aired on CBBC, and also in Our Girl. But Mimi earned maximum recognition and popularity for her role in Sex Education and also for her portrayal of the character Cindy Williams on “EastEnders“, one of BBC’s superhit soap operas. Along with these series, Mimi Keen also appeared regularly on TV shows like “Westmore” and “Casualty”, and in films such as “The Escape”, “And Close”, and also lent her voice in the video games “Castlevania: Lords of Shadow” 1 and 2.

What’s The Reason Behind The Change In Her Appearance?

Owing to her amazing acting skills and stunning good looks, Mimi Keene has soon enough garnered a global fan following and captivated many hearts. Fans of the British drama series “Sex Education” cannot wait to watch her in its final season, but apart from the launch of the series finale, there is more reason why Mimi has become the talk of the town. In her recent photos, the British actor looks drastically transformed – it appears that she has undergone a major weight loss transformation, which struck her fans and followers worldwide.

Mimi Keene
Mimi Keene In White Gown Enjoying At An Event Image: Instagram/ Mimi Keene

The distinct change in her appearance has set the rumor mills rolling; the public has also raised concerns about the possibility of Mimi Keene suffering from some kind of health issue that has resulted in her weight loss. However, there are no news reports or any piece of evidence to suggest that Mimi Keene is sick or suffering from any known health condition. She is doing perfectly well and is all hale and hearty; this should come as a piece of good news and relief to the fans of this versatile and talented actor. 

Interestingly, some people speculate that this kind of dramatic weight loss is only possible when someone opts for plastic surgery. In addition to weight loss, the public also seems to have noticed some other differences in her, more specifically her nose and bust. This has led them to bombard Mimi Keene with allegations of going under the knife.

Mimi Keene's Transformtive New Look
Mimi Keene’s Transformative New Look Image: Instagram/ Mimi Keene

As per rave comments on social media, they suspect Mimi has got a nose job and breast augmentation, too. Her photos from “EastEnders” and her latest images are a clear giveaway that something is different about her nose and her bust line. However, there are no official statements or any kind of evidence to support their allegations of her plastic surgery.

Mimi Keene Weight Loss. Has She Really Lost Some Weight?

While the exact reason behind her amazing weight loss transformation remains shrouded in mystery, the fact that she lost weight is definitely not debatable. If you compare Mimi’s before and after photos, the change in her physical appearance will clearly come across as major. 

25-year-old Mimi was already a fan-favorite, even before she played the role of Mooredale High’s resident cruel girl Ruby Mathews because she appeared in “EastEnders” as Cindy Williams. She was only 15 years of age when she played the role of Cindy, and that is why her significant weight loss has also been attributed to puberty. Puberty brings about major changes in many individuals, like alterations in bone structure, voice, or overall appearance, and it is a very natural outcome of age. 

Mimi Keene's Drastic Weight Change
Mimi Keene’s Drastic Weight Change In Her recent Pictures Image: Instagram/ Mimi Keene

According to some news sources, Mimi Keene chose to change over to a healthy lifestyle and balanced diet, which helped her lose weight. She is said to have switched over to a well-balanced diet, and completely cut down on unhealthy processed, and sugary food items. Besides, she also religiously abides by a daily workout routine; this combination of diet and exercises has helped her cut down on all those unwanted extra pounds.

Eating Disorder Or Plastic Surgery, What’s The Real Reason Behind Mimi’s Transformation?

Some people on Reddit firmly believe that Ruby Matthews of “Sex Education” is an Anorexic or suffering from an eating disorder and that’s the reason behind her dramatic weight loss. We have seen people commenting and speculating about her look change. Someone commented,

"Mimi has developed an eating disorder. The leathery skin and the characteristic wrinkles you get if starving." 
Mimi Keene Pictures Comparision For Boob Job Specualtion
Mimi Keene Pictures Comparision For Boob Job Speculation Image: Instagram/ Mimi Keene

But these are just mere speculations without any strong proof. Being an actor, she has to maintain herself a lot. Losing and gaining weight is part of her job to mold her into the shape of a character she is playing onscreen. Losing weight doesn’t mean she is suffering from Anorexia. Healthy lifestyle choices are the reason behind Mimi’s weight loss and nothing else.

And on the other hand about Mimi’s plastic surgery speculations, nothing is confirmed on that front too from Mimi’s side. But it does feel like she has done something with her breast. When you compare her recent pictures to some of her old ones, you will notice that there is some difference in her chest area. That’s why many have been speculating that Mimi Keene has done Boob Job. However, we would like to clarify that some body changes are natural and as Mimi herself hasn’t said anything about her sudden transformation in the final season, nothing can be said with confidence about her cosmetic procedures.

Ruby Mathews In “Sex Education”

Although the character Ruby Mathews might not be a huge favorite owing to her blatant bitchiness, Mimi Keene has proven her credibility as an exceptional actor in the hugely popular drama series “Sex Education”. And those who have watched her younger as Cindy Williams in “EastEnders“, and then as teenage Ruby in this Netflix series have also acknowledged her talent and versatility. 

In the last season of “Sex Education“, we saw Ottis romancing Ruby, which was quite an unusual pairing, given Ruby’s high-and-mighty airiness and Ottis not being particularly smooth with the girls. But it was amazing to see how Ottis became the perfect fellow to help Ruby bring her guard down and open up.

However, the highly anticipated final season of this series seems to be much more enchanting and throws some surprises too. In this final season, teenager Ruby, played by 25-year-old Mimi, goes through many changes and emerges as an evolved individual who is no longer characterized by her typical shallow comments or elitist behavior. The third season sees her character earning much more likes and favor from the audiences, who have been waiting very long for the season finale to launch.

Mimi’s Health Dedication

Mimi Keene’s weight loss, while triggering controversies, has also been regarded with much appreciation by many of her fans. As per the Netizens’ comments, Mimi’s dramatic weight loss transformation indicates her dedication to her craft, and sheer determination to lead a balanced, healthy lifestyle.

Mimi Keene Playing Tennis
Mimi Keene Playing Tennis Image: Instagram/ Mimi Keene


  1. Is Mimi Keene AKA Ruby Mathews from “Sex Education” Anorexic?

    Mimi Keene hasn’t said anything about this issue ever. Her weight loss might be intentional for her character preparation and not due to any eating disorder.

  2. Has Mimi undergone plastic surgery recently?

    In the entertainment industry, it is very common to take the help of cosmetic enhancement to make one’s look better. But people from showbiz rarely speak about such procedures openly. People have noticed many changes in Mimi’s physique in her latest episodes of season 4, but nothing has been confirmed from the caress side about her plastic surgery rumors.

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