Shaleia Ayan Weight Gain, Twin Flames Universe, Netflix, And Escaping Twin Flames.


If you strongly believe in the miracles of the universe, finding your soul mate or twin flame, then chances are high that you have already come across the online community, famously known as “The Twin Flames Universe”. Apart from that Shaleia Ayan weight gain has also trending on the internet lately.

This virtual community, which rapidly gained tremendous popularity among Netizens is the brainchild of a couple named Shaleia and Jeff Ayan. The couple shot to instant stardom after they started telling everybody that they could assist them in searching for their true love, twin flame, or soul mate.

Not a lot of information is available about either founder of The Twin Flames Universe, Jeff, and Shaleia, but they are both relationship coaches based out of Michigan. Some sources say that they met each other through mutual friends, back in 2012, and after four years, got married in 2016. Interestingly, according to the pop magazine “Vice” both Shaleia and Jeff Ayan went by different names – Megan Plante and Ender Ayanethos, respectively. When they came across each other in 2012, Shaleia used to live in Arizona, but later on, the couple shifted to Hawaii and then started living in Michigan.

Twin Flames Universe: Jeff And Shaleia From Michigan

The Twin Flames Universe started off as a relationship blog named “Awakened Intimacy”, where Jeff and Shaleia used to post videos about their relationship. Shaleia, an ardent believer of spirituality, envisioned their online presence as a platform that could help people find true love and this vision helped evolve the blog site into Twin Flames Universe.

Twin Flames Universe is a digital community that asserts itself as “illuminating the path home to eternal love“. It functions on the basis of the ideology that each person in this world has their soul mate, also known as a twin flame, and the community helps people in their quest for a “twin flame union“. This concept of a twin flame union is said to be a spiritual state in which both twin flames are finally connected and agree to remain loyal to each other. 

Truly one of its kind, this online community has been a major topic of discussion this year, and two documentaries have also been made, one streaming on Amazon Prime and the other on Netflix. Its website says that a twin flame union involves studying the “Teachings of Union” and practicing spiritually to align our consciousness with Love, to achieve Harmonious Union permanently.

According to the documentary streaming on Netflix, the founders of this community, Jeff and Shaleia, also claim that they possess spiritual powers that can help each member of the community confirm their twin flame.

Despite its massive popularity, the Twin Flames Universe community has been dragged into controversy many times, after some revelations via “Vice” magazine’s investigative articles. In 2020, some probes unearthed claims that the couple’s founders were probably running a “cult”, and that some of their “students” had been exploited. “Vanity Fair” magazine also published some articles, after interviewing some ex-participants of the community, who shared insights on the beliefs and inner operations of this community. 

However, Jeff and Shaleia Ayan rubbished off all such claims and controversies and denied the allegations.

Shaleia Ayan Weight Gain. Has She Gained Some Weight Lately?

The Netflix documentary series about Twin Flames Universe, named “Escaping Twin Flames” which premiered on November 8, 2023, has largely portrayed this community and its workings as a “sinister love story for the digital age“. Its trailer caught viewers distraught, with video footage of women sobbing as they talk about their experience of the Twin Flames Universe community and how it overtook their lives. 

Amazon Prime also released its documentary named “Desperately Seeking Soulmate: Escaping Twin Flames Universe” based on this virtual “cult” community, a month before Netflix, during October 2023.

According to some sources of news, Shaleia Ayan was born and bred in Canada, but at present, the couple lives in Michigan. They have always been a topic of major controversy and people have also noticed how Shaleia has gained weight visibly over the last several months. And like any other public figure or celebrity, she has also been bombarded with rumors and suspicions, along with public wrath, about her appearance. 

However, the most likely explanation for her gaining significant weight can be attributed to her pregnancy – the couple have recently become parents to their daughter this year. It is normal for women to gain weight during and after pregnancy, and we can only think of this being the sole reason behind Shaleia’s weight gain.

In the Netflix docu-series, people who were formerly members of this online community, claim that Jeff and Shaleia have been preying on gullible people, looking for true love, and employing dubious means to isolate them from society. It also describes how Jeff and Shaleia targeted vulnerable communities, comprising people suffering from physical and mental illnesses, to fulfill their own selfish agenda.

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